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Ubisoft released their first nfts on Tezos of all blockchains they chose Tezos some are as low as 10 it is hard To buy them though they were part of the Ghost Recon game release if Ubisoft ever Decides to interrupt down the line they Might Bridge these over to new titles Let's check it out looks like you can Get them on wearable the Ubisoft quartz Fa 2 15 tezos what's that let's see I Think it's like xtz hey look at that I've been in crypto for a minute all Right 15 tezos that's what it said right 15 15 tezos hey Siri hey Siri what is 15 Times .8467 Like 13 guys 13 hey I might even uh I Might even pick one of these up because Like like them like the man himself said If they ever uh enter interrupt these Into the most current Ubisoft games hey They could be they could be a pretty Penny one day

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