How Companies Can SUCCESSFULLY Onboard Customers to Web3 – A Practical Guide

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If we have a look over here I'm going to Treat my own horn I'm not going to stand Up and do a dance like Kate Um let me just put it out there I'm not Happy that this failed I just knew that It was gonna fail and I told you 100 Adequivocally before this happened that It was a complete and utter waste of six Million dollars Um I I was hoping that it wouldn't fail Even though I knew it would because in The end of the day we keep saying we Want to bridge the gap between web 2 and Web3 and you know these guys were trying To achieve that Um but unfortunately the execution was Not there I think the the target market Was not there and it really really Didn't work out well the first the first Criticism is that it was a 10 000 nft Collection Um of which only four thousand were Actually available to the public that's Number one so that why spend so much Money to Target the public and not have More nfts available to them the second Thing is that when you went through to The QR code if you did manage to get to The site which a lot of people didn't But if you did you needed a wallet and And the average web to person does not Have a crypto wallet so they would they They their plan was not anyway uh Conducive to being able to get these

Nfts into web to people's heads I know a Lot of people who who didn't realize and They went home like with three people Who didn't realize and then we're time 20 minutes later we're still able to Claim it because all 60 million viewers Didn't have a crypto wallet and even Though a lot of them scanned their QR Code they didn't know what a crypto Wallet was so these didn't end up going Into the hands of the people that they Were intended to go up into also the Advert was was subpar yes it was a Gaming type advert but it didn't really Capture the attention of a new market And and we have seen unfortunately the Effects of this in the floor price Across the entire ecosystem the whole Digi daikaku ecosystem has really taken Or not a knock you know gay apia is is Doing a noble thing and that is trying To onboard web to people into web3 he Wants gaming to move to web3 and and I'm Grateful that we have people like him Doing that however this was not the way And unfortunately I'm sorry to say I was Right they completely threw away six Million dollars and possibly more Because of the reputational damage That's been done Yeah this was probably the worst thing That could they could have done it was It was painfully bad I could not believe That it redirected into their to his

Twitter and I know a lot of people were Upset because they were like this was Our chance to get in front of the world You were supposed to do this you were Supposed to do that and to those people I say well first off [ __ ] off because The Man spent seven million dollars for His brand so of course he's gonna put His brand first however there was about A hundred different things he could have Done and he picked none of them and he Chose to instead just link it to a Random page with a QR code it was Terrible dude why would you copy the Exact same strategy that coinbase did Coinbase like had you know people signed Up or whatever is like the biggest [ __ ] worse it was like terrible dude Like I don't know when you have an ad Like that if you're gonna spend seven Million dollars in an ad you can't only Have that available there's no value Exchange there the only people who win Is you that's completely opposite of What web3's about so if they if they Were gonna do a syllable ad and they're Like well it's gonna be it's going to be Selfish too because we we're the ones Paying seven million dollars like okay I'm cool with that but you got to have Something to offer them and you know in Their head they're like yeah but they're Gonna get a free nft I'm like nobody's Gonna get a free nft it's going to be a

Couple people like Nick who are ready For it prepared and like they're gonna Get it they're gonna sell the top and Everybody else so why talk at the web to Market and spend six million dollars When you could just Target the word Three markets they have a lot of [ __ ] Money dude I think they have so much Money you don't have to throw it away I'm sorry they do have a lot of money But you don't have to throw it away I Mean in the end of the day listen we Haven't given this a second thought but I mean just off the top of my head have A [ __ ] form that someone fills out Their name their email address their Surname and that's it and then after the Fact Okay we've got two million names we're Going to give we are going to give a Hundred thousand nfts we're gonna do a Live stream where we're randomly Selecting names everyone's going to get An email with instructions on how to Claim the nft in their own time it's Like like whatever if you want to Onboard the masses you they did Everything wrong everything wrong why Spend seven million dollars and not even Spend half half a five thousand dollars In in thinking about it how to do it Properly I'm sure they did think about Us but if this is the best that they Could come up with it's it's a it's a

Pity because it's a lot of money even if You have a lot of money seven million Dollars is a lot of money dude that was Very well put the strategy you just gave Was really [ __ ] smart I actually I'm surprised they didn't come up with That getting their email addresses You've got that email address and it Allows you to roll it out at the right Without the person so the person's Entered and now they get an email a few Days later look you've got a week this Is how you can claim it that if you won And so on and so forth look I I don't Charge seven million dollars for Consulting something like that a half an Hour consultation to come up with Something like that you'd be looking About two three thousand dollars Um and if you plan on spending seven Million dollars that three thousand Dollars could make that seven million Dollars go a lot further so if you need Anything feel free to contact me call Dad at yeah it was that was Rough dude I have a hard time coming With anything positive as well crypto Dream I see your comment there there was Not a whole lot great about that I also I swear to [ __ ] God we need it we Need to Hash this up right here right Now was the was the ad not publicly Stated that it would be at the halftime Show I swear to God that I went through

A Mandela effect here because I was one Thousand percent sure it was at halftime So sure in fact that instead of watching The first half which I was gonna do I Ended up instead walking around and Getting stoned and going to the gym and Getting food because that was the plan If I didn't watch the first half and I'm Out there chilling eating Chipotle and I Get all these Twitter notifications About people oh I missed it I missed it And I was like wait what I missed what And I was like oh there must have been Like an extra benefit or an extra credit Thing earlier and then I was like oh Well I'll still make it for the halftime Show come back and everyone's like no no They just don't have time thing and I Was like look I I don't I just yeah that It was going to be half time I don't Know that they specified I don't know if They know before another thing that Gabe Did was he tweeted the link before they Ever showed oh we did yeah like a few Seconds before what's the point of Spending seven million dollars to get a New target market and then you tweet out The link to the web 3 Market I don't Understand this is this is mind-blowing To me it was mind-blowing before even if They had had a form and collected names And yeah the chances of but I mean this Was just this was really really bad and Again I mean I'm I'm not happy about it

I love Wave 3 and here's a company That's trying to move us forward I just Wish it's sort of like the Porsche Feeling the way Porsche rolled out I Just wish they they had chosen a Different approach and done it better Because it was such an opportunity such A wasted opportunity here's what I think We can do so a this stream is perfect Because I feel like we're saying what Needs to be said the only difference That the only thing Because we can have an impact on this For sure like before a fact because I Know I've had a couple of companies Reach out that were from the normal World that were really successful that They saw my random Youtube videos I got 400 views kind of thing and it's Possible but like we have to be actually Making that content so they're aware of It I feel like a lot of people on Twitter are screaming and shouting about It maybe even having you know some tick Tocks or videos but I feel like if you Want these people to see it I I still Believe that YouTube might be the best Like maybe maybe Tick Tock too but I Still feel like YouTube videos making a Dedicated video like yesterday I filmed One about and I use the UFC as an Example and I use drug radio as an Example of a decentralized media Ecosystem that everyone is elevated and

Raised they all have their own Autonomous hosts that do their own thing In the same way that the UFC has their Own autonomous athletes even though They're all under contract they all can Do their side gigs they can have their Side businesses but everybody wins the UFC has this whole inbound of people That uh you know anyways I made this Whole video and the intention there was To be like yo here's an example of how They could do it blah blah blah but then It was also like yo hopefully the UFC or Someone who watches the USC or works There if she sees this video gets an Idea and says wait we haven't thought About it that way we're actually working On it right now we've been working on it For six months behind the scenes we Should call him and see what else he has To say I think there's a lot of power in That and I don't think that they're Going to know about it unless we People Like Us actually making that content so For anyone here who's a content creator I say make that video and just put it Out there even if it gets 12 views one Of those 12 views might be someone who Works at the UFC so I want these people To see it and I want Disney to see it I Want Starbucks to see it so I'm gonna be Making videos to these companies as well In hopes that they see it to try and Bring a little bit more quality because

Yeah you're right we've seen a bunch of Dud projects from some of the top Companies that should not have dud Projects they just I think they did it Too early and because they did it too Early they also did it wrong and if they Were going to do it early that there's a Way that you have to do it and it's not Going to be conducive or it's not going To be like in line with what they Probably should do but if they're gonna Be this early they have to kind of go in With the web 3 mentality of like what Web3 is today if they want to do what Three is going to be in five years That's fine but um they just need to be Like more educated on like what's Working what's not what people like uh And where we are the current state of The nft market because there's a certain Set of values and things that people are Looking for today that they will not be Looking for next year when when we're Here doing the stream in a year from now Or two years from now they won't be it Won't be the same conversations likely And I just want these companies to like Know what's good because in my in my Personal opinion there's just no way That like a random pfp project that was Started in web 3 with the only benefit Of being in there is the fact that it Was a web 3 company but if someone like A Disney or a bigger company comes

Through they actually have resources and They actually have a value exchange that People want like for example if Disney Through an event people will go because They get the value of it being a Disney Event and they like Disney and they have You know probably their whole lifetime Watching Disney videos versus a random Pfp project that dropped six months ago That you spent 150 cement there's no Thing keeping you there and so the the Lifespan of those projects compared to The Disney compared to the UFC companies Like that it's just very slim so if you Want to like insert yourself in a good Position you want to obviously have a Personal brand but you ought to have a Brand where they're like yo that Person's [ __ ] smart we need to have a Contact with that person and um yeah That's

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