Dookey Dash Lick Some Toads Released.. See Gameplay

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Dookie Dash did achieve that in many Ways so we have the winner Carl Jackson He's um a big a big fortnite player he Won Um and then you know we had second and Third place both of them got 870 000 odd Um which is really good but it did go to Show that they are capable of creating a A really good game Um and you know there was accumulated 7.5 million two key Dash runs the amount Of times it was played which is Absolutely massive right Um and I think that that's really a good Test run to see so we did have some Problems obviously there was allegations Of cheating Um and cheat codes and things like that Um it led to Hugo delaying the release Of the winner and saying that they would Only um they wanted to audit those Results and they deleted by a couple of Days and some people did see this who it Passes Frozen Um as far as cheating guys or a legend Alleged cheating so they definitely did Have some hiccups but that is something That you always gonna have especially You know if you've got a big prize You're going to have people trying to Hack the game Um and look I hope you can learn from it And tries to close any loopholes that Might have been there

Um So where does you could go from here so We see that you know they've definitely Trying to get a handle on blockchain Gaming we know that in March there Should be another gameplay for other Side which is really the big gaming push Remember dookie Dash was just a small Sort of mobile game but they have also Said that yes they are going to be Further mobile games Coming in the future as well but we can Definitely see from all of this that Gamification is a big piece of the Future of yoga Labs Um and and Tucker has said the same Thing Um and uh yeah I'm just interested I'm Watching with a lot of interest to see We do know that they've now within Dookie Dash Um launched a new version of the game Where you can lick the toad Um and effectively right you can play Again and collect as many toads as you Possibly can And if you get a top 500 score with the Toad there will be a companion that You'll get Um so it's sort of like an addition to The tricky cash it looks very very Similar when you were playing it Um so I'll show you over here What it looks like when you're applying

It And there's your it's always the same But then you just had you had uh the Collection of of the of the toner as Well Um and you can see it's not that blue Color it's more the rainbow color Um yeah so it's nice to see them Experimenting Um I do think that it's going to be Really interesting to see what the Future holds as far as where they Continue to go in the gaming space and How it's received by different Gamers That's an update on the Yugi ecosystem And things that you can

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