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The 1920s some of it is but I mean this Picture of the dog is not and the snail Is sick a Superman freaking snail I love him that's so funky dude it's so Funky it just made me think Kate no one Has done a snail nft collection bro oh Wait wait hold on Right you might be right yeah actually Yeah look how cool the snail looks I'm not gonna lie I'm not interested at All in that Snail looks cool the Superman Oh Captain America as well it looks like Real or whatever like it's it's it looks It looks uh accurate it looks like what I would want it to look like I have no Inherent interest in owning that but It's whatever I mean if those if those Characters had a little bit of character To them then maybe bro but that's right Now just like a weird I guess it's kind Of cute and that Loki I'm kind of Looking at it more now you know what Actually I changed my mind I want that And you

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