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[Music] Welcome to another episode of nft alpha It is your friend Taco here give us a Follow on Twitter if you are not already Let's jump right into the stories that I Got for you guys today and they're Awesome earlier today we brought Together a small focus group of 40 Voyagers in Los Angeles to delve into Other side for a Vibe check and of Course this is from the official other Side meta where the swamp ends other Side Begins the official metaverse Project for the Yuga Labs ecosystem Let's check out this thread all right we Started off by taking a look at some of The artwork that has been in development For other side over the past year let's Check out the artwork this one's name is Splinter you know we got the sky that's Me falling we got the obsidian damn I Look so I look so tiny compared to uh The obsidian and we got luster again That's me right there if you look really Closely I'm waving all right all right Voyagers traveled to an unexplored land Before we even go into it look at this Picture this is so badass I mean I wish I out the invite I'm a community members So uh invite me out to LA next time You're doing another one I want that you A Labs sign in my room and I want it to Be on all the time so it's just blinding Light but you know I'm representing Yugo

So yeah they set up I think is 40 Computers they had uh 40 community Members come out there and uh they were Testing out their game the destination The setter of other side a sprawling Tier V Island it's like the the fortnite Or the other side some more brief Gameplay was that swamp Yachts okay some More gameplay because they are also Making Legends of the mara many are Playing with a 3D version of their Boarded Yacht Club Avatar this is the First test of the avatars ahead of the Official release this is really exciting They're coming out with their official Release they're not telling us when but It's got to be coming soon because They're getting gameplay uh testing done Right now and one last thing a preview Of Legends of the mara our day has come To an end but other side has much more To explore and more voyagers to welcome That's a pretty dope picture very cool I'm sad I didn't get an invite but maybe I next time or maybe I'll just have to Wait for the game to come out but um Also I'm gonna Rebrand this channel to The Yuga labs news channel because wag Me sun 10K TF shop they partnered up With Gucci Man Gucci my guy Gucci Vol Exchange is live at for all Gucci Vault material nft holders turn The digital textile into a Gucci Physical starting now through August

25th visit the website for more details Here's a little cool graphic with wag Nissan I think that's a world of women And that's probably a cryptoad if I were To guess let's go to their website so Here are the two pieces of Gucci Merchandise that you can redeem for your 10K TF material let's see if I can show You guys that okay so you see this Gucci Ball material right here 446 dollars so What you can do is you can redeem this For the wallet right here and then you Can exchange three of the Gucci Vault Materials for this um large duffel bag So if you had those materials or I mean You can still go to the open C page 10 Ktf stock room you can still get it Until the August 25th if you if you want It and honestly this looks like a top of The line Gucci duffel bag so this is Like a luxury brand working with a nft Brand gray world we live in I mean I Can't wait to see what happens in the Future with all these Legacy Brands like Nike Adidas Dolce and Gabbana Louis Vuitton Gucci any of those any of those Brands they're Bridging the Gap between Physical digital digital physical all Right let's move on let's move on this Is just another example of sometimes When you own nfts other projects like to Do giveaways if you own that specific Nft so I came across a tweet yesterday a Retweet from Planet X so there's this

Guy uh he's followed by about six people I follow it past the vibe check they do To my boarded Yacht Club new Navy Yacht Club I was able to Mint an X Key by play Planet X for free the current 4 price is 0.12 I'll test my look tomorrow to see If it fits the loot box and you can win A new Nate if not I'll keep it and try Out the next prize so I actually uh Didn't know that this even existed it so I went to their X page all right the Future of competitive Mobile gaming and It's in the beta version their pin tweet Is a super thread on everything you need To know about Planet X I will skim Through it briefly but I'll leave it in The description for you all right so First they go into the gaming space There's more than 2.5 billion video Gamers around the world 70 of them are 18 and older 60 of Americans play video Games daily and uh their focus is going To be on mobile they're introducing Planet X it's the world's first live Treasure hunt where players compete for Real world prizes daily a global Competition playable by anybody anywhere It is free to play and will be available On the IOS and Android App Stores what's The gameplay look like looks like that To be honest I am not a mobile gamer but The gaming industry is gigantic mobile Games take up a chunk of that industry So more power tool Graphics the graphics

Say they look pretty legit to me how Does the game work hunt starts at a Specific time each day there will be a Certain amount of hidden treasure chests To find when a player finds one they Will win what's inside when all chests Are found they'll Hunt is over uh more Gameplay experience winning in the hunt There's going to be upgrades hidden Chess rare common probably uncommon Legendary Mythic water X tokens so They're gonna have a token ecosystem so This is a pretty big thread I will leave It in the description it's going to take Me probably like 50 minutes to go over It so the reason I brought it up is Because this guy got a free key so I I Want a free key I got a new nape I went To their website all right joined the Holiday compete for real what prize is I Just went over that hey this person won An iPhone 14 pro so the prize tonight is Going to be like I said a new name so I Can use that key that they're going to Airdrop me and uh see if I can open it Up and win a munate it'll be raining Money because those things are like over 10 grand yeah check out um play playing The X maybe you can win something in the Future last but not least Reddit Launches more polygon nfts as we're Already minting 18 million avatars but This time they're actually teaming up With an nft collection Cool Cats because

Their Community they're over on Reddit They don't like the word nft they like The word digital collectible all right Let's get into it online discussion Platform Reddit has quickly become one Of the biggest brands tied to nfts with More than 18 million of its Polygon-based collectible avatars minted Over the last year and now it has Dropped another huge set of options Reddit's collectible avatars Generation 4 drop titled retro reimagined two days Ago pulling together an array of artists Riffs on the site's iconic snow alien Mascot from dozens of creators in Addition to artists who were featured in Previous drops and others from the Reddit Community the drop includes nfts Based on the cool cast profile pictures As well as artists Micah Johnson's Aku Nft character all of the nft avatars Launched in this collection are limited Edition with hundreds or in some cases Thousands of additions available for Each tokenized Avatar the Prices range From two dollars and 49 cents to just Under 200 a piece and many of the Avatars are already sold out as of this Writing reddit's first launched Collectible avatars last summer via Polygon which is an ethereum scaling so Solution so far I mean they've said this Three times already 18.2 million nfts Have been minted on polygon for the

Reddit avatars Burr public blockchain Data curated by Dune this is new there's 14.25 million unique wallet holders for These avatars when it comes to an nft Collection 14.25 million unique wallet Holders probably blows the blows the Blow something I don't know what it Blows it's a lot of unique wallet Loaders you get the picture some 33.6 Million dollars worth of the avatars Have been traded on the secondary Markets although resale demand was Largely limited to a brief window of Hype last fall when the Reddit nfts were First taking off top Reddit avatars were Selling for 10 plus eth in October now They're down about 90 percent were top Sales were versus nap so the hands which Is this guy right here sold for 15 eth Midas Touch trust the Midas touch One from 12 East down to one Diamond Diablo went from 5 to 0.5 fishy Paul Sling went from 7 to 0.4 not too good Good entry point if you're into the Highest valued nfts in this Reddit Avatar ecosystem then you have a good Entry point to get at those but on the Outside looking in they're down 90 so But I mean what can you say when you Give out nfts for free a lot of people Dump them for free money can't blame Them for taking free money that they Just get handed to them so let me know In the comments what you think about the

The Reddit avatars are you going to uh Join the almost 15 million other people That own one not me because I don't go On Reddit I don't really like it don't Really care too much for it but 14 Million unique holders is not something To joke about even though I like to joke All right give us a follow an entity Alpha show that's all I got have a good Weekend talk about

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