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We had rec league and like I said Oda Claim is today this says tomorrow but It's actually today because it's Friday If you have a coda nft you can claim Your Founders box I minted one of these I think it was two weeks ago wrecked League Majestics which are all of the Boxes at this time there are six Rarities uncommon rare common epic Legendary and Yuga I got an uncommon box And it kind of also sucks because I paid 270 dollars for it the floor is down Significantly which you know it's Sometimes good to see these videos in The future because you can go back and Be like huh I could save 200 because the Price of it right now is 66 in ethereum Which is .04 e uh kind of that kind of Sucks I don't understand nfts sometimes You mint in NFC you immediately put it On the market for less than what you Lose money you're losing money what I'm Into only to immediately be like I'm Gonna cut the floor I'm gonna put this On the floor at the floor price because I made a decision to Memphis and now I Need the money make it make sense

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