Hasbulla NFT Review – Post Drop Analysis

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I joined them yesterday I wanted to give Him a bit of support and the big story Was Hezbollah I wasn't going to talk About it but Kate asked me to look into To see if he should buy in at 0.18 so I Started looking into the volume and I Thought okay well let's look at it Together with our viewers and let's see Where it's at now was my advice good my Advice was not to buy in Um and Cape did you listen to Philip I did I did not listen or no so I did Listen to Philip and I did not buy and Crypto dream confirmed with me later on He shot me a message he was like man Good good thing we didn't buy in and I Looked at the floor I was like wow yeah We dodged that one way go Phillip good Call bro thank you my brother so exactly That um crypto train also DM me and so Thank you for for the advice on the Spaces Um and I was really glad really glad to See that Um We got a new member I don't really know What that means because crypto Gene was A really one of my members maybe he Updated his membership Crypto dream you got to let me know in The chat what what you did there because You were already a member for those of You that don't know if you join um and Become a member there are a lot of perks

One of which is Alpha that I only give To my YouTube members Um private chat in my Discord Um advice from me and many other things So look into it if you are interested Alright so so the interesting thing here We've seen just under a thousand Ethereum in volume on this collection Hezbollah it's a 10 000 nft collection We've got a owner a unique owner ratio Of 30 which is always a red flag or not A red flag but worrying when you want to Buy into a project I usually like it to Be closer to 45 50 but it it is it is Common when you can mint more than one To have new collection with this unique Right A lot of people maximum to three Exactly exactly so you could run three So a lot of people did we've also seen Some guys sweeping the floor whether That's the team themselves or not Um who knows whether this has legs or Not also who knows I mean there's Nothing really hugely notable it's you Know everyone loves the Hezbollah meme Um and they've taken you know advantage Of that it's just bumping at the moment Or has been pumping so I thought we Would cover it and if you have a look at The activity this is at all time so it Was meant to just under what a day and a Half ago And then we see Open Sea ragas just even On opencn analytics why did I say to you

Yesterday code like don't buy in what Was I saying I was looking Um at the the bar walls versus the cell Walls so how many sales a minute were There and at that time there were five To ten sales a minute how many listings And minutes were there and what were the Listing walls so a cell wall of these Things here we can see that we got nine People Let's just go back there so 14 listings Between 0.08 and 0.09 We've got 64 listings between 0.09 and 0.1 so just there alone you've got 80 What 88 Listings over there then you go to sales And you say which it's rugged me on and You say okay how many sales are there So that there were four sales a minute There five six so in the last five Minutes they've been about 10 sales so If it carries on on that rate where There's 10 sales a minute Um and we would also look at how many Listings there are per minute but you're Typically going to expect it to continue Going down because there's 60 that need To be Um sold in order to get to the next Price range over here very few offers Lower down and you are seeing that more People are selling them buying at the Moment but remember it will hit a point Where people will buy in again in much

Higher volume what that level is no one Can tell you for sure Dude I'm very happy I didn't buy and for Me like the I I don't have enough time To look do deep dives into analytics so The main thing I do is kind of like what You taught me a few months ago which is Just look at listings versus cells and Just look at the charts on the minute And that's a really it's a really good Way to tell and it's more accurate than Not I would say exactly so yeah and this Is On on open seat which It's enough just to show you guys you Can see from eight and uh from none Until 10 pm my time which is the last Hour there's only been 60 sales in the Entire hour the hour before there was a Lot more 144 so sales are slowing down And remember we've got those 60 listings That even if no one else lists this 60 Listings that will take at point zero One up So in the end of the day it's it's you Know you've got more more listings than Sales and not enough volume anymore even Though there was to to think that it's Going to pump again from here Do with Hezbollah uh here's something Interesting I probably make a video on This like there are certain things that Are going to be interesting to be in the Future because they're projects like

This that have drops there are projects Like Donald Trump said a few set of Drops that are going to be fun to watch As they navigate the normal world like As big things happen for these people Who have dropped projects are people Gonna trade on the speculation even Though these people are probably gonna Abandon their projects after a month Like if hazboola gets a fight and he Fights that other Russian uh smaller Dude and um it starts to get really hype Like are his nfts gonna pop if Donald Trump runs and wins the Republican Nominee and he starts running for President are his PR are his please give A pump you know and like that's going to Be fun to do yeah so that's why I Thought like when it was at 0.16 I Almost bought a trump nft just to hold Long term uh and I was like that'll go Down again and then I did a 2X overnight I did I did the exact same thing I was Also looking at it and I did exactly What you just said yeah I also didn't Buy and I was also thinking look long Term there's historical value I mean how Many U.S presidents are going to launch Nft collections exactly I want to show You something here so I went on to Hezbollah and I'm doing this live and Kate like please do let me know what More you know about it I mean do you Know anything about the team over here

Do I I don't I haven't researched this Part of it I've just looked at the Trading side do you know anything about Their team or anything like that I I Don't I'm very inclined to believe it's Just like Donald Trump they just paid a Team to do all the work and then they Just had Hezbollah do all the pr I've Heard that hasbullah himself is very Good at PR stuff very good at social Media so he like gets this world and Honestly after surveying their Twitter For the last like uh I did that for like An hour yesterday their Twitter is Bother dude they they are crushing the Social media game so like of all people To do this project You know it's not bad I mean it's Amazing because we know that there's a Big meme culture and he is a meme Literally he is a real meme I mean a lot Of the memes are that which is Absolutely incredible I mean The Following over here uh yeah this is his Official okay so it's not just an nft Account because what this is his Official account okay fine I thought it Was just hasbrother nft account but Because if you look here I don't know if You've seen this but there's a website Twitter order.com and there you can see Whether it's bottled or not which is Quite useful so if you put in the Username over here which is not going to

Be because it is a media her personality But Um yes I will authorize the app let's Let's just see here and it does it does An audit And shows you like what percentage are Real versus not Okay we're gonna wait we're gonna have To wait for it to come up it's there's 20 foot orders before us It's interesting it is an interesting One benefits of owning exclusive Invitations to interact with Hezbollah In person and online airdropped has has Be tokens to all holders get paid earned Up to 10 in Creator royalties by staking Get exclusive invitation uh semi-annual Nft holder and VIP events exclusive Ownership of your high resolution Artwork which is nothing really Incredible yeah but he's got fans he's Got real fans so it's going to be Interesting to watch this one bro I am very excited I'm very excited just The fact that all these projects are Finally out there and I'm and I'm Excited for the DJ Behavior like I said A second ago of people who trade on These assets with no care to join the Communities no care to hit up the Founders see if they write the project Or not they're like yo people are gonna Buy this [ __ ] and trade it even if it's Rugged and I'm just holy [ __ ]

Wow This is cool it's cool to see so 90 or Normal followers 6.9 percent are low Quality which could mean Bots but could Not 0.4 is fake which is always there's Always like even one percent for a big Account is okay to have bad or fake and 1.8 is high quality or influencer yeah That's pretty cool hey because you find Often that um nft projects not this one But nft projects bought their following And this is a great way to be able to do It for those that don't know Twitter Audit.com really cool tool

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