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The biggest news of the week and I think This is being under emphasized as to how Big this is for nfts and for the future Of nfts this is a massive massive story That I think should be getting a lot More coverage and and people are not Telling you how big this is so first of All you've got a Google Play Store Saying that they now will embrace the Nfts and in order to do so um whoever's Applying needs to be very specific about What the role the nft is going to play Is it going to be for this or like it's Very similar to their gambling policy And as long as it's not that type of Thing they just need to be specific but It's a major major shift and the second Bullish news is that they've teamed up With Reddit who we know have Successfully launched you know this Their avatars and and hundreds of Thousands of them successfully launch Them and then Reddit has been advising Google on how to on how to make um the Play Store policies the best possible Way to allow of these but also to Protect their users and so on and so Forth so the updated rules require Conspiracy from games that are using These tokenized efforts cracking down on Anything that's exaggerated as far as Nft earnings or anything gambling like Reddit works with Google to shape the Policy and it's going to take a while so

It's important to know that it's not Going to happen immediately but they Have Google has officially updated their Terms and conditions to allow for nfts In the Google Play store which is Absolutely incredible Um and also Um sort of show you how I had the actual Tweet yeah today we're pleased to share That we're updating our policy to open New ways to transact blockchain-based Digital content within absent games on Google Play from reimagining traditional Games with user-owned content to Boosting user loyalty through unique nft Rewards we're excited to see creative In-app experience flourish and help Developers expand their business from Joseph Mills manager of Google play pro This is huge I don't think anyone Understands how huge this is So Here uh so with with this How how do I craft this question uh With this what it what is the result of This is the result because I'm so torn On this and that's why I'm so tall like I don't spend much time on Twitter Anymore I'm I feel like I'm detached a Little bit from web3 I still love web 3 But I'm so detached because I'm not Really about it what's going on right Now I'm not really loving what I'm Seeing I'm not really interested in what

I'm seeing either and I can't help but Wonder it's like And I almost liken it not to make it Political but almost liking it to like The uh like the lgbtq movement of like Okay we did this thing like for example With this like the Play Store now opens Up opportunities for blockchain games And we go oh my God now what and then Everyone goes nothing we don't care You'll just have blockchain games on the Thing who cares and then everyone goes Oh so I guess we don't care it's not Good and then it's the same thing or It's like it's sort of how I linked it With like the LGBT because they were Like I'm gay and they're like okay fine They're like okay well you need you must Care you must do this you must do this You must do this you must do this to get People to care what do you think about This do you think this affects the Prices the the more out No I'm saying that I've always Maintained and the reason I enjoy Bringing you the latest news every week To our viewers and and researching it Every week is because I found this space Fascinating and I believe that web free And and by extension AI Um and all of that is absolutely the Future of technology in the world and I Don't want to be left behind I want to Be on the Forefront of us and and all

The rest of that so with that in mind Um you've got to understand that there Are companies that are spending hundreds Of millions of dollars each For to try and make the best blockchain Guide right now it's happening as as we As we sit here there are people doing That Um and and people who believe very very Strongly that blockchain gaming is the Future why do they believe that because We've seen from fortnite to the lack of Very successful games at the in-app Items the in-game items are really where The pull is and where people enjoy the Space Um and and and here you can get that Favorite item and with blockchain and Use it in other games that you love as Well giving it much much more value and Then also the same way that normal Crypto and blockchain takes the power Away from the governments in a way Because it's so too here does it do the Same for gaming because at the moment if You're playing Roblox you can only buy Things with Robux in the ecosystem and You're completely limited and that's why The gaming world is fighting back so Hard on blockchain game I hate it they Don't want nfts there all of this to do So this by by web3 and and blockchain Games being Um becoming mainstream one day and we

Still we still are ways away from that But we're starting Um and it allows and allows us to take The power back as players and to really Own the things that are ours right in in The game which gives us more value and And more experience and that's just one Benefit of a blockchain game so when you Start to see someone as big as Google Play Who on Android is massive saying Okay you know what we we're going to do A complete u-tune in our policy because Up until now we're not allowed nfts Point Blank we are now going to say yes We're going to and we're not making it Strict we're saying as long as you just Close up front so we can educate our Users upfront what this is and all the Rest as long as that's disclosed to us And you don't go against that we will Allow you to be on Google Play now That's massive because overnight this Blockchain game that at the moment is Only been seen by a handful of projects Out there because you know how many of Us are in web 3 and nfts it's only being Seen by maybe a hundred thousand two Hundred thousand people and those people Don't even care baby now all of a sudden You've got a market of tens of millions Of people that can now download a game And they don't they won't know it they Don't care if it's if it's not being Used as a currency in the game or

Whatever they won't even know it's it's An nft game so all of a sudden our Market is a lot bigger and that's and That's and that's why this is absolutely Massive news and a huge win for the nft Or blockchain or web free space whatever You want to call it Okay so yeah I should open up with that Because I also in that book I am excited For it I should have opened up more Positively than just immediately go and Be a cynic about it or whatever the word Is I just do I always like to play Devil's avocado just because I feel like It makes sense for the because this is a Heart it's a hard argument to win Because our people there's so many People are just gonna argue like who Cares and you're right it's it's like The beginning of that movement to where It's better and then I'm like oh wait That's why I care because now our Favorite games have it and now there's a Whole new market of games I can that can Come from that and it people like Alex Becker always say like Gaming's coming Back the Crypt of Bull Run blah blah People like yeah but like you know but This side and the other you're like no I Think we're missing the point like there Will be an influx of new games there Will be billions of dollars poured in Because of this like there can't not be That's what will happen when the market

Lights up and when the opportunity Pops In it's the exact same recipe for why Nfts blew up it will happen again it's Gonna wait for it but you're right Keeping up to date with all this stuff And be like okay June 15th or June 15th 16th whatever uh Google Play Store gets On nfts like that's dope that's another Milestone it's another uh you know check Thing off the list that part is Definitely cool so I agree there I Wonder what percentage of people in web 3 specifically today uh have iPhones and Use apple versus uh the Android with the Google Play Because this is a great Topic I think that'd be a great poll to Put up if I can remember to I'll do it Um but yeah I would love to especially On YouTube usually usually when the one When the one does it and the follows Because they try to be in competition The other thing you've got to remember Is that now incentivizes game developers Who make their money by making games for Google Play to not know what blockchain Is what web3 is so it's definitely You're right that's how we said it would Happen it's a sh yes it's a huge shift Forward and you compound that with the Fact that they've got Reddit advising Them that means that they're taking it Seriously because Reddit has been one of The few massive companies that's been Able to successfully show the way that

You can use nfts without making it above The floor price or anything like that Um and now I read it to the ones who are Who are guarding Google in this play Which again gives it further validity

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