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[Music] Welcome back to energy Alpha it is your Friend Taco here let's get right into The top sales over the last 24 hours in Nfts the top sale was a crypto Punk Number 5426 sold for 139 000 followed by crypto Punk number one Or one sold for 138 000 and last but not Least another crypto Punk sold for 130 000 this one is number is eight two Seven eight all right those are the Crypto punks now azuki azuki number Three four four sold for 120 almost 121 Thousand dollars number five on the 24 Hour list is board aid number eight Eight six sold for a hundred and six Thousand dollars followed by two more Board Apes one sold for 91 000 and this One number four three nine two sold for 78 almost 79 000 and nft collection Ranking by sales volume over the last 24 Hours we have Gods Unchained let me know In the comment comments if you want a Tutorial on how to play God's Unchained I will uh I'll make it for you if you Guys want it followed by the D Market Mythos and then board API Club mune Napier Club so rare crypto punks d-gods And AI World node on the binary smart Chain number nine art blocks on ethereum And the captains on ethereum number 10. So what's minting what's coming up that Maybe we want to test our luck and mint Maybe like ultra rare nft let's see

Let's see between July 31st and August 6th August 7th is my birthday hey now All right so let's start off with Haas Which is a Formula One team and ranga They're gonna put together an nft man For you guys Motorsports fans fasten Your seatbelt Haas F1 team and renga Inc Have teamed up to create a Groundbreaking Fusion of Motorsports Digital Arts and blockchain Technology You're going to want to learn more about The art and the utility hey let's uh Let's click on it in addition to owning New art featuring iconic ranga Archetypes archaeotypes holders of the Haas X Wrangler racing collection it Exclusive access to events activations And physical Collectibles that'd be Pretty dope if you got access to the F1 Events because those things are not Cheap some lucky holders will get access To your name or ens on the actual Vf-23 car that's pretty cool virtual Meet and greet with the MoneyGram Haas F1 team and your Haas X renga attitude Displayed in the team garage at a race Weekend some lucky holders will also Receive an authentic driver fire suit Full-size replica helmets special Edition merch and some will even be Signed by the team if you guys checked Out drive to survive on Netflix if You're into F1 racing it's pretty good I Have to give it to the Netflix crew they

Put together a pretty good documentary Of course renga is known for their Incredible artwork and this collection Is no exception your work in the Haas X Ranger racing collection updates Dynamically to reflect race locations Creating an interactive journey to race Tracks across the globe they are making Dynamic nfts fancy mark your calendars For Tuesday August is the first at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time when the Min Begins on Open Sea I'll leave this in The description if you want to check it Out all right moving on let's see what Else is minting thud some fud is minting Guys the fear the uncertainty the doubt How we ever survived maybe you commit This guy's fun Ezra Igor what auctions And additions when it's gonna be August 1st as well two and a half hours after The Haas and rangamon it's going to be On Nifty Gateway and why fud by Ezra Igor is a collection of one of ones and Additions that's meant to serve as a Powerful exploration of the Ever-evolving landscape of nft art as Well as the socio-cultural phenomenon Within it notably The Collection comes After a long string of successful drops Nearly 20. from the Indonesian Expressionist artist on the Nifty Gateway platform I haven't bet on Nifty Gateway in a while let's check it out All right so this is uh their like home

Page for the fud all right I guess this Is some of his Um older editions and open Edition so You can mint this I believe right now Because it's open it's very unique Unique very colorful maybe something That you'll find on like a mural on the Side of a building or something pretty Cool all right let's keep going persons Places and things noun-ish last year we Spoke to Dusty Yellen it's now ready it Looks like this is a video [Music] Foreign The legend himself these new systems of Governance and this idea that our Predominant systems that organize Society are Antiquated and broken and Were created before the internet and the Industrial Revolution I use the artists like this great way to Attract all these amazing people but I Try to get those amazing people involved In this larger Social Clubs and if nouns Feels like it has some of that kind of Philosophy right of like if you bring a Lot of people together you can build Unimaginably cool all right so who is Going to be Dustin Yellen from the the Nouns team and Friends with Benefits I Wish I had some of those open Edition Meaning it will be open to anybody for a Set amount of time and usually that Means that there's also like an

Unlimited amount that could be minted Usually a lot of people have different Definitions of the word open Edition It's gonna be August 3rd at 12 p.m Eastern Standard Time on open C why Though why why persons places and things Is a commemorative open Edition drop Created in celebration of the completion Of Dustin yellen's psycho photography Sculpture for nouns Dao alongside FWB Best they set up 22 excerpts of the Sculpture will be featured at The openc Gallery at FWB festival and will be Available to Mid from August 3rd to August 6th this year alongside the Festival wonderful possibility spaces This is the next this is the next one Minting folks look highward limited Edition it's gonna be August 3rd 1pm Eastern Standard Time where Never heard of this one let's go this is The 1990s it's cool I like it looks like A dream I had last night yep yep I'm Digging this I'm digging this there's a Lot going on you have to look at it for More than a minute ghost houses astral Planes film Noir dark Astro Mother Nature ooh hippies the Mythos mirror World I like this this is really cool This is very unique it reminds me of Those um where's Waldo like where's the Hippie I found them it's all of them all Right possibility spaces created by look Highward and presented by sovereign.r is

A collection of huge fireworks often Surpassing 250 million pixels holy meant To act as an exploration into the vast Realms of human imagination through the Mind's Eye of machine intelligence the Project features an array of unique Super high definition zoomable AI Artwork now I want to go back and zoom In oh that's how you do it okay holy Okay all right we're gonna let's go Let's go whoa whoa whoa that's in holy What there's like a whole a whole other Story going on back here look at that What the all right now my line is blown This is this is incredible look at the Detail look at that 250 million pixels What the all right let's hear this one If you uh if you look really closely you Can see uh my desk at my uh my little Area out there all right this is really Cool this is this is what is this Minting again I won't admit this I want To admit this August 3rd at 1pm I'm Marking my calendar hey Siri Siri August 3rd 1pm remind me okay she's gonna Remind me all right last one last one We've had danger bucks season zero What's danger box I don't know let's Check it out [Music] Foreign [Music] Ty packs when August the 3rd at 2 pm Eastern Standard Time where new Gainey

Melody New Guinea Medi I have no idea What this is and uh We're not gonna find Out danger box is a new Endeavor from The team behind the influential meta key Project The Collection features a Potential Max supply of 60 000 nft boxes Or packs that contain rare cosmetic Items to be used during the demo season Of a forthcoming Indie sci-fi fantasy RBG called New Guinea Medi and probably Pronouncing that wrong but okay all Right hey now we're on cnmt calendar so Let's see what catches our eye friends a Quirky sci-fi Adventure built icardado Um cardano lands embrace the power of The metabricks okay okay okay I I like The murderers embrace the power of the Metaverse become a land enjoying this Multiplayer virtual world with endless Opportunities to earn crypto in a fun Gamified way bouquet I've heard that Pitch before but let's see embrace the Power of the metabares play trade earn And build weaper utility all in one Place what I want to know is it playable Can I play it already or has it not even Launched yet and the pre-order goes live In 20 hours let's go to their Twitter Okay 8736 not too bad all right they're gonna Have a white list reminder Um all major news summarize below all The current ways to get whitelisted for Our land nft pre-order this week option

One Lot 10 000 EXO into voting on the Cardano lanes platform option two Creators of our partner projects Automatically quantify make sure to Communicate in our shared Discord DMS if You haven't yet um I don't feel like Going through all of this if you were if You are interested I would check out Cardano lands maybe uh you have an Opportunity to Min one because you're on The waitlist already you can participate And win in one of our many Discord and Twitter giveaways Um you can help vote up our project on CNC tools purchasing details there's Going to be 5 000 lands small land plots Or 60 USD medium lands are 90 USD large Lands are 120. you can mint with Ada or EXO and exact UST conversion is made at The time of the purchase so white list Is tomorrow August the 1st at 11 A.M UTC Public launch is six days later my Birthday uh at 11 A.M UTC uh yeah again I'll leave this in the description of The video if you want to check it out Valley map let's go to the valley map All right this looks like it's going to Be all the individual plots of land okay All right looks like you can customize Your land or you can maybe show like an Nft associated with your land I guess They've got staking I'm just reading the Side over here meta Labs what's that Combine four elements to receive a new

Resource once you invent a new resource Your name will be immortalized on the Blockchain I would uh do a deep dive Into this project if you're interested In joining into an up-and-coming Metaverse project that is minting pretty Soon one last thing I want to know who The team is who are you I don't see any Team where the team is oh well whatever I didn't want to know who they were that Battling anyway Oh I'm sorry we're still in the video All right that's all I got for today be Blessed Taco out

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