Doodles NFT releases its roadmap – DoodleMAP. Our thoughts WILL SURPRISE YOU!

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Told us of what they're trying to Achieve sort of a level of mass adoption In in a studio manner sort of rolling Out through music and things like that If they're able to achieve it there will Be collectibility to the OG Doodles and Then there will be value well I don't Know possibly the Genesis it just Depends it depends how they do this but I'm when I'm saying long term I'm Talking 5 10 15 years Holographic PSA tens are the or the 10K Kind of thing and all the other stuff Are just Pokemon cards that are commons That are worth three cents in the dollar Kind of thing because I don't think that Either I'm down with that like if like Pokemon if we were to take that example And be like this is what Doodles is Trying to do like that kind of thing Where there are a very small very small Select few cards that are very expensive That could be the doodle 10K collection And the doodle secondary collection Whatever and then everything else is Basically for fun and that that'll Really depend on their execution on Content and branding so you're right um I'm also macro bullish on them too for Their for their main collection because I think they will pull it off and if They do that'll work well but that Doesn't mean that everything riddles Will be good no but it will have

Historical significance every asset That's out there at the moment yeah if If they pull off what they want to and So so yeah I mean another exact bullish Thing and and today they actually Released their doodle map which we're Going to look at their roadmap but they Said on the 27th of February we've got Some updates we've been listening and we Know you want more communication from us That starts now so that's good because The big criticism in the last six months Has been the doodle is quiet weekend Nothing from them whatsoever Um and Genesis boxes they said we took The duplicator feedback we updated the Genesis Box contents remember and we Said everything's going to be rare they Took quite a bit of slack but then they Came out today and they said um he has Our doodle map it all starts with the Doodle Um right so again saying that oh Jesus Where it's at our mission is to inspire Belief in the idea that doodling has the Power to ignite our imagination and Transport us to new realities And this is the doodle map that they Came out with Um We'll see if I can make it any bigger For you guys No that makes it smaller Don't know if it makes any difference

It's pretty big so here you can see what You got going on yeah I mean This stuff that's already happened so we Had the space Doodles with the planets Right Um the studio not sure but here's your OG collection in the middle right so They show they're trying to show you That the OG collection everything comes From the OG collection you've got this Rainbow going to a doodle bank which I Don't know what that is but I like many Bags that means something which is cool And one wire going to a duplicator which Has happened already another something Going here to Doodle records we know They've got Pharrell Williams on board Um you know so that that bullish is hell Um another one going to the studio Doodles to the Genesis box so the Genesis boxes are Doodles two people who Are so confused with uh what the Genesis Box has to do with Doodles 2 and the Duplicate I mean it is too confusing Hopefully this gives a bit of a bit of Understanding to people I mean I'm still Thoroughly confused with how the Duplicate data comes into the Doodles Too we know the Genesis box is going to Be like accessories for Doodles too but I still don't know where the Doodles 2 Comes from right Yeah yeah we'll see man we'll see I'm Very interested in this though I like I

Really do like Doodles I just it's Really hard to like when when we had This topic because they're tied to an Asset and short to midterm it's really Just so such a risky play with doodles To buy in and it's so hard to separate The two but the brand versus the money Side it's like [ __ ] Doodles it's like Well hold on like do you actually say You [ __ ] like you really don't like Doodles or you just don't like that some Of the things they're doing are not Helpful in the short term but if you Weren't going to sell and I think that's The problem is like some people were Like I want to hold and they're like They can't handle the fact that the Price fluctuates up and down and I think That's really the problem is they can't Handle that and you just have to ask Yourself look are you holding this to Flip or are you holding this to huddle If you're holding the Huddle then just Stop looking at the floor just just stop Looking at it because it's just not Gonna matter yeah I think the difficulty Comes in for the guys that bought the Top that's where it's hot yeah so if you Spend 15 20 ethereum when eath was three And a half four thousand dollars and You've watched slowly you've watched eth Go all the way down there and then You're watching the Doodles floor which Is now five and a half or whatever

Um effectively you you know you even if You want to believe in it at some point You're going to say when do I cut my Losses am I an idiot is this is going to Carry on bleeding is he going to carry On bleeding and you know do I cash out And get a put back or do I stay and I Think that's that's really the root of a Lot of frustration in the Market at the Moment and then I I think we see it Across the board bro like people are Ready to kill each other I mean it is Such an uh hostile environment the nft Space people are angry yeah it's true They are yeah Yeah I don't know man I'm it's yeah If I bought the top I probably would be Mad but if I didn't buy the top I'd be Chilling dude I really really shouldn't Bother if you minted one and you you Before At a medium price like I would still be Chilling like even if I like what are They at five or something they're five And a half Seven eight nine I'd still be chilling Like I know yeah Would change the game that would be very Different but I would also know that you Have to separate the two like you have To separate the two in and realize that You're the idiot who bought the top You know yeah well long term I don't Know if you need it even at that price I

Mean so this is what they're saying here About their their doodle map I'll just Read it to you word for word so they're Saying this map is a lens into the Universe that we are building and how All the all of it connects as each of These products and experiences are Delivered will be clear that our holders And the original collection are at the Center of the Google verse just like the Printed Quest TV and the internet Blockchain enables us an entirely new Format for storytelling and identity We'll continue to leverage many aspects Of this revolutionary Tech to reimagine What it means for fan collector or a Holder to be a part of the universe as Illustrates in the map we'll continue to Significantly invest in the ethereum Ecosystem and the promise of web 3 which We are also exploring fresh ways to make It easy for people to enter and stay in Our community our team is stacked which Is very true our vision is clear and we Have the resources to deliver we are Determined to make our community proud To be doodle we're striving to build one Of the greatest entertainment and Lifestyle experiences in the world and Our community and their and their Collectibles will be connected to all of It stay tuned 2023 just got a lot more Colorful Damn bullish bro I mean that's a that's

A cool that's a cool tweet thread yeah I Do I like it I'm down Yeah Look if if I was happy you know to put Money in there's a few projects but if I Was looking long long term I think now I Would buy a doodle I agree I agree Um yeah my net worth needs to be much Higher before I go and drop Inside Yes Mine too good But yeah I mean I I do I do think you Know I've always said like be friends For me is a long term a no-brainer about You know garyvee I don't anymore I've never had an OG I've bought and sold to uh V friends Choose quite a lot I've had at least Five or six different ones over the time But at the moment I'm not holding Anything but I actually really want to Okay friends OG I do I mean we should do it we should Not not Papa and I'm saying you and I Should do that sort of okay if we had 40 50 if what would we buy Um but yeah definitely obviously you get Assets but definitely doodle and Definitely a v-friend Um and I know I'll get slack for this But definitely even you know this price Specific yeah I would buy clothes next Door I still think that they will come Out of this um I think they've got a lot Of work to do but I think that they will

Come out of this Um I'm loading up on Porsche nfts I Don't know about you but that's

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