Elon Musk Sends Crypto, Memecoins & Altcoins TO THE MOON!

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But the biggest story of the week on the Market update was definitely Dogecoin And everything that happened over there I don't know Kate what do you think About this Dogecoin thing because you Know from my side I think he could be in A bit of legal trouble I mean if this Isn't pumping your own bag I don't know What is it kind of depends on what the Doge The legal the legality of that picture Of the Doge because I'm like is that 100 Tied to Dogecoin I know he was Potentially getting sued I saw a massive Number like 270 billion dollars he was Being sued for so that's some pretty Crazy I don't know I don't want to Like speculate that too much I do want To shout out real quick janix because Janix is a new torchbearer as of Literally 10 minutes ago she picked up One of the new Jewish torches that began Uh the mint began like two days ago for That so welcome janex thank you so much For purchasing I appreciate all the Support It's good very good I see we've Got in the Cha-Cha crypto dream we've Got Luke thank you all for coming nice To see you all our regulars Appreciate you bro That's really good really good Um yeah man so we see very interesting To see what happens I mean if you happen

To look here it went all the way from There To there I mean those in South African Brands that's why I'm not even giving You the numbers because it's not going To make sense to anyone but if you I Mean that was a massive massive jab Stayed there and it's slowly been Telling off but still about 10 higher Than it was before he changed the logo Definitely you know a lot of shorting And logging opportunities especially for Someone like him if he knew that he was Doing it I'm not accusing Elon Musk of Anything all I'm saying is that yeah It's interesting to know whether you're Allowed to pump your bags like this or Not I'm not sure and also what does it Mean what does the speculation do we Think that Twitter's now going to adopt Dogecoin as its native currency we know They've been talking about Twitter coin For a while what does it all mean Um I guess that's the crypto space we Don't really know and it's all about Hints and things like keeping your your Cards close to your chest Dude I just with Elon I just feel like He's gonna be fine like every time he Does some weird wonky he just ends Up like being fine somehow so like Like who's suing him you know like like I saw that number and it was crazy but I'm like who like who is suing him and

Also like it's just I just feel like This is the new normal dude like Like this just random nonsense Billionaire stuff for fun I just feel Like this is the new Norm it's so like We're just so used to at least in our World we're used to it uh maybe not the Rest of the world like for example the Other day I saw a post on Instagram and They were talking because Instagram now You can buy verification which of course I did because there's fake accounts of Everyone I know and there's like 15 Blockchain boys there's like 27 Patrick That investor there's so many fake Accounts okay let me buy one of course Uh plus it's like it's cool verification I get the check mark and I saw these People like it's so cringe that people Were buying and paying for the Verification I was like yes it's cringy If you are just posting Instagram to Flex but if you're trying to use it as a Business type of Instagram it makes Absolutely makes sense and if you don't Have one in your Instagram and you're a Business type of uh account or you're Trying to be an influencer or whatever You definitely should get one just so You can uh kind of do that but it's kind Of funny that like the rest of the world I feel like Is behind and I feel like we're just Ahead because we're just constantly on

The on the edge of like whatever's Cutting Edge as far as technology and News we're just the first ones there Because of Twitter and I bro I just Think it's kind of funny I just think We're used to it Now the funny thing is is that a lot of People paid like ten thousand dollars For their blue check mark on Twitter Um and now those same people who got it Like incorrectly and paid 10 grand if They don't pay their seven or eight Dollars or whatever it is a month They're ten thousand dollars check mark I almost paid like a few thousand Dollars for an Instagram verification a Few months ago and I just knew a couple Guys who knew a couple guys and I was Gonna do that and then I was like ah Well that's something I forget what Happened it just fell through thank God That fell through because I would have Been such an L on my side uh but it's Kind of funny because like that's Technically not allowed so the people Are like oh my God I'm so mad it's not Fair I paid this much money it's like Yeah but you weren't supposed to pay That much money you weren't even Supposed to do that at all so you know Else on else but I think it's pretty Funny I don't know what do you guys Think if you're in the trash tanks I see You in here I also see devish like what

Do you guys think if you guys have any Thoughts on it just drop a comment below On the Twitter space Also if you guys Are enjoying the space if you guys are Ready for this conversation

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