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Code that that is that's quite bullish In general so just how far we've come in The last year in my opinion right Yeah yeah I don't have too much to say On that to be honest but um Man I just can't wait until We can just be in the future and just See like I don't know just see see what Happened in between the future and like Right now you know I just wanna I just Want to know man I want to know already [ __ ] No you can't you gotta you gotta enjoy It there's a there's a parable Um you know the the guy was uh the guy Was uh 10 years old and he just wanted To be 18 years old so he could go to Clubs and you know drink and get his Driver's license at whatever age in your Country you get your driver's license And then when you turn to 18 you just Wanted to be 30 you wanted to have a Wife and a child and you know and when He got to 30 he just wanted to be 50 he Wanted to retire and not have to work All day and and when he got to 50 you Just wanted to be 70 one or two you know Meet his grandchildren and and when he's On his deathbed he says I just wish that I was wanting to be the age I was at the Time or in the stage of life I was at The time and you just made me think of That I know you're not saying I know You're not saying that but I think that

That's in general just a very wise Parable and it's one that I often try And tell myself you know especially with Kids there's when they're born there's So many the amazing things about that Early stage Um you know this they smell like a new Baby it's hard to explain and and you Can hold them and you really you know And then then they become you know older And they start doing things like Giggling and talking and and every stage Has got its good and it's bad and I Always try and say to myself don't wish This stage away like Bianca and I used To say I just wish they're going to Start talking already before they Started talking right but and you do Because you you love them and you want The best for them but you know they were Beautiful things about them not talking Number one they were talking And I just said like I try to remind Myself that just enjoy enjoy every stage Where you at no matter what that is with The good and the bad because every stage Of life I think has its positives and Negatives and I think focus on the good Of the stage that you're in whatever That may be and try and forget the bad Of that stage you know you think of like We you and I are in a very different Stages but I mean I think on me I I've Then got at an age where I've still got

My health you know I'm not like a 75 Year old with arthritis or whatever I Don't know just appreciate the good of The stage that you in whatever stage There may be But I've laughed out yeah hell yeah Facts life Alpha by Philip smash the Likes for that Smash the

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