Degods, Yoots & $Dust leave Solana blockchain- We HEAVILY DISCUSS

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Moved off yet however they are move they Are moving off you've got uh d-guards Moving on to ethereum Utah to polygon Um apparently there's some deal there That he got paid a couple of million of Dollars to to move on to polygon Um some fun about that Um you know he he's he's uh you know Frank is just saying look at the end of The day that's money that we're going to Use to build not money going into my Pocket he also said that that wasn't the Highest offer that they got two or three Million dollars from polygon they got Higher offers from other blockchains Um but they you know feel that that it's A win-win for Youth and polygon to do This together that polygon needed a Sustainable Um Diamond handed nft collection which They haven't had even though they've had Big names and um that that you know they Can do what they needed to do for them Um and from you know from from a polygon Side from from Frank's side Um you know it can gamify the way he Wants to gamify the Utes Um he's had a lot of backlash from the Solano Community Um obviously because some people feel Abandoned Um you know in the end of the day he Feels that it's a calculated risk and in The best interest of d-guards to be on

Ethereum and he made this decision when When Solana was really really crashing Bad and sitting at eight or nine dollars Wonder how he feels now with what's Happened I think this is a big loss to Solana I really do to to the Solana nft Ecosystem I really do think it's a big Loss but um yeah that's big news that's Happened in the last couple of weeks This was weird Kate I don't know if you Saw how he announced it but this was a Reason Thank you the support from this Community has meant the world to us Thank you for putting us on the map we Could not have done any of this without You we've come to the realization that In order to grow we need to explore new Opportunities we believe that now is the Time to take a calculated risk and Embark on a New Journey after all the Biggest risk is not taking one So that's why today we are excited to Announce that D Gods use Will be moving to polygon D Gods to Ethereum and dust will be bridged to Both polygon and ethereum the bridges Will be live in late q1 2023 He thought I forgot about the points you Will be able to spend your points on Minting nfts that go through our brand New nft accelerator launch pad program More details on how to apply in January And the road maps are coming in early

January oh and Merry Christmas thank you It just seems like a a very basic thank You for putting us on the video project To me I mean I think when we've well You're you're an established businessman And I've been doing business for the Last couple years and I also am a Content creator what I do know is they Are a they're doing everything right in The sense that like this is this is a Good move and they're doing that Accelerator program which is good Because a lot of a lot of projects are Doing it I just think that D guys and Frank are very very aware of where they Sit on the spectrum of nft land and Where they what just what position they Hold on on the market essentially and I Think that they know that a they can do Whatever they want but B because they Can do whatever they want all they have To do is just tie in a little bit of Storytelling and it seems like this Whole you know this this whole new Journey but it's like all they're doing Is just bridging to another blockchain Because it's a better business decision To not be on Solana which I agree with I Wouldn't want to be in Salon either I Would want to [ __ ] I was hoping they Would bridge to eat I think I always Thought it was a good idea I remember we Were talking about this for a while There was some speculation I guess there

Were some leaks or something and people Were talking about it but the way he's Doing it right here I think is the right Way to do it but I think people who are In the know are like chuckling a little Bit because we like I feel like I could see what the Internal conversations were versus what They actually put out to the public and How they worded it they're really really Good especially Frank is really really Good at wording stuff like when he drops These transparency update things like he Did in the last few months a couple Times Um where they like basically docks to Everything they've done for like every Single day for like an entire year and Like the way they work stuff to make it Like when he dropped some big Announcement there's a lot of fun he Basically came out with this whole Newsletter where he basically answered All the main questions but the way he Asked and answered the questions in the Actual like document was so specifically Curated to make it so you couldn't be Mad at Frank you you like wanted to Empathize with him throughout the read And they're Master marketers bro they're [ __ ] good at this [ __ ] Um but I think to anyone who works in The marketing and business world we kind Of get the game so it's a little bit

Different for at least for me it's a bit Different Yeah look I mean I've never been a Solana Maxi Um I just know that if bought Apes left If and went to any other chain let's Just say hypothetically there was Another chain that was started doing Really well and I would feel like they Let us down and I want nothing to do With them so from a Solana Community Side I understand a lot of Solana guys Not what like being hurt by it Um the fact that I'm an East Maxie and They're coming to eat I'll be watching It closely Um I do think that Frank has done a lot Right I do think that he is really well Spoken and and you know he's grounded When he talks you know he's got his feet On the ground Um and it makes a lot of sense he's Really good at Um a communicator Um and yeah I you know I'm interested to See what happens uh but I do I do Sympathize with the Solana community at Large even if they weren't holders Because it's a big loss to Salama bro Big big loss It's a big loss I think Frank is very Aware that everyone that is in his Community is like it's a Degen he's like In charge of the DJs he's like King of

The divisions Frank is King of the Digits guys because he's the king of the Defense because he knows he's the king Of the degens he knows so many people Who bought in are straight like to the Core they are degenerates like that is Kind of the brand there which is great And it's funny but because that's true He knows that all he has to do is word Things a little bit differently to make It sound like oh man you know what he is Right like I just remember like the way He worded stuff on a couple of documents I was like it was something like I see People Um asking this question and I'm like They're not asking that question you're Just asking that question and now They're thinking oh yeah I do think that Question and then you're answering in a Way where it makes everything sound Perfectly wrapped and I was like bro Some people can see through that some People can't because they see what they Want to see and they're like oh man Frank's gonna [ __ ] take us to the Moon for me dude it looks very It looks better than average like all The things they've done but I would say That the thing that's made them get this Legendary level is just the fact that it Took onto Twitter and so because of that That's Master marketing so you have to Hand it to D guys have to hand it to

Frank look because they do I must be Honest like he's he's definitely The Talk of the Town at the moment but I I Will say that they've been some City Decisions made Um when they rationally said they're Going to zero royalties and then went Back on that Um I just think that that they're very Inexperienced I think they're a small Team however with that said to be able To raise three million dollars from a Blockchain Um in order to move there I mean we Always talk that royalties are not Sustainable as your only Revenue source As the nft project we always say that Especially because of the bear Market we Saw that and yeah this guy's raised Another three million dollars on top of Other raises that have happened before Just to move I mean in the end of the Day they're not many projects there's a Deck and raise even three hundred Thousand dollars outside of the nft Sales and royalties so you you know here He's definitely definitely done some Things right it's interesting I'm Watching the space interested to see What happens Um very bold move I mean either way Regardless of how it pans out a very Bold move you know he's gone from being One of the biggest on a small chain not

Chain on a small nft Marketplace one of The biggest on a small nft marker Players to one of the smaller ones on a Big nft Marketplace and there's that Age-old question right would you rather Be you know top of your field in a small Industry or you know bottom of the field In a massive industry or have a small Percentage in a company that's a huge Company or have a you know full Ownership of a tiny company and I don't Think there's a right or a wrong answer But he's definitely bold because he's Going from where they're kings to where They are listening I know you need like the floor prices I Know I know I know you mean the floor Price I know you mean the floor price But dude Frank is now coming to the big Fish Frank and D God's actual brand is 12. That's what I don't know what I picked 12. it's 20 times stronger than proof's Actual Twitter influence and therefore Wed 3 and nfg influence if there's a Proof Collective party at Art Basel 2023 And there's a d Gods party oh my God It's going to be embarrassing for how Many people don't go to the proof Collections are gonna come anymore none Of the Solana Maxis who are only on Solana Yeah okay Anyway interesting to see all I'm saying

Is that he's definitely not the biggest On eve and he's not gonna be Um there's still you go there's still Some big collections out there a lot of A lot of notable collection it's going To be interesting to see it's true it's Going to be interesting to see where They price it where they slot in what is Their floor price going to be on launch Where is it going to settle where are They going to fit on the ethereum Blockchain they are not going to be top Of the Titan part that's a fact I'm not Saying they're going to be bottom I'm Just saying he's going from where they Top to where he's not going to be Um but I think it's in for the long run And I think that he intends on trying to Work his way up the ladder on any Ecosystem Um so it's interesting I'm I'm Interested to see what happens I don't Have any particular thoughts about it I Like to I like I like and I am rooting For Frank I think he's dope I think They're all dope I just I've stopped I Think this is me trying to stop putting Other other people on pedestals like They've they're [ __ ] just have Figured everything out they know they're Really that good I just kind of stopped Thinking that because I've met so many People who have made amazing decisions And then when you like boil it down it's

Like what actually happened or how it Actually came to be you're like oh it Wasn't some magic [ __ ] thing where They waved the wands and all this stuff Happened and there God's gift to Humanity they're just a normal person They just happen to be really good at a Couple things she's a master marketer he Really understands promotion like he Really gets this [ __ ] dude he's very Very self-aware that's a really that's What I'm well done that's what I'm That's what I'm saying he is a master Marketer to the Solana target market Whether or not that same approach works When you're playing in the field of Ethereum I don't know so if you look at His video and then look at the video That Hugo just released or clonex just Released or well I can name 20. he's Playing now in a big pond with sharks It's different so it's gonna you know What worked on Solana is not necessarily Gonna work on ethereum as far as Marketing goes so that's why it's Interesting it's going to be interesting To see is he going to change his Approach or is it going to stay the same Approach and how's the ethereum Community going to adopt that the nice Thing is the nft space is small so even Though I don't buy things on Solana or Much I I bought an okay bit Um which you know about

Um even though I don't I know Frank Diegots right so everyone even ethereum Maxi's no Frank dear gods and they so so He's got that going for him he's not Like completely starting a fresh on Ethereum Um but it's interesting I don't know how It's going to pan out is what I'm saying And neither does he have The good thing is she's been on open C So I know how you're saying like he's Not in ethereum yet but because they're Marketed on Open Sea and you can see Them there I feel like he is talking to The Sonic crowd but at the same time the Last few months dude he's blowing the [ __ ] up like I don't think he's talking To Solana crowd like he is very arguably The most relevant person who had three Which means everyone's looking at him It's not the Solana people like I don't Believe that I don't believe that he's Marking to Solana people I do I do Believe a little bit that and I also um Remember that he put out a statement the Other day like in the last week that he Said it wasn't going to be as much Degenerate Frank it's going to be more Corporate Frank and I do believe that's Because you're into ethereum so I do Think a little bit but but I do think he Successfully launched the project on Solana that's when he got's launched That's very useful what would have been

If he had launched initially on ethereum That I would they wouldn't who knows but I'm saying it would have been different The marketing worked to a certain target Market but it's interesting you say that Because that's exactly what I'm saying The fact that he's acknowledging is Going to be more corporate day changing Means that he's thought about this and He understands that he's targeting a Different Um uh demographic now or different you Know target market all right I'm with You then It's interesting it's interesting to see How are they going to change that and And are there ogs who move over with Them it's a polygon underneath aren't They gonna be happy with the changes That are going to come Um you know and you're never going to Make everyone happy all the time but I Would be upset if I was a you told her Because Nfts on polygon are typically [ __ ] I'll Be like straight up with you and I would Be quite happy if I was a d Gods holder Because entities on ethereum are Typically good that's that's how I Honestly feel about it I'm neither so I Can't really comment I'm just interested To see how this all plays out I'm Sitting there popcorn bro do you know Sorry so here's here's the here's the

Play is that We just saw they're gonna drop their nft Launch accelerated program I'm gonna Assume that whatever deal they did Behind closed doors with polygon was not Just to get the number yeah I guess not Sorry I didn't want to interrupt you It's just I couldn't help myself that Video is actually [ __ ] good that was A funny video but they they did a deal With polygon they got a some some amount Of millions of dollars for it that's Fine yeah but I'm sure I'm sure that Because of that they're gonna have in Some way shape or form support for the New privacy launched on polygon and I Think what their hope is by the time Q3 Rolls around is that when it was Q3 when They're gonna bridge over I'm not sure I'm not I think it's Q3 so If it's Q3 whatever even if it's in like Two months the amount of stuff that can Happen in two months so says Q3 say We're making seven to eight months what Happens in eight months could be told we Might be saying dude polygon projects Are [ __ ] crushing it and then it's Like boom used to polygon and then they All Moon together and now polygon has Established itself as a competitor and a Real blockchain something that people Take seriously and stop making jokes About the fact that ethereum takes [ __ ] foreign

B becomes the next biggest one sure Anything's possible but but I I don't Believe that that's gonna happen it Could also happen the Solana browser There's more chance of Solana nfts Blowing up in six months time then there Is a polygon nfts polygon is amazing for Gamification and things like that right Which I know they're doing but anytime I See a peripheral polygon sign on on uh Uh open C I'll just click off it I don't Know for now that might change yeah in The next few months you know but um As a youth as someone who brought to Youth nft on Solana I didn't sign up for That maybe right and I didn't I I'm just Saying I would feel like similar to how I did with moon Birds when they uniletly Win CCO I would feel I bought a Solana Nft and what am I going to end up with I'm going to end up with the ethereum or Polygon nft if I got ethereum I would be Happy because I'm a youth Maxi but I Don't know if the Solana guy who gets an Ethereum and if she's going to be happy But but if I'm if I've got a polygon I Wouldn't be happy but maybe a Solana guy Who gets a polygon nft is happy I don't Know I'm just saying it's it's yeah There's there's a lot going on there and I it's going to be very interesting They're definitely they definitely their Partnership with d Gods polygon wants to Be known I think polygon a lot of people

Who are respected but not famous on Twitter who are Builder people they all All of them talk about how the polygon Is like a lot of people who are Respected in their work not their Twitter presence talk about polygon Being so undervalued so underrated Because of that shine Yes I agree with that the polygon chain Is incredible and all the big Brands Like I I think Starbucks was on polygon That whole Starbucks like all the big Web two players I'm saying just from a Pure nft standpoint uh but I think That's why they partner with d Gods I Think they want D God's promotion and Marketing prowess they're not going to Probably use D got like I don't think D God's gonna be retweeting a project That's minting on polygon but I think They're gonna be like okay y'all have Crushed it with the marketing promo we Blow thick promo marketing clearly Because everybody hates us still even Though we're better than everyone or a Lot of people and other chains and Whatever we're doing a lot of good stuff But people aren't giving us the time of Day to believe it and we're not getting The chance to be able to get out of the Limelight of like polygon sucks like That's what everyone thinks even though They believe that they have all this Stuff I think that's why they partnered

With such a master marketing team that's Just my opinion on it I do think that at Some point that never will change and I Think that's because they gave them Three million dollars and said we need You to make polygon way better than it Is in The Narrative of Twitter and Twitter Twitter people are talking about Polygon we need to stop being that chain That people laugh at because right now That's what it is It enough Is it enough just having Utes on uh Polygon like getting them to move over I Don't know I I don't know I personally Don't think so they'll need to do this Numerous times over and yes if they have Three million dollars for another five Ten projects great I have no doubt that A lot of Solana projects are writing Emails to polygon at the moment saying Look we we interested uh you know how Many million will you give us and you Know all the rest about that though it's Not really huge like I don't really mean Youths coming over would help polygon I Meant like Polygon will get access to the D gods And Utes team and their marketing Whoever they use for marketing if they Do it in-house I don't know how they do It I think they're more like okay we Need to partner with d Gods because Their their team is good at marketing we

Are not good at marketing I think They're looking at the guys I don't Think they're not hiring they're not Hiring D God as their marketing agency I just I just feel like that that's I Feel like it makes sense that part of The deal is they said we need some Marketing bits and Digos is way better At this than let's just talk about Polygon it's almost like when a company Sponsors a sports team that's how I see What what polygon's looking at it now They just want to be they have a great Collection on their chain as a start Maybe they want a few more I don't know Um you know what their game plan is Polygon side of things but it's Definitely like for me and look I I Could be wrong but I think it's them Sponsoring d-gods in a way you know you Know and the dicos ecosystem I never had I I've never had Utes or D Gods that's what I was saying I'm saying If I were a youths holder and a song Maxi I would be hurt by this but I again I'm not so I don't know if that's a true A true statement you know youth artist's Good dude I really [ __ ] with the use art Like every time I see it I'm like man if I had a long time It did

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