Goblintown Twitch VIRAL appearance On Only Up game! WTF

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Um so Goblin Town it's a word we haven't Heard that often we were saying it a While during uh a particular couple Months when goblins were all over Twitter making What's what do what even sounds do Goblins make I forget All right I'm here all right yeah yeah The RR yes Disappeared though Have uh have they come back by the way Okay so they're 0.2 each right now so Not not too bad they were at a high of Like 80s but you know those are the the Goblin towns and you guys remember so Anyways our boy Bryson actually made a Video about this but before I show you So Goblin Town was part of a game called Open world I think it was or something Like that uh what's it called only up And it was a super viral moment there Was 109 000 people in the Stream when People realize like wait a second well I Guess people probably didn't realize it But they were probably just looking at The art saying this is cool didn't even Know it was Goblin Town and so Bryce Didn't post this video and you know what Let me do this let me reshare my screen As a Chrome tab so you can get the audio All right All right it's all right Bryson Okay ready let me know when you're ready All righty I'm ready

Hold on hold on one thing I always repeat we're in Goblin towns Wait can you hear that Yeah we can yeah I'm hearing feedback from the spices Always repeat we're in Goblin songs Homie has a goblin town nft on the back Of his jacket and on the front of it it Says Goblin Town I never noticed that meaning the game Starts off in Goblin [ __ ] town I don't know why there's so much back There's so there was so much I don't Know what happened there that clearly That did not [ __ ] do its job the way I thought it was Here let me reshare it now as a normal Window so we can get that back Um here we go All right I'm back so yeah yeah so that's that's What happened there with Bryson so That's pretty sick honestly like a whole World dude a whole world of gaming and They're in this world dude who knows What even happened like no one even knew What happened they just kind of popped Up and people were like oh okay but it's An indie level game Um they yeah 109 simultaneous viewers And it was the background imagery that Got everyone excited it was the Goblin Town nft we're not exactly sure what That means because there's not really a

Whole lot after that it's just kind of Like Unclear we don't know if they were the One involved I mean they did post about It but I'm not surprised they posted About it even especially if they didn't Have anything to do with it I wouldn't Be surprised if they post about it Anyway Um but that's what they did I think They're they're down to sort of just Capitalize on all any and all momentum Because that's the game that they play But what do you think so it's Interesting because this currently Ranked the 24th game in popularity with Either 3.7 million hours worth just in The past seven days and and it wasn't Just that the the Avatar was wearing the Government stuff but there was Government Town graffiti on the wall Um and a whole lot of stuff like that Um and I think Bryson's reaction just Shows it all that like you know it it he Was like shocked that the whole time This was actually a goblin Town world That they had built from the beginning So yeah I mean the truth Labs is is not Playing games I've always been bullish On them Um before this we spoke about them a Week ago we spoke about them with Big Ink that that Had to drop that they did recently

Um where the the more you had lost on Nfts the higher you got the job Interview and they've always gone Against the Grain and uh yeah man I Think they're a great project Um and he has just another example of a Low-key marketing thing that no one was Aware of until it came until it came out And was discovered by Bryson which is so Cool right this actually looks pretty Sick this actually really is cool dude I Think this is it I think this is the Clip hold on Um right here ah this is okay so this is When Bryson was playing that I think in That part of the world but yeah it's Called only up guys available on Steam And Yeah I'm pretty sure like most people Can actually play that on I don't know If it'll work to be honest on like a Laptop I think you might need a computer Computer to do this I tried to do these Things on a laptop and it's not the best To be honest but that that is pretty Sick Bro that they're on this thing um Look even on the wall there's there's This graffiti of couplings uh so they've Really like taken and there was quite a Few other places as well where they've Actually taken over the whole the whole Game I mean he has another streamer Who's also just shocks It was like what is going on yeah which

Is so cool man Yeah that is super super cool so I'm a Fan of that bro we we all love nfts Popping into this it's like guerrilla Marketing you know exactly which is Really cool exactly I also have a couple Videos that I want

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