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Like wouldn't get I mean I don't know if Garyvee would ever settle I watched this Podcast with him and his childhood Friends that he posted a couple days ago Dude I don't know if you watched Gary at All but if you do you should watch this Podcast because you realize that garyvee Has literally been exactly the same Since he was like six years old they Tell these stories where they're like Yeah Gary was seven years old he moved Into the house next to us and within a Week he was he was making all of us get Up at 7am to like go garage sailing and I was like I was I was watching the gym I was like no way and he was Like yeah man like he made me do this he Made me get up and like do car washes With him and then he like kept this Money and he was always trying to make Us money and like he kept skipping School all this all this like this And he was like it was before like Anyone knew anything about garyvee like That sure and he goes they've always He's always been like this and then they Said then garyvee has always been the Ringleader garyvee is always in charge It's his way or the highway and I was Like no way dude this literally It was really gratifying to see that he Wasn't it didn't become he didn't become Garyvee he's just been garyvee

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