How ChatGPT Will CHANGE NFT’s Forever! (Art Basel Review)

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All right today me and Justin talking About art basil talking about chat GPT Justin was in Miami I see this tweet hey Were they talking about cardano nfts at Art basil there were conversations about Cardano nfts yes how bad they were how Good they were terrible how much they Hated them how the ecosystem is the Worst no they they were people asking a Lot of questions see this is how still This is how early we are on cardano’s People still asking a lot of questions On like how was the ecosystem how are The how’s the community volume you know Can I be successful in cardano and of Course my answer is always yes yes yes But yeah there was a lot I think it was A very cool experience more I thought it Was uh busier than I than it was going To be because I thought it was going to Be like kind of because of all the Sentiment in the market FTX things like That but it was still very bullish of Course Miami’s always bullish yeah There’s a lot of money flowing in for Some weird industry in that town I don’t Know what it is uh I did see a lot of People were talking about this ATM the ATM ranks each person about how much Money they have in their bank account at Some nft event now you didn’t see this But would you have done it no why not no Because it’s uh I don’t I don’t know why Anybody would want their dollar amounts

Out there like that yeah it’s not good When you’re in nfts like yeah it’s not Good uh now celebrities love art basil Doja cat was performing Leo DiCaprio was Spotted now I mean you’re kind of a Celebrity did you were you rubbing Elbows with uh were you on Leo’s yacht You were on Leo’s yacht right how do you Go to Leo’s yacht but I was at a party With a guy and I don’t want to say his Name but he runs Miami you know those Kind of people Um he runs Miami but he’s connected with Um he’s DJ khaled’s business partner Rick Ross Flo Rida was at the party he Got to meet him that was pretty cool Um did you ever see this Vibe art nft Parties are lit and it’s just a bunch of People on their phone I showed up to This one Um but it was very exclusive I couldn’t Get in all right well next we’re going To talk about open Ai and the chat GPT What does it mean for nfts unless you’ve Been under a rock you’ve uh you know you Have seen this chat GPT is a open ai’s Team they have Dolly uh Dolly too and Now they have chat GPT it’s a text-based Thing uh someone typed this in I thought It was super cool maybe we’ll do Something like this with the junkies I Don’t know can you write me about a Backstory about an hour of flaming hair Gold chain and glasses and next thing

You know chat GPT made a little bit of a Background and then even gave it a name Firestorm as a young owl firestorm Pretty cool man I mean what do you think About this look they’re doing a pudgy Penguin they’re doing world of women I think we should definitely do one for A JPEG junkie for sure I think that’s Really cool I think are we going to talk About if we think this is good or bad For Humanity well let’s let’s get to That here’s another example real quick They asked chat GPT to write prompts for AI art and then they put that into a Different AI uh software mid-journey Verbatim yielded these report uh results Here I think it’s a good thing so There’s already AI Tools in all uh Digital art you know when you see hey I Click on the thing in the background Erases that’s AI uh on a very basic Fundamental level so we have an artist In-house Steven uh digital pencil we Helped with jpeg junkies what’s going to Happen is the Stevens who adopt these Tools will get better the Stevens who Don’t and say I’m a purist I only use my Hand they’re gonna get people they’re Gonna get beat by people not as skilled Left Behind yeah that’s my prediction What do you say they’re going to be left Mine Um yeah I would degree I mean it’s just Another evolution of software at this

Point and if you don’t if you’re not on The Cutting Edge newest software then You are left behind yeah there will Always be a niche that enjoys you know Hand-painted things but the vast Majority of the stuff as we can see is Going to be it’s going to be done with Software and AI here’s another example a Fantastical way of decorating a living Room for a design project put it in a Fairy tale mode then this is what they End up seeing now this is a cool Metaverse right geez these These are Actually actually pretty cool rooms so I Think we’re gonna see a lot of people Start to use this we’re going to see a Lot of people you know maybe advertising The fact that this is a chat GPT Generated traits chat GPT generated uh Backstories and then you know they’re Gonna this will just make things like Mid-journey more popular So I would say adopt this technology or Like you said you might get left behind You know you’re definitely going to get Left behind yeah I’m reading stories of Um AI that writes a virus and ransomware Has hit the open source market what do You think about that yeah and those who Don’t know Chad GPT also doing code and People have it making malware I mean It’s it’s not a good thing it’s it’s Makes everything Um sharper and so like you could use a

Knife to cut up chicken cutlets and feed A family or you can uh pull an O.J Simpson so it’s just gonna be Who’s it in the hands of yeah you’re Going to see this writing programs and Software and smart contracts and things You know especially in the blockchain Space things are going to be a lot Easier but then also a lot more Dangerous as well so Um let’s see what happens let’s see what Happens with this new AI World well I’m Gonna ask chat gbt what nft we should Buy and uh we’ll let you know [Music]

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