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Is that a lot of projects that were Given money by um Alameda used FTX as Their exchange to hold their goods Because they trusted them and what Better that my Venture partner who just Gave me two billion dollars represents FTX I'll keep my money there and that That is potentially where we're going to See The Dominoes fall and that is also Where the Solana Warriors also coming in Because a lot of the Solana projects Because remember one of alameda's Investments is Solana and Magic Eden and A lot of solana-based stuff and and That's where we're going to see it come In so let's pause then I want to hear What you what you feel I was just Curious on that that is a very Interesting uh thought of uh the way That they invested and how they could Come back with a point but where do you See apecoin in about three to five years I I mean if that's anyone's guess Anyone's guess so that's what I'm saying It could be that in three to five years It runs come to the point

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