Donald Trump NFTs SKYROCKET 350%! (Dr DisRespect Reveals DRIVER KEY PACKAGES!)

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[Music] What is going on everybody and welcome To nft Alpha the channel that brings you The wildest nft sales upcoming NF mint And mind-blowing nft news handpicked by Me Taco so give us a follow at nft Alpha On YouTube and on X at nft Alpha show And give us a follow on Tik Tok at nft Alpha show we're going to start off here With the man the myth the legend none Other than Donald Trump and he's in the Headlines today Donald Trump's second Nft sales Skyrocket 350% amid buzzz Surounding ex-president becoming house Speaker sales of Donald Trump's nfts From his second collection have Experienced a spike over 350% in the Last 24 hours and this data is reported By openc The Surge in sales has resulted In a total of 54 transactions during This period I honestly thought it was uh Higher but the way nfts work is if you Put an nft on the floor let's say it's 0.1 someone could put theirs for point 01 and then someone could put theirs for 02 so what happens is as you start Buying up the floor the floor price Obviously skyrockets because there's a Discrepancy in the amount of nfts that Are for sale so that's how it happens on Openc but what caused the nfts to Skyrocket in the first place well the Sudden surge in sales comes as rep Kevin McCarthy was voted out as the Speaker of

The House of the US House of Representatives making a historic event In a American history following this Development several members of the House Have raised the possibility of former President Donald Trump assuming the Position of house speaker that would Throw a wrench in the hen house if uh if You ask me in a press statement Delivered in New York on Wednesday Trump Addressed the matter stating that many People have been reaching out to him Regarding the speaker role a lot of People have been calling me about the Speaker all I can say is we will do Whatever is best for the country and the Republican party and people and this was Reported by NBC News why does this Matter the popularity of Trump's nfts Has been evident since the launch of the First collection by the company behind Trump digital trading cards on the first Day of its release in December the Company accomplished the remarkable fee Of selling 45,000 trading cards in Under 12 hours the searge and sales of trump Nfts followed the previous success of His first collection which saw a 300% Increase in sales coinciding with the Ree of melenia Trump's nft collection Titled the 1776 collection the newly Introduced series two set continues the Theme of the original collection Portraying Trump and various Larger than

Life setting the nft artwork includes Depictions of trump adorned with the Championship pro wrestling belt as a Hunter and wearing firefighting gear all Right let's take a look at this uh this Art all right so here are the originals The Originals as you can see there's 45,000 of them the floor price Is35 and that is currently $220 for this lovely picture of Donald Trump ready to play some golf let's go To the rare the rare Donald Trumps oh Man he's on the moon let's see what else We can find let's see what else got them Laser eyes he's wearing a superhero suit Speaking of things that people are Wearing check out this sick xrp hoodie You want to know where to get it hit Merch hit merch wo head over to hit Merch and you will find the Black Version of this lovely sweatshirt and a Bunch of different types of crypto Merchandise that your family and friends Will love coming this holiday season Okay all right let's continue on all Right so here are the Trump digital Trading C card Series 2 these are the This is the collection that skyrocketed In the last 24 hours over 350% and here are some of the ones on The floor right now currently it is 03 So that's around $49 50 a better entry Point than $7.6 million for this guy I'm Just kidding I mean it really is for

Sale for that much but um these are Around 220 series 1 these are 03 Series 2 and according to the article they Might be something that is on my radar Going forward with a presidential Election coming up and Donald Trump is a Massive figure hey it might be a smart Idea not Financial advice of course but To maybe pick up one of these buy it When it's low sell it when it's high It's as easy as that everybody All Right Moving On Moving on if you guys ever Want to get some Alpha on what I Potentially will be covering on these Videos follow me on X and head to my Likes page because something like this From Courtyard we covered this I think Uh a week or two ago so somebody pulled A Grail in our $300 drop and sold it on Chain yesterday so it sold for almost $5,000 that's that's amazing that's um What is that $1,566 if you were the lucky one to Mint This nft inic a real life Pokemon card You could have sold an on chain for just About five grand but uh scrolling down a Little bit more of course give boio a Follow there's going to be something Cool coming out on the vomo Twitter Pretty soon so stay on the lookout maybe Hit that uh notification Belling all Right scrolling down a little bit more I Found this tweet by stash crypto stash For everyone that does not have access

To play dead drop new access passes just Drop so if you don't know what Midnight Society is if you do not know who stash Is well for one stash he's a crypto OG He loves to venture into the web 3 Gaming so if you love web3 gaming I Would definitely give stash a follow but C my eye with this this is from none Other than the man doct disrespect 4.54 Million subscribers on YouTube and I Mean when he goes live Monday Wednesday And Friday he'll probably be live when This nft Alpha video drops so once You're done watching go hop over to his Channel he's a he's a really funny guy Very very entertaining and yeah he loves Uh he loves gaming so he's creating his Own game called Dead Drop and at the Moment you can buy one of his access Passes and a driver's key package which Comes with a legendary license play a Legendary vehicle wrap five exotic Crates and obviously the access pass to Play dead drop so like I said Dead Drop Is a brand new game that Dr disrespect Is designing he's working with his Developers and his team to make this Game Stand Out amongst all of the noise And all the rest of the games out right Now the the firstperson shooters like Call of Duty you got valerent you got Apex you got CS goo so this one is Doctor disrespects pretty much Firstperson shooter game and it looks

Like there's going to be a driving Component which that's new that's Something that really isn't in the Mainstream crossover between FPS and uh Like racing driving games so if you want To buy this package first you have to Log in we're going to log in real quick With our Twitter and they're only Available for a limited time and the Reason why I bring this up and I think I Should let you guys know is because After watching Dr disrespect over the Last five to eight months it's very Obvious that he wants to provide more Value to the actual players of these Games all of these skins that like a Fortnite like a Call of Duty that they They push like crazy you log into the Game the first big message you see is a New skin that dropped well you don't Really own those skins the game company Owns those skins and you just have Access to them what I think Dr Disrespect is going to do is he is going To allow you to have ownership of the Items in dead drop so that you can use Them buy them sell them trade them on a Secondary Marketplace or you know like You want a special item in aame G that Is 5 10 15 levels ahead of you you can Go to a Marketplace a secondary Marketplace and buy that dead drop item And you can use it in game but let's say You don't want to play the game anymore

You can go to the marketplace and you Can sell it let's go into the price of These packages if you want to just get The snapshot or the ability to play the Game it is just $10 if you want to view The package and you want to get those Exotic crates the vehicle wrap the License plate it's only $40 so again This is speculation in a long-term game Development strategy almost where I Believe in the future this game will Have the ability to incorporate nfts and Essentially you are early to the game Because they're doing things called Snapshots so they are actively Developing the game and allowing players To provide their feedback which is Amazing because you know these Legacy Gaming companies like Treyarch and like Activision they have teams that do it All by themselves in private behind Closed doors this approach from Dr Disrespect is getting feedback from the Actual players of the game which I Believe will make the game that much Better because it's actually what Players want so I definitely recommend Giving Dr disrespect a follow and here Is a trailer that I found from a year Ago from someone that is not associated With Dr disrespect but just to give you Guys a little idea of the gaml please Note this is a year ago and before an Official trailer has been released so

He's deeming it the first vertical Extraction so it's like almost imagine If you will a tower that you have you Start at the bottom and you you have to Get to the top and every floor you have Enemies you have loot that you can grab And take with you to extract with but if You die if you get killed you don't get Anything you don't get to take anything With you so imagine if you will those Things that you get to extract are Actually nfts that you can sell on a Market place and granted this is a year Ago before all the snapshots have even Taken place we're on I think Seven all right last but not least where You're going going to end the video on Crypto slam with the top nft sales over The last 24 hours across all the Blockchains starting with ethereum with A crypto Punk number 2367 sold for $143,000 next up we got the binance Smart chain a Starcraft Planet sold for Almost $33,000 on bitcoin we had an ordinal Maxi Biz sold for over $330,000 on the Flow blockchain we have NBA Top Shot Number 38774 sold for $23,000 followed by cardano rosone of Jarian sold for $8500 not sure what Panini is but a LeBron James Panini nft sold for $7,000 On Avalanche we have blame it on my Wild Heart sold for

$5,800 and last but not least on the Mythos blockchain which is I'm assuming A csgo skin sold for $5,400 that is all I got for you guys Today hope you have a great weekend be Blessed Taco Out

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