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And he goes anyone who's ever done it Knows that there's there's absolutely Very little money unless you're massive Um even in the long form content I mean The amount of uh I mean I'll just play Open cards uh what I've got 2 800 Followers we do the streamy you know we Post videos from the stream every single Day Um in their own again on average Realistically probably on average about 150 views of video some will pop and I'll get a thousand some like the news Articles will get 30 and I don't expect Them to get more than that Um so I mean I and I Um A month not including my memberships and Things like that but just from revenue So that's that's not a lot for sure With video stuff like the ones that are Getting 13 views on on YouTube I would suggest you stop posting those On YouTube in general because a it'll Unfuck your algorithm a little bit Because they'll be like oh he's not Posting video

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