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[Music] What's going on everybody welcome back To another episode of nft alpha it's Your boy Taco here let's get right into It hey and happy Friday NFL Rivals Scores 1 million downloads for nft based Mobile game This is an nft based mobile game guys Pay attention NFL Rivals a free to play Game from mythical games has managed to Score over a million downloads despite Debuting amidst a harsh crypto Environment and in the off season of the NFL itself we are sitting at a 4.8 out Of 5 stars on the Apple store with Nearly 22 000 reviews which is great Lyndon told coindesk we're also seeing Nearly two hours of gameplay per player Per day which is exciting it's great Seeing players really play the game go Figure a game that people play other Stats shared with coindesk by mythical Games noted that NFL Rivals has seen Nearly 15 million matches played and That on average players have six gaming Seasons per day showing the stickiness Of the experience The nfts in the game are playing cards Used to build out teams and compete in The game each player card has different Rarity levels from common to Legendary And are assigned different strengths and Weaknesses Fact that player cards are nfts is

Behind the scenes for most players Lyndon noted you are able to play the Game without purchasing any nfts every Player gets a wallet in the game and Then most of them probably don't even Know it's a wallet until they want to Start interacting with the marketplace To buy sell or trade what we are seeing Is that players when they come in even If they're not familiar with web 3 Concepts they do understand the concept Of hey Somebody wants to give me a hundred Dollars for this card We love the idea that we can onboard Them very gently into the space Yeah when you're coming out with an mft Game and you could sell the Assets in The game It's a no-brainer when somebody offers You money for it the concept kind of Gets stuck in your mind oh whoa hey whoa There's value Behind These nfts or In-game assets Mythical games other products includes Blanco's block party and open world Multiplayer game in Nitro Nation an nft Based racing game The Firm launched its mythical Marketplace 2.0 in January of 2023 and Raised 150 million in funding in 2021 in A round led by a16z Yeah a16z look into those guys they Don't have many misses in the crypto

Space If you get what I'm saying in other news Heading over to cnft calendar This one looks decent This one looks pretty good 14 000 on Twitter uh discord's popping off As well uh Next Next we're gonna go with the yoga Kongs Molga Moga mulga Moga we'll go with Moga Moga Kong welcome to the Moga Kongs a Tribe of 555 bold and funktastic gorilla artworks Brought to life from the mind of Renowned artists melga mulga these One-of-a-kind Creations will be minted On the cardano blockchain the Moga Kongs Are more than just a collection they Represent a unique and inclusive Community of individuals who love summer Good times and the beach inspired Lifestyle alright so let's head to their Twitter pretty good pretty good for uh a Pre-mint 7 000 not bad at all and uh Their first pin tweet it looks like a Road map so this is saying that they're Minting in 16 hours on the 24th But this says they're minting today Maybe maybe today is for the white list And tomorrow is for public and right off The bat I don't like when collections do This when whitelists get it cheaper than Public this is just asking the people That got the waitlist to dump on public

Nothing against the project I just don't Like that one thing about it so this is Uh what looks to be like a visual Representation of a road map so bottom Right you got the beach opens I'm Assuming that's the the mint sneak peeks Maybe they're gonna have a second Collection or maybe they're talking About sneak peeks of their collection The meal good calling is a visual Roadmap I'm assuming this is the the Road map visualize Kong's Island Olga Kong's midday okay so we're like at this Point because today or tomorrow is the Mint day all right looks like uh they're Gonna have a free to play game they're Gonna have an island party I guess They're gonna have a token I guess it's Raining ice cream where they're from and The that looks to be it yeah oh wait no 10 all the way up here part two ooh stay Tuned for a part two all right uh and Real quick let's see if anybody I know Follows them all right the dejin bunnies The bad Fox motorcycle club hernano Thor Paper monkey all right Blake so we got Some uh we got some Heavy Hitters that Are uh following these guys so maybe Keep them on there maybe on your radar And let's see 25 or let's say thirty Dollars that's about a hundred eight not Too bad if my math is correct I did it On the Fly and last but not least Heading over to crypto slam and one

Through five we're all board Apes Ranging from 170 000 to as low as 140k And then we got a D Gods on ethereum Sold for 131k followed by a 94 000 sale For a crypto Punk and you got an Uncategorized ordinal that sold for 88k And the top collections over the last 24 Hours board ape Yacht Club azuki Mutant API Club God's Unchained cards And they have uh they've been really uh Sticking to the top of this list over The last like two three weeks ring Runners that's a new one number six is Uncategorized ordinals followed by Brc20 dollar sign frame number seven the Mythos Um blockchain D Market the lady maker Number nine and number 10 so rare that's All I got ladies and gentlemen uh hope You liked the video have a great weekend Give us a follow Taco out

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