Fujitsu and Mitsubishi have collaborate on creating a metaverse in Japan

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And we're both going to be covering it Every single week together So we have a look over here Fujitsu and Mitsubishi two massive Japanese Companies Um are collaborating with a few more uh Japanese companies to bring a Japanese Metaphors called Ryu gokoku Um so it's a new project that brings Together Japanese conglomerates big Companies to build an interoperable Metaverse for information dissemination Marketing and work style reforms for Domestic Enterprise a group of large Companies From Japan agreed to work together to Create a mediverse economic zone for the Country with the aim of building an open Metaverse infrastructure the group will Be guided by the head of former Square Index executive and JP game CEO and to Update Japan through the power of games So this is really bullish because you've Got big names and you've got very big Companies Recognizing that you know blockchain to Some degree in some form is going to be The future and they want to invest in it And create their own metaverse for the Benefit of not only their own companies But the whole of Japan and the future of The miniverse I'm hella bullish on Asia I'm super bullish and I'm also excited Because

Um like one of the things I want to do Once I have more money is I want to get My videos translated to Japanese because That's a massive audience and they all with like Japan's announced that They're like they're we're in on the Metaverse and I was like oh if Y'all are really about it I'm about it Too like I need to tap into that Audience but I can't unless I'm speaking Japanese or if I can find a translator So Japan and Asia in general very much Attract me because they're very far in Tech and uh probably probably further I Mean I have no idea Um like the highest level like I assume They're further than us Um but yeah I'm very excited for for What Asia and Japan do for the metaverse Dude they're There there's some creative out there For sure for sure and then I lost Segments over here

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