EA Founder launches “Games For A Living” We explain what this is

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Next one So this is also quite bullish we got Chuck Hawkins so he's from EA Sports Right and games and He's coming into the world of nfts so I Mean anyone who knows gaming knows EA And they have launched a new nft based Company called games for a living The new company focuses on blockchain Gaming with play to earn elements and Ideals the company also prioritize Shifts in the gaming industry business Model to create revolutionary new ways That players can experience and earn From games so you know we've always had The sort of like battle between web 2 Gaming and nfts and web3 and to see a Company as big as the EA in the gaming Space a real gaming native company and Forming a new company and it is Literally based on the nft technology And web3 and into a place event is Really really bullish and it's good to See Um So you know anyone who knows gaming will Know trip walking Um and yeah man I'm really happy to see Him in the web 3 space gonna be Interesting how they interpret it and What ends up happening over here like What is their first project going to be Is it going to be one of their web 2 Games that they end up adding nfts into

And those sort of elements or are they Going to launch the completely new Um uh game altogether from the beginning Built all the way from the bottom up Based around nft and blockchain Technology so that does remain to be Seen and they have teased a game called Diamond Dreams which will be like a Puzzle type game Um and yeah I mean gonna be interesting To see if these games take off and how They integrate blockchain and nft Technology into the games and how the Traditional Gamers from the space guys Who are native to game me have they um Take or you know perceive us and do they Do they reject it or do they embrace it Um and that's really what's going to be Interesting right so the Standalone game Of a living network or features the Network's a way for developers to create Blockchain based games it will allow the Gamer to own their digital asset which We know about going to be interesting to See whether there's going to be Interoperability it's going to be Interesting to see whether you'll be Able to use your avatar from one of These games in other games and how that Plays out because that's really what We've been trying to achieve here but Yeah really interesting Um and I'm going to be great to see what They end up delivering so I'll keep my

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