@Google just announced its own AI Chatbot named ‘Bard’

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That all right then we've got a couple Of AR related stories So this is again like in some ways Obvious Um you know we know that uh Microsoft Has been working with chat GDP for a Long time before this Um and you know actually this 10 billion Dollar investment of Microsoft in chat GDP was actually a renewal the the Renewal was coming up Um they were already working with chat GDP Um and you've got to know that Google Was also working with Um AR companies whether they were Working with Bart or not we don't know Um but you can also Imagine I've got Absolutely zero doubt in my mind that All the tech big tech companies have got An AR Division and are working with AI Companies not just because of the news Of chat GDP coming out in the last Couple of months so man's so much but This has been around for you know five Ten years and the big tech companies Have are definitely all very much Involved I mean Apple Facebook all of Them are using AI quite extensively my Opinion but what we do see is Google has Now announced it's in in retaliation to Microsoft announcing about Bing Google's Announced that they've got their own Chat bot

Um it's called Bard right b-a-r-d now This is good to know because everyone Was saying look Google's going to be Taken up by this because whereas when You search on Google you almost like Walking into a library and saying to Google where do I find a book on cooking Right and Google says to write here and Right here and right yeah you don't have To go to sponsored ads exactly you then Have to go into the open the book and Look at the back of the book and you Have to do your own sort of research Whereas AI is like hi chat GDP please Write me a cooking book I like cooking Books to be quite short I like them to Have Um pictures I prefer vegan and it will Write you the perfect cooking book so That's easy to see how Google could feel Threatened when being Microsoft search Engine is now writing the cooking book Opposed to just showing people hundreds Of thousands of cooking books as results So Google's quickly come out and said Hold on hold on guys we've also got our AR don't worry so much Um and they've called it Bard b-a-r-d Um yeah and that that's what's happening So now we've got the big giants of Google and Microsoft the two biggest Search engines uh Bing is about 11 of The engine Market Google is about 70 Something percent but Bing is the next

Biggest So Google's huge and then Bing is the Next biggest and then you've got a whole Lot of other little ones under it right So yeah yeah this is great to see AI is Gonna be coming to search results which Is really cool This is a step in a positive direction For Content creators because we are Seeing and people have been saying this For a while you know attention to new Money but let me tell you off fam Attention is the money now like for real For real you're watching Tech Giants Fight over attention the money comes With the attention but the real power Comes from your influence online whoever People go to when they think what am I Gonna look something up do they go to Chachi BT or do they go to Google now They're two separate entities are going To be competing for your attention Because they compete for your for your Usage basically and they want you to use Their engine and so to do that they're Gonna have to one-up each other which is Great for us because we are the Benefactors of all those of all those Upgrades so now we have a big decision Do we roll back into Bing for myself That's probably not going to happen like There's a very little chance that I go To Bing even though chat gbt is there if Google's gonna have their own and it's

Just as good so if they're AI product is Just as good and um I can just use that I think a lot of people just stick with Google it'll be really hard to get People to jump back And I don't really want to you know so It's a really tough decision but it's Cool because we're watching Tech Giants Do this we watch YouTube and Tick Tock Fight we're watching all the tech Giants Fight and for people who are content Creators we want to be a content creator This is the time because you're going to Be the ones who can benefit from this And it's going to be a great time for us That's why I'm just I'm full force Content like I have nothing has changed From my thesis there but this is awesome Yeah it's only I mean ai's gonna do a Lot of things but it will help Um and I'm very excited to see where it Goes So the big question now Um and and the thing that's going to be Interesting to watch unfold is like Who's going to be first to Market who so We know that we do know that Microsoft Has has already started integrating AI Is Google just Um playing defensive here so are are They yes they have this company that They've bought but are they yours out And they're saying hold on Kade who Loves Google and Philip Kaden Phillip

Who love Google are now going to maybe Move over to Bing maybe enjoy it let's Quickly if you tell them guys don't even Worry we're gonna have the same thing on Google stay where you are or are they Really pretty much ready to launch are They round the quarter from from Launching it that's cool that's what the Question is right it's hard to know Because the chat gbt Bing announcement Came on the second and then the Google The other one came the third so it was Like they're basically the exact same Time no we literally don't know so uh John Oh Google's AI failed in this Presentation yikes okay is that true Oh my God it must be it must be Um but but in the end of the day so did Uh Elon Musk when you try to throw that Metal ball at his bulletproof card the Way it's fair to do with that I mean It's there's gonna be things that I Think even one of the Apple ones I think It might have still been to Steve's job Stays that that the device didn't work Or something when it was the new Apple Phone the big one unveiled or whatever There was a big problem with something There I mean those things happen I think That the the bigger thing is how far Along is Google from being able to to Roll this out that's the bigger question For me Um and and that remains to be seen

Because you know you know we don't Really know whereas we've got Um Microsoft revealing AI co-pilots Escalated with with Google and they Already have announced their new feature And the browser the edge browser already Has Um chat GDP AI integrated into it so Currently Microsoft is definitely ahead In this AI game why you actually have to Use Bing is the thing I don't know if Actually people are using it though Maybe they were first but are people Using they Might start if Google's a shuttle if Google's isn't rolled out quick enough And whereas Bing has already got it Working and now we've already seen that Chat GDP is now mostly if you want Um consistent service because it's Always offline you have to pay to get Consistent service or you can just go on To Microsoft Bing for free and and Experiment with it so you know if Google Comes out tomorrow and theirs is great And working then I don't think Bing will Get much market share if Google doesn't Come out soon with a working Ai and Update the the search engine results People could start going over and really Enjoying it and getting used to being They just need charity BT slash being Would need something that's so Overrationally better than Google's that

It would be it's got a uh it's like it's Working with ar that is better but four Weeks away from Google having the same Thing is what I'm saying like we need You need yeah exactly a big move that Gets people to say okay [ __ ] it I'm Moving from Google [ __ ] Google it's Really hard to do in the same way that Even if Tesla dropped a phone it would Take an extra thing to get them to Actually make some real sales and Compete you know it would have to have Something that's really really unique That you can't really replicate that's Tough with AI because they can just Learn from each other and just replicate It right after the other person comes After it so I think we're in for a [ __ ] ride Um I if I was to guess I would say Google still wins this race but we'll See so Google has got a massive head Start 70 70 market share from the Perspective that they they're starting The AR race way ahead But Microsoft is way ahead in the AI side of It So how does that who gets to the Finish Line nobody knows but I remember the Days when Nokia's were the only phone That anyone wanted and and really it was As much as apple is now and then I Remember the days when Blackberry were

The only funds that anybody wanted And now it's either Apple or Samsung Right but that changes and we've seen That that changes so just because Google Is is so far ahead on the search game at This point does not mean that a Disruptive technology like AI could come And turn them on their head it's just Good enough But Google has AI it's like that's That's true if Google didn't have ai but Google literally has yeah they've said They have this right yeah so at the end Of the day it's not yet live so is it Days is it weeks or is it years and They're just trying to buy time Um I can tell you that there's a mad Rush inside Google at the moment to get A prototype up and running like live That people can use because otherwise They will start to slowly lose some Market share well the issue with Microsoft is Microsoft is not a big Player right I mean they are a big Player but they're not a big player as Far as attention they have nobody knows Like like if you ask a random person in The street and you said hey uh like what Is Microsoft they would probably Struggle they'd be like oh it's a it's The computers right and you're like well Yeah like what is it be like uh what I Don't actually know you know like Microsoft's kind of hates you they don't

Really know what the brand is there's Not like a but remember that was the Same no one knew what Blackberry was Anyone you knock out you remember also Microsoft's in a unique position that a Lot of PCS run on Windows and by default Bing is the search engine there Um on the browsers by default right if You you know when you get Microsoft and You open Safari or whatever they call Edge or whatever they call it bing is by Default there Um and now immediately you've go and Download Google Chrome from Safari yeah That's the first thing I do that that if Big is good and it's AR like how it's Saying you can literally ask it any Question verbally in your own language And it will answer it for you like Certain things like that that are just Seamless for AI Are difficult when there's no AI Involved and it's going to be Interesting I don't know the answer but It's going to be an interesting one for Sure good point the AI will push this [ __ ] digital world so fast uh I'm Very excited because AI as it gets Bigger metaverse has no choice but to Grow with it because if we can input Stuff and things come out there's no Reason we can't do that visually there's No reason AI can't learn to fix that and Just throw that into a visual world I am

So I've got so many video ideas for AI Metaverse style content together Um that kind of spurned from my Conversation with Brett so I'm excited I'm very excited for AI it makes me it Does make me nervous but like not really I'm much more excited yeah it's very Exciting uh very very and speaking of Tesla's fails Your friend okay you and I are going to Have to have a bit of an argument

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