Gucci announced LONG TERM partnership with Yuga Labs – What it means.

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Like the one we're about to talk about Yeah so we've got Gucci and Yuga Announcing that they've got a long-term Partnership together so continue to Explore the metaverse this is from Gucci's official account and just for Anyone like relatively new to the space This is what you want to see and sorry For those on um Twitter if you're not Watching the screen if you want or you Can always jump onto the YouTube which Is pinned on the top of of the spaces But basically it's just a picture of the Bottle that was shown in the other deed Collection of the potion but it's got Gucci written on it and we've got Gucci's official account retweeting so You always want to see that like when You're when you're a little NFC Connection says we've just signed up With Warner Brothers you want to go to Warner Brothers Twitter and see Warner Brothers tweeting about it as well to Make sure right so here we've got Gucci They're very very excited for this long Term partnership together with broad APR Club which is absolutely incredible Because it's bottle we've got some People that's speculating it might be as Type of perfume because it's a long-term Partnership we've got a lot of MSA Explore and Gucci says exploring the Metaverse we got a lot of people who are Saying there's probably clothing for the

Metaverse Um but really very very cool to see Um lots of rumors going around have you Heard anything about this code what they Think it's going to be and all the rest Of that no I just saw the collaboration Posts but I haven't got I haven't Dove Them deep into the actual details of it Yeah so they they definitely say yeah Multi-year partnership wow which is Really cool so it's not just like these Collabs that you sometimes see where They literally drop one nft and then They never do anything together again Sort of like we saw with cap blocks and Puma or whatever it may be this they've Both said is going to be a long-term um Partnership that's going to help them Explore fashion they mentioned and Entertainment Um which is really really interesting And they're both companies Yuga and Um Gucci are incredibly excited about This and they've called it a Multi-faceted partnership which means That there's going to be a lot of Different things going on and remember That 10K TF and people came on to Yuga I Do think that Gucci was a part of 10K TF For quite a while Um and I think that this is this was Quite a natural Um partnership together over here Yeah no that's [ __ ] awesome too like

Uh it only brings me back to when I was In LA a couple weeks ago and I was in That room with razor fish the marketing Agency one of the biggest ones in the World and the president was just 10 feet Away from me and I was hearing her talk About like yeah us and all our friends Who are killing it this is an inevitable Future that's why we're here in one Three and I just remember being like yes Like I [ __ ] knew it we all knew it We've all known it it's just like it's So nice when people who are successful And are crushing it and keep and keep Every year crushing even more and then They look at what three and they go yeah That makes a lot of sense actually this Is this is the move and to see companies Like Gucci who have pretty much just Either stayed or kept getting bigger Every single time like they I feel like Gucci Louis V Um those are probably the main ones that People know about who are like normal People and not like super rich people But like normal people when they think Of the luxury Brands I think Louis V and Gucci especially Gucci's probably in my Opinion the biggest maybe Supreme Um but dude what a [ __ ] move Gucci And boy Beyond club like imagine if you Have any asset I like I imagine some Part of the the partnership will be Something like if you want a mutant or

Board ape or kind of whatever Um you just get to if you buy a Gucci Whatever there may be an option to Customize very very slightly uh on Something that you want to order on Certain drops maybe like once or twice a Year they go okay we have the board ape Slash Gucci drop if you hold one and you Connect your wallet whatever you have One little altercation uh or alteration That maybe you know shows one of the Traits of your boys I don't know Something like that I think that'd be Really cool Yeah there's lots of options I mean I Think all of it at this point is Speculation but I do agree with you I Think that would be really cool we do Know that Gucci and 10K TF did do a Partnership with Gucci Corrals Previously and we do know that even Before Yuga acquired 10K TF That Gucci Was allowing a coin as a valid mode of Payments in some U.S Stores Um and that's since August last year so This is not like something that's just Sort of Um happened I think that they've been Trying to find Synergy Um for quite a while but to actually Both come out and say look we're now Doing an official multi-year partnership That's multifaceted and it's going to Help with fashion the metabus I think

You can expect to see anything and if You Gucci and you want to make sure just Say you're a web 2 brand like Gucci that Is hugely well respected you want to Make sure you're entering into web 3 is A is done well Um and is a professional one what better Way to do it than to partner with you Know not even arguably but hands down The best Um builders in the space Yuga Labs so I Think it is a win-win for both I think For Yugo gives them the sort of Notoriety of a web 2 brand like Gucci That's been around for you know decades Successfully Um and for Gucci it gives them the with Three notoriety of yoga Um so yeah this is very exciting and I Am going to be very interested to see Um what they have in store for us here For sure Yeah this is really cool stuff dude this Is really cool stuff because a Multi-year partnership means they just Are looking at the IP they're looking at Like there's just it just they're just Like that makes like to do a multi-year Deal with the nft brand it's just so [ __ ] bullish bro what the [ __ ] that Is so a multi-year a multi-year contract The empty project with a company like Gucci and multifaceted multifaceted Meaning

On different levels we wanted to be Party fashion party managers we're gonna Accept ape coin we're gonna like you Said possibly give board April Clubholders benefit in the real life Doors whatever And what a great thing to see and I You've got to know just like we saw when Mark was having so much success and we Saw all of a sudden Adidas Puma Champion All these different brands attempt to Come into web three you've got to be Sure that this is going to definitely Get the likes of your Louis Vuittons and The guys up there on the level with Gucci Um it's gonna spark their interest and And I I do think that they will do this Clever and cleverly and I think that It's going to make you know a lot of a Lot more people a lot more interested a Lot more with two companies a lot more Interested in the space Also so I just saw so there's a guy on Tick Tock that I follow who's a beast he Uh he does a lot more he is big on Social media like actually really big But his goal is to He manages content credit

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