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So who better to ask than chat gbt So that's exactly what I did So I said I said to it the input I gave It was you are a leading expert in AI so I'm talking to check GDP I'm telling Because the more you prompted the better Write me a compelling article on the Future use cases of chat gbt and how it Could change the world as we know it and Um I have noticed every time I prompted Saying you are the leading expert in it Gives me better quality responses so you Are the leading author write me of the Best children's book you can on that Will give you a better uh outcome than Just write me a children's book so Anyway it says chat gbt is a state of The art language generation model Developed by open Ai and has the Potential to revolutionize the wide Range of Industries and change the way We act interact with technology one of The most exciting potential uses of Check gbt is in the field of customer Service by using

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