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It's a crazy crazy nft winter And the Bears are out in force In today's video we're going to have a Look at the stats the charts the markets See what's happening see just how down Bad we are where there may be light at The end of the tunnel and just give you Some closure and some insight and a look Under the hood about what's happening in The market so you can then better Evaluate how you trade and play Within The nft space first up not Financial Advice not a financial advisor please do Your own research before jumping into The nft space and if you do feel so Inclined go down there hit up that Subscribe button and also hit up that Like button now what we're going to do Is we're going to jump in and use Nancy Now this is a great tool that I like to Use I'm also down below there a chapter So you can kind of fast forward to the Different sections to get the info on The data that you want just so you can Um kind of navigate the video easier so This is Nancy now we're going to jump And have a look at the market trends and See where things are at now year to date Volume eight million 750 000 eth and year-to-date wallets sort of 2.84 million uh but this is the number That we want to be looking at which is The 30-day volume which is actually down 9.72 over the last 30 days now what

We're going to do right now is have a Look at the volume per week and just see What has been happening in the market Now we are currently right there but What you can see here is there has just Been an absolute downtrend and we are Essentially just sitting quite flat at The moment since around August it has Just been sitting right flat when I Clear that up for you you can see here That we are actually at numbers that we Were in 2021 around that sort of October November period now we do have little Spikes here and there but they aren't Too much in the grand scheme of things Basically it means there's not much Money in the market there's not much uh Flowing around but if you have been in The market for a little bit you will Have noticed this one one thing I do Like to point out is when you actually Take one of the big down days we are Still on that downtrend so it doesn't so We're not sure if we've actually hit a Bottom yet because we are still trending Down and we do have a few little kind of Uh sort of plateaus and then dips UPS Plateaus dips so until we actually kind Of see where a bottom comes in then uh We can actually have that confirmation But right now it's looking like we may Be close to the bottom because it does Seem to be flattening out but this is Very contingent on the crypto Market as

Well what we're going to do now is have A look at the users per week and see What people are actually doing Um sort of engaging and interacting in The market now this point here was the Crazy Bull Run that we had at the start Of the year the blow off top as you can See it is crazy Um how it just ran straight up now what You will notice here is it's almost a Perfect line when you draw it down let Me redraw that when you actually kind of Take uh into account that part there It's almost a perfect line on the way Down showing that we haven't actually Broken the trend and we are still on Somewhat of a downtrend so with this in Mind I see Um less and less users coming into the Market looking at these charts over the Next sort of coming weeks but then what You will also notice is that every now And then you have a dip down and then You have a little bit of a bump up now The users doesn't necessarily mean crazy Volume but the users are coming into the Market shows that there are more people Here more people trading even if it's Not super high crazy Um sort of prices there are people being Active within the market so there can be Chances and moves to be made now we're Going to have a look at the transactions Per week and the transactions per week

Combined with users per week essentially Give you the activity that's happening On the market and the exchanges now what We can see here is Um some of these drops this big drop Here um that sort of one week was that Big first eighth capitulation then there Was um a couple after that we've also Had the big crazy day which would have Been the FTX Saga so what you can notice Is anytime there is a big volatility big Crazy Action within the uh crypto space It does affect nft activity and trading And even though we are kind of having a Bit Um of a sort of run up out of the hole That we did have Um after the FTX debacle it doesn't look Like it's actually going to be breaking Through Um where it kind of was previously and It looks like we are going to Essentially hit some kind of resistance At that 400 000 transactions and Essentially be back down where we were In that October November 2021 period And I think that's Um interesting to note the fact that it Is such a large sort of pull down on and We are almost consolidating here which Means that there aren't that many Transactions uh per week actually Happening Um so that is something to be aware of

Now the next um part that I like to look At is the wallet activity per week now The wallet activity per week is uh an Indicator of the people that are Actually kind of on the markets trading Doing some things now what happens with Wallet activity per week is you end up Having a sizable amount of people Actively kind of trading minting but This almost comes down to uh the amount Of people that are doing freelance Because free mints are quite big they Are quite sizable when it comes to the Nft space so you do have a sizable Amount of people actually in here Um sort of trading buying minting Selling doing that but because we're Kind of dealing with the 0.00 ones and Essentially free you end up with lots of Activity activity that essentially Rivals are what we kind of had at the Sort of sort of mid-January but we're Just not getting the amount of volume And the actual hype and hysteria that we Get so um but then also another fun fact With wallet activity is lots of people Do create multiple multiple wallets for These three minutes so there is a Discrepancy when we get there when we Have a look at all the buyers per day That are actually in the market trading Uh they it's split up into two different Groups now you can see the blue being Returning buyers and this pink being the

First time buyers first time buyers we Have had major spikes before Um which has had a bit of action in the Market but overall right now we are Hitting uh essentially Um lows that we had seen before when we Have a look at where the first time Buyers are and then even the returning Buyers we are seeing uh some lows and This essentially be the support of our 30 000 buyers per day but it still a lot Lower from its kind of average which Would be around that 50. so you're Saying we've almost got 50 percent less Active buyers per day in the market Trading buying selling and this does Fluctuate up and down and will actually Jump out of the drawing tool you can Actually see Um day by day it does fluctuate quite Rapidly and quite crazily but the idea That I like to pull out of this chart And what I like to kind of illustrate is The fact that we are kind of starting to Get a box of Um sort of activity between that 30 and 40K instead of sitting between that sort Of 50 and 60k and when you think about That half the amount of people buying Selling trading does kind of ease off of What's actually happening in the market The activity the trading all that kind Of stuff it doesn't mean that there

Aren't any exciting moves in place to be Had but it does mean that it does it Does mean that it makes a little bit Harder to identify them because they are Kind of niched down and very segmented When it comes to what's happening now The nft indexes and an index um imagine Something like the S P 500 it's Basically a group of different nfts and They're based together now the nft 500 Essentially the top 500 projects Over the year to date it is down 31 now That does not mean that it's done 31 from its all-time highs uh you can See here that at one point it was up Essentially 70 percent from where it Started year to date and then it has Actually come down but year to date Being the start of January it is down 30 percent now because it's down 30 She'll give you an idea and a baseline Of what um the overall kind of Market is Doing when you have a look at Blue Chips So blue chips are down 18 so it shows You the Blue Chips is a better place to Put your money but one thing that I want To uh point out here is that with blue Chips once we essentially got Um into the end at the start of September Blue Chips apart from this Little kind of um blip here they're Essentially under uh the entry price so You were essentially underwater if You're in Blue Chips at that point in

Time now when we have a look at the Gaming sector uh what we can see here is That games are down 76 Um and essentially it has just been a Free-for-all a free fall when it comes To the start of the year and it's just Straight down now one thing that I find Interesting and I keep pointing this out When I speak to um on Twitter spaces When I speak to people Um art at the moment is a very good Hedge when it comes down to the market Now look this does not mean that every Single art project will pop off but when You actually have a look at the index it Is sitting quite flat as opposed to the Gaming as opposed to other Um sort of sectors within the space and The reasoning that I do think we are Having these pop-offs is Art blocks is Still running hot still running great And there are some great art projects That do pop off now my thesis when it Comes down to Art is that with art there Is no utility there is no roadmap There's nothing crazy art is about the Collectibility of the art and the Heritage of the artist and the fact There is nothing else in there people Aren't speculating on the art for Anything else apart from the collectible Nature of it so they're more likely to Hold said piece a little bit longer and I feel like that can add some upwards

Pressure to the space I also think that The price especially when it comes to Art blocks it isn't the kind of entry Point set a 0.01 or a 0.05 they do go Into that sort of 0.2 0.5 1 8 2 8 marks So people that need to deploy that Capital are most likely more stable when It comes down to their holding practices Which then gives you a chance to Actually run this up run this through And actually get to some of these Numbers so art when I'm looking at the Trends actually looks like it does have A little bit of a run-up and then no Surprise here when it comes to metaverse Plays they're essentially down 50 year To date but as you can see if you did Know how to run it especially in the Build up in the lead up to the other Side it ran up stupid crazy stupid high And you were able to essentially get and This is with an index essentially get up A 300 over a 300 percent on the actual Kind of up that section itself and I Think that's very important the fact is You don't have to just be in one and Hold one crazily you can move in and out And looking at these Trends this can Give you an idea of that you can move in And out of something the idea is that if You had some money in some art you could Have held flat if you exited if you Entered and exited in metaverse place it Could have ran and had that pop off

When it comes to the Blue Chips you can See that we may be in a situation where The lows of the blue chips have come in Before and every time they've come in Before they've had a little bit of a Rise up so if we do hit another level Like here for a blue chip you could then See that there is potential upside for Blue Chips when we have a look at that Now what I'm going to do right now is Just jump in and give you a bit more of A deep dive into each single category Now this is going to be long so like I Said chapters down below so you can fast Forward to those sections I want this to Be a stupid crazy deep dive so you know Exactly what's happening and get context About all of the different projects and Where they are in each category so when We have a look at the nft 500 punks Apes Mutants essentially all the top projects That you could imagine and think of so What you see essentially see on openc on A day-to-day basis this is them when we Have a look at the Blue Chips the top 10 Blue chips that nanson has crypto Punk's Board Apes uh sort of mutant Apes Squiggles clonex Suzuki um a lot of yoga In there you've got Moon Birds which is Proof Doodles and then some sandbox land So that is what the uh this is what Nanson considers as those blue chips so They are essentially down 18 from their Year to date now coming over to the art

Section uh the projects within the art Index are squiggles then you've got Terraforms uh you've got murakami Flowers uh crazy there and then you do Have a decent amount of art blocks Because um this also is Art blocks as Well you've then also got some other Projects like stoics right here and the Last thing we're going to look at is the Metaverse plays and here are the Metaverse projects here just so you have An idea of what they're doing and where They sit so that is a look at the Indexes that is a look at the market That is a look under the hood of what is Happening now the reason I want to make This video is this is to give you some Insight of feelings that you may have When you're looking at the market you Can see what is going on what is Happening those stats so that you can Then make more informed educated Decisions when it comes down to trading And moving in the space it is fine to Sell on your hands it is fine not to Pull the trigger on those risky mints or Move into niches that you may not know But the idea here is this gives you a Look at something using a pro tool pro Software there is a link for Nancy down Below affiliate link um in a tutorial I'll link it up here for you as well the Idea is I want to give you my insights My look at it just so that this almost

Becomes a time stamp of the market the Time so when you look back on this in One two three six months a year's time You're able to then make a decision About the market because you actually Have that information and that data on Hand don't think that's important that Every smart Trader needs to look at so Hopefully you found value of this video If you did please consider hitting up That subscribe button and while you're Down there also hit up the like button As always it's been a pleasure having You with me I look forward to seeing you In the next one [Music] [Music] Thank you

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