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For the present moment for people here Today And people don't think about that a lot They're like what's the point of this No One's Gonna watch a wet three show in The future like in the future this that And the other I'm like yeah but we're Not in the future we're we're here so It's we're here in a in a time period Where like Master's option is not a Thing and that is the reality of our Situation so I'm down for it I'm down For anyone building uh and and building On the path because other people will Build on top of this for something That's actually going to work and so Props to anyone who is pioneering Because it's scary and it's hard and People love to talk from the peanut Gallery and the only people talking from The peanut gallery are for are the People who have never done anything and So we expect you know 100 so yeah they're launching um on Shibaya XYZ uh that that company they Recently Shabbat recently got I think it Was six million dollars Um in C in seed funding Um yeah you see that can create an Entire company code instead of 32nd Advert to people who don't care Um Um and and yeah they base

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