Gucci NFT Partnership! (Claim Physical Gucci Bag!)

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Wag me son 10K TF shop they partnered up With Gucci Man Gucci my guy Gucci Vol Exchanges live at for all Gucci Vault material nft holders turn The digital textile into a Gucci Physical starting now through August 25th here's a little cool graphic with Wagney-san I think that's a world of Women and that's probably a cryptoad so Here are the two pieces of Gucci Merchandise that you can redeem for your 10K TF material you see this Gucci ball Material right here 446 dollars but what You can do is you can redeem this for The wallet right here and then you can Exchange three of the Gucci Vault Materials for this Um large duffel bag so if you have those Materials or you could still get it Until the August 25th if you if you want It and honestly this looks like a top of The line Gucci duffel bag this is like a Luxury brand working with a nft brand

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