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What's going on guys it's will hopefully You're having a great day today in this Video we're going to be talking about a New announcement that was recently made To the public about Spotify and how They've been integrating the blockchain Into their platform so a lot of you guys If you've been following the channel Have seen me cover a few different Videos of exactly what Spotify has been Doing to get into the blockchain Industry whether it was hiring Developers for blockchain development Software Engineers that can code in Ethereum smart contracts or simply just Watching their partnership with Shopify A place that has allowed artists to put Their merch at the bottom of their Artist profile Shopify recently added nfts and artists Have been sharing their nfts on their Artist profile on Spotify now this is a New experiment that Spotify has been Introducing on Android and basically What it is is in order for you to access Playlists on Spotify In order for you to access specific Playlists on Spotify you can enter your Wallet and actually connect it and be Able to view all of the songs in the Playlist so it is a token enabled Playlist that for you to be able to Listen you simply have to be holding the Nfts that are granted access to the

Playlist kidney ship and Overlord are Among some of those participating in the Test and one of the most important Things to know about this is that token Enabled playlists simply means that Companies or any labels or artists are Now going to be able to fully integrate Their blockchain infost capture into Spotify meaning I don't give you access To this playlist unless you're folding The token the nft in order to listen to This playlist and that's going to open The door for a lot of global expansion On the blockchain for many different Artists and many different record labels Right now it's available in the United States United Kingdom and Germany as Well as Australia and New Zealand and They're testing out this new feature to See exactly how artists are going to use It to incorporate nfts into their Listening environment so this is really Good for artists because if you're a Small artist and you want to have a new Playlist come out that is only able to Be listened to if you're holding that Nft then that could be a really big Motivation for your fans to buy your nft Whether it's participating in the Playlist or just being able to be a user Of some of the products that you offer For your music one of the problems with This is it's not available to every Single person so a lot of artists that

Are maybe smaller aren't getting the Access to actually try try this out but As we know everything starts with a Limited function to get a quicker turn Around and see exactly how the features Are working and then eventually they Roll it out we've seen it happen with Instagram offering nfts now almost every User can put their nfts on Instagram and They can review it on the blockchain We've also seen it in sharing the Royalties to your music or offering Unlockable content for the people that Buy your nft song now there's been a few Instances where Spotify has allowed Artists to put the nfts at the bottom of Their artist profile and I've covered That a few times on the channel if you Guys haven't seen what the music nft Space has been evolving to and you Haven't been able to catch exactly all These big companies that are coming into The industry in order to promote nfts or Implement existing blockchain technology Into these platforms like Spotify then Definitely make sure to subscribe down Below so you you can stay up to date With the music nft space and if you guys Get this video to like 50 likes or 100 Likes that would be amazing I really Appreciate all you guys for over 2 000 Subscribers we're growing extremely fast And I would love to see if you have any Comments down below if you'd like to

Stay up to date and really be in the Loop then make sure to turn on that post Notification Bell down below there has Been a few problems with the Implementation of music nfts into these Platforms like Spotify and one of the Biggest things has been access for Everyone I like to preach that in order For a product to really function it has To be fully open and it has to allow the Small artists to be able to use it as Well and we've seen some of the Spotify Artists that have a couple thousand Monthly listeners for example spotty Wi-Fi we did a podcast within a little While ago He had only a thousand monthly listeners On Spotify but those 1000 people were Really excited about his nft project and He sold over 200k from his music nft Project So the potential for you to get people To listen to your music by getting Access to more than just the music I Think is huge and also the direct from Artists to The Listener is a huge Advantage of this now of course there Might be some implications of there's Going to be royalties that get paid out To the people that are buying a piece of This fft to hold on to uh and be able to Access the playlist but I also think That there's something that could be Notification of maybe Spotify comes

Between and charges more royalties and One thing I really like about the nft Music space is that it's direct from Artists to listener so I'm hoping to see That they keep that open and I want to Keep you guys up to date with that Exactly how they implement the Percentages and how they plan to allow Artists to monetize with this and if They're going to take a big chunk out of It because I know most nft music artists At least the ones that I've been working With and a lot of you guys that are on This channel get involved because you Like the direct from you to the fans Whether it's giving the fans ownership Of the music where they collect some of The royalties and then they're wanting To promote your music and it grows your Song and that's really powerful because It's direct from you to them and you pay Them out the royalties to the music or It's like you issue this nft and it's a Collectible there's only a select number Of collectible for each song let's say You have a song come out on Spotify you Have 10 nfts and each one is 100 bucks If you sell all 10 of them then you're Making a thousand dollars for every song That you put out so that's kind of like The difference between Going direct from The Listener to the Artist and allowing a relationship to Happen or the artist can provide more

Value than just the music and that's a Space in between that Um is very valuable right now and I'm Hoping that SpotBot doesn't take too Much of a chunk out of that space in Between the artist and The Listener and That For the longest time artists have been Getting less than a penny per stream on Spotify so less than a penny per person Thousands and thousands of people to Come with centers long and they're Getting like a couple bucks Um you know I think it's time for if They're going to implement this Blockchain technology into the Spotify Platform that it's able to allow the Artist to go direct from the artist to The band and I would be upset if they Took more than about 2.5 percent and Then also you could get some more money In return for your music and like I said If you sell let's say 10 nfts at a Hundred dollars for each song you do That can be a thousand dollars for every Song that you do how much money would it Take to get a thousand bucks for a song We're talking about around a million Streams a little bit less than that Depends on how much you're getting paid But usually run a million strings Streams for a thousand bucks that's not Factoring in marketing so this is why we Really like the idea of going direct to

Fans from artists for the music nfts and Hopefully you guys find some value in That if you'd like to learn more about It I encourage you to check out the Three keys to music nfts down below and Also guys there's a free token down Below if you want to get it's valueless I haven't put it on a market yet so it's Not worth anything if you create a Solana wall I'm going to make it soon Where if you don't have to create a Wallet which creates it for you but if You want coinbase or trust wallet or Anywhere metamask and get a Solana Wallet address and you put it in there When you answer your email then you get A free token sent to you again it's Valueless so it's not worth anything but I'm hoping to put it on the market at Some point so hopefully you know at that Point could be worth something thank you Guys so much again I'll see you in the Next video peace out

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