Dookey Dash LIVE GAME PLAY of Yuga’s Latest Gamified Mint

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For you is is footage right so if we Ever look here you would click in you'd Verify your surpass asset And this is what happened over here And a lot of guys have been saying that The game is really fun to play it's Really addictive it's really pretty Simple to play You've got your Jimmy guard over there So they you know this is the trial of Jimmy the monkey the dog is there to the Profit is there to help you and guide You along yeah in theory you in a sir You can't hit him yeah so you can't hit Into things and you're looking for Assets in this and and treasures in it Another part of this which is quite Interesting is you can use apecoin to And it's it's not a lot of ape I think It's two eight point or whatever it may Be to get a 10 minute Advantage a power App there's three different types of Power apps but you can only use them From when you purchase it for 10 minutes So the interesting thing to see is what The the price of apecoin itself is going To do because for the first time you Have real utility for apcoin and you Know I imagine as guys get more into This Um and the top 100 or 200 who are Fighting for the top place to get that Key would be more than happy to spend a Good amount of ape to do it so it's

Going to be interesting to see what Happens we have seen ape go up seven Percent in the last 24 hours but we have Also seen Bitcoin and ethereum got up Three and a half and one percent Respectively so you can say maybe that You know three percent of eight coins Increase is just a general bullish Crypto sentiment that was seen in the Last 24 hours but another three to four Another uh three to four percent is is As a result of this directly so it's Going to be interesting interesting to See obviously high risk you never know And this is the game bro very simple Endless game I mean you got to try to Get past the obstacles your scores Recorded there's a leadership board you Can check your score versus other people You can see once you register a score Where you stand in the rankings and Again the higher your ranking the higher Rarity of your assets if you are the Highest ranking you are going to get a Key no one knows what the key is going To give you but there's only one and I You know millions of dollars of value in That key in my opinion so you have to Have a surpass to play this so are they Using You don't need any other asset only so I'm saying but I'm saying even for a Sewer past your price that you're Pricing on 99 of the empty market so

Like our only people who can play this People who hold are they looking to make This more mainstream So look I think I think you got to Understand if you want to get into the Proper yoga ecosystem the cheapest asset Is a is a Kennel Club because other Other deed in and of itself is its own Animal let's leave that out so you've Got broad Apes mutants and kennel clubs If you want to get into yoga at the Moment you are going to have to spend 70 Theorem as it stands right now whereas Here these wins as low as one ether now Two eth if you spend two if now you are Guaranteed of some yoga asset at the end Of this gamified Um thing that goes on after the game Ends on the eighth there's still four Other stages but and that's when the Kennel Club comes into it which are um Before you're going to get to your Mecca Apes and Mecca dogs which is what people Are thinking the assets for and we're Going to talk about that as well Um so you can get a yoga asset for two Ethereum which is what a third of what It will cost to get into the ecosystem Otherwise so yes it it is still to some Degree unaffordable but at the same time Um it's a lot more affordable than Getting a dog what do you think about Passes as nfts do you like the Tolkien Aspect of it how it looks like a ticket

Or would you rather be a pfp or an Avatar like would you rather be this the Stooky character or would you rather be So this is a ticket to play the game It's not a permanent that's going to Change into a power supply which is then Finally going to change into an asset Which we thinking on Mecca apes and Mecca or Mecha Docs what I want to ask You Kate is what do you think about the Marketing behind this I mean he has a The top brand in the space yes they're Not taking themselves too seriously at All it's a sua you're looking through Through I mean you know that Literally the key was in the monkey's Ass okay I personally was like I don't Know 40 year old guy this is a bit Juvenile for me I want to get your Opinion as a 24 year old guy you know For the top project in the space on the One side they're keeping real to their Roots everyone knows them as the as the Company that you know had the bathroom Wall where you could draw you know Whatever to begin with what did you Think about how they've gone about this I just think it's it's less and less Cool every time like no matter what they Do even if it is cool it's going to be Less cool and less epic every time so I Think that's pretty much just inevitable In general Um just because the board of sub mutants

Are like so OG and then you know if you Can't afford one of those you get a Kennel and then after that it's kind of Like one of those things that Like I didn't hear jack about the Sewer pass bro I still have relatively Until today not heard too much about the Game of dookie dash at all either Um I don't know man like I feel like the Other side really shot them in the ass a Little bit people were like man That won't hurt like a lot of people Lost a lot of money it left a bad taste People's mouths people say it doesn't Matter anymore they forgot about it but It did you know it's one of those things Like if you have a bag The holders of the assets got the the uh The sewer Parcels for free yes if you Didn't hold any of the assets you have To buy it now but it's it's a very Different experience I mean look I think On the other side they can't win they do A mint that's open Um and the guesswork was so bad that it Went to Absolute hell Um and on the other side how they're Doing an air dropping and tickets and It's like uh you know I I think there's Always going to be fun in the space I'm I just know never to fade Yuga Um the the famous story when I got my Ape airdrop Um I sold it immediately four and a half

Dollars and it went to 22 or 25 even Before the other side launched so I Faded them the reason I was happy to Sell at that particular price was Because they were valued at five billion Dollars and with the circulation of Eight coin Um at four and a half dollars I put them At a six billion dollar valuation so I Thought that was fair value I never Expected it to go all the way to 25 Years so I've faded them before Um I don't have the time to play this Game but again you can just buy a Superpass play the game once not go for A high school and get an entry-level Yoga asset or you could wait until

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