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Because your friend has stopped smoking Since Monday I have not had a cigarette So you're talking about 25 years of Smoking I was smoking near the end 60 to 70 cigarettes a day so chain smoking Um for the last couple of years you know I've got my own business so I sit in my Own office I do what I want I smoke all Day I would sit outside here and smoke All day literally going through three to Four boxes a day Um for the last God knows how long and I Said I'm stopping I said to Bianca I'm Turning 40 and I want to stop she never In any way said anything to me the kids Have never said a word to me Um but you know just seeing my dad Suffer with covert and not you know and And how much you need your lands and Your body I just thought to myself I'm Getting older now it's time to look After my health so this is the first Step the next step after this is going To be I'm going to start exercising but I'm just getting past this

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