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[Music] What's going on everybody welcome back To energy Alpha it is your friend Taco Here happy Friday so in today's video we Are going to go over two nft projects One that's been around for a while they Just had their season three announcement We're gonna see if people are happy or Not about it and coinbase their new Blockchain base well none other than Snoop Dogg's son is dropping an mft on Base however it looks like everybody in The world doesn't want people to Mint This and you'll find out why all right Let's hop right in so D Gods d-gods is The first collection they're coming out With their season three which we're Going to learn about today in this video A little history of D Gods so they Started off so these are the the nfts They started off on Solana and they Ported over to ethereum and they also Have the Utes one second oh I couldn't Find it on blur because blur is only Ethereum gotta go over to open C where They have polygon because Utes were on Solana and they ported over to polygon But now a friend think the guy behind D Gods he's like yo we're gonna we're Gonna Port these from polygon and now Over to ethereum and he has to return The three million dollars that he got From polygon for the incentive program For him to launch these on polygon I I

Don't know what they're doing over there They're just they're figuring it out as They go it seems like so let's uh let's Dive into season three so here's the Again their official X page all right so This is what the new art is going to Look like flat muted luxury new body Position clean lines more shading Brighter colors no Gore dead Gods style Shading same color palette new traits Clean Line work minimalist shading dark Color palette alright so if this isn't Really confusing I don't know what this Is so version 3.1 version 18.3 version 33.3 I don't know welcome females to the D Gods collection swappable one of one Male to female versions will be Available for All Season 3 nfts I like This idea so instead of diluting the Supply what you'll be able to do is Upgrade your metadata on your nft to Forward different types and one of the Types is going to be a female so I'm Assuming these are the other three types All right and we're getting to the Traits now we're getting rid of the bad Traits I mean artist objective this just Gives me the vibe of like um Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas I mean this is Just don't know they just got rid of all The the uniqueness if you ask me all Right so here we go we wanted to make The most elegant pfp collection possible For generations and here you can see

Them below refresh we wanted to make the Most elegant pfp collection possible D God so here's another preview of some of The new artwork alright so how are People taking this info do people like It do the people not like it let's dive In well before but before let's uh let's Just look at their website and let's Look at this tweet so on Sunday in two Days if you're watching this on Friday You'll be able to update your D Gods to Season three for 333 dust here is the Dust chart here is the all-time chart so Hey if you got it right off the rip and You sold it you made a good let's say About 2.5 X right there not bad not bad I was actually talking about it and uh DZ brought it to my attention we were Buying it down here and I sold it up Here because I'm not in the D God's Ecosystem but I had some exposure with Their coin and you know when something Runs up 100 200 on something that you Are speculating on it's good to take Profit because after the announcement Let's use our brain here do we think People like the announcement I don't Think so looks like people are pissed And they dump their dust token went from About 260 all the way down to 140 and it Found a little uh breathing room around A dollar 72. so that's the coin what Happened to their nft price bam look at That they were around magnesium

At least they found a little uh base at Six ethereum what happened was a Community member was uh kind of pissed At this announcement at the art and the Whole direction of D gods and that Person dumped over 100 of them for Around 1.5 million dollars all in one go Dumping them into blur bids right now The top bid is 6.44 ethereum yeah that Crashed the price around uh three on a On a separate note this individual Obviously is a whale in their Community He or she just dumped all of them and Didn't care what they look like didn't Care if they were semi-rare rare or if They were just on the floor as it they Just they just got rid of all of them if You are in the D Gods Community if You're familiar with the art and the Traits you could have made like four Five six seven thousand dollars in the Matter of hours less than 24 hours in Some of these cases less than three Hours some people bought the dip and Were able to resell those dumped d-gods For higher prices because they aren't Floor D gods they were higher Rarities So for example somebody bought one for Six ethereum they flipped it for 8.5 Ethereum for a gain of 2.5 ethereum in The matter of less than one hour so There is there is the good there is the The times in the ecosystem where if you Catch on to Trends if you catch on to um

Just blatant dumps where where you feel Like someone was acting emotionally you Can you can capitalize on that if you Are in tune with the art and you know Which traits and which D gods are rare And which ones are floor you scoop up a Rare one that was on the floor and you Sell it for hire money all right so Let's see uh what some people said about The D Gods so this guy had something Semi-good to say borovic.e he's a good Guy on Twitter to follow um so he's been A d got holder for four months here's His honest takes of Frank's execution of Season three so it's a no-brainer if You've been in nfts for a while usually Hyped up announcements for an update Sometime in the future causes the floor Price to rise people start speculating People start getting into the project People that were in the project are like Haha all these announcements are coming I know the price of my NFD is going to Go up I'm gonna list it for a higher Price than I bought it for on the flip Side D Gods is doing something new in a Little bit maybe after the announcement The floor price is gonna explode that Scenario rarely happens it's unfortunate And I wish it wasn't the case I wish an Announcement would actually cause the Four prices to rise but most of the time They don't so just like he's saying I

Knew the fourth place wouldn't hold up No matter what happened how could it We're in the depths of an nft bear Market but an overall crypto bear Market Also seeing people blame him for the Four price is ridiculous and shows a Lack of understanding of the current Climate I agree just like I said if You're smart you list your nft leading Into an announcement unfortunately You're buying into hype and people are Dumping on you certain Pap collections Such as crypto punks and boarded Yacht Club in his opinion have strong Providence that overpowers imperfections In the art I believe that collections Will have value due to their historic Contributions to the nft ecosystem there Are very very few exceptions to this Rule going forward a pfp collection has The ability to migrate change without Destroying its value unlike pokes having The ability to choose between or art Styles for your PHP is a cool concept Without diluting the supply that is a Key Factor here they aren't adding more Nfts to their supply diluting holders Nfts it's Forward Thinking and d-god Girls were a great idea although I wish There was a season two version of the Girls that had more Gore and detail as You saw these guys aren't going to be as Gory as the original ones yeah so you See this they got like stick coming out

Of his head you can see his wounds uh He's got a knife in his head bow in his Heart yeah so it's definitely uh Definitely a more cleaner Vibe maybe Maybe more suitable for a profile Picture so I do have to agree all right There's nothing wrong with charging for New art unlocks in web 2 you usually Have to pay for something like that yeah So people are complaining that you have To pay to even get the the unlock of These new uh art features 333 dust so That's around hey Siri what's a dollar 72 times 333 all right so 572 dollars to Upgrade the art and I'm assuming I gotta Do more research always do your own Research I'm assuming because of looking At their website if you stake your D God You probably to get dust protocol token Dust I'm assuming that would be the Smart thing to reward the holder of Their nft with their token if they stay Get overall I think Frank is doing a Great job despite the current climate The price is relevant to me because I Have a multi-year Outlook and believe in Nfts long term I do have to agree with That I think when it comes to nfts the Communities are the most emotional they Are emotionally invested in these nfts And they probably are over leveraging Themselves a little too much if you've Got ten thousand dollars in the bank Probably shouldn't own an nft worth

Eight thousand dollars just a little Common Sense there but hey do you all Right so this person also has something Good to say are you underwhelmed by the D-gods nft season 3 announcement you're Thinking to linearly linearly the team Is setting up for exponential growth it Will look like a toy in the beginning I'll start with an example huge list at First glance was just a simple Application tool to get allowless you'd Have to be smart to sell the news right Nah turned into the most successful web3 Growth engineering campaign of all time Garnering 100 million organic Impressions that's impressive it did This because it used software to amplify The social dynamics of the application And accept its process they creating Massive social incentives to engage and Share the campaign with acceptance posts Garnering hundreds of likes and reply Marketing tactic for Utes was very good It pretty much put D gods and Utes on The map exponential not linear growth This isn't a simple drop that people get So hyped about that the market pumps at 2x for example like other side exploded After the men set up several growth Flywheels that feed off one another and Trigger a massive Catalyst to get the Ball rolling here's a Nifty chart for You to look at the points parlor is that Massacatalyst hey Mr Beast made it into

This video it's pretty obvious to me That the points parlor withdraw Unprecedented levels of engagement on Social media this is literally how Mr Beast started his YouTube Empire alright Off chained on chain mechanics widening The funnel and maximizing conversion the Magnum opus I'm just gonna go all the Way down to the end and I'll leave this Thread in the description if you want to You know read the whole thing through The systems being deployed now are Bigger than most realized eyes in the Aftermath of so many failed nft launches Holders are reasonably apprehensive and Flutters are foaming at the mouth ready To call this a rap like I said season Three starts on Sunday so it literally Hasn't even started yet let it play out Man I'm cool all right that was cheesy Let me know what you guys feel about D Gods let me know if you uh if you think This is going to be revolutionary if you Think people are going to love this Points parlor system the new R is it Going to change the pfp game forever let Me know all right so now we're going to Shift gears to this guy Cosmo de Medici I think that's how you say his name and I believe it's just Snoop Dogg's son and The secret is out DK motion which is This guy DK motion and I are launching The first ever artwork on base you guys Heard about bass it's the new blockchain

By coinbase they got the coin stock and Then they got the base blockchain Coinbase All right it will be an open Edition at A very low price 18 our aim is to allow As many new people as possible to feel The pride of digital ownership it Happens Thursday at 9 00 a.m Pacific Standard time for 24 hours only the work Itself by the Master Hand of DK Perfectly captures this special moment In time a new era where crypto and Entities will change everything the Digital print will have an optional Physical claim not included in mint Price and you can even mint with a Credit card so that's a good way to Onboard people that are are not familiar With crypto wallets however you probably Should become familiar with a crypto Wallet if you're going to own an nft Because you don't really own it unless It's in your wallet because it's a Custodial service that the credit card Company is using all right so they are Proud to partner with coinbase and wfb Tweets to share this special Memento With you alright so why am I bringing This up I mean energy is mint all the Time not every day coinbase has an nft Not every day Snoop Dogg's son and Coinbase and DK motion link up to Creating nft so what happened well what Is does the art even look like what is

This um this nft that I've been talking About for the last two minutes That's it it's a never-ending Loop of The little Cosmo de Medici guy putting a Nice ethereum flag on the Federal Reserve nice little whoa he Springs up There wow everything's all nice and Colorful and ethereum is at the helm of Our financial Revolution perfectly Harmless nothing wrong or expressive That would make this Cause an alarm around the world or so I Thought first we crashed the server then Went down the credit card processor then Meta started censoring it exed out by Chrome browser blacklisted by Gmail Banned in Australia shut down by Governments but they still made 40 000 Mints this whole thing is to stand with Crypto stand with this digital Revolution and have them stop printing Money into Oblivion and cleaning us all To death and we will not be stopped by Them to all who build and all who fight We push through all darkest nights Together we stand against the man to Decentralize and start again Dar will Rise as a fire burns and in the end the World will learn that crypto art will Never die as long as there is you and I So basically everywhere is censoring This look at this I clicked on the Link this link may be unsafe but if you Open the coinbase app they have it right

On the little the slide wheel of ads get Ready for on-chain summer by bridging e To base so they obviously they created Their own blockchain you need to bridge Ethereum from the mainnet 2 bridge in Order to interact with anything on the Base blockchain and you're gonna need to Do that if you want to Min one of these So what you would do obviously you just Connect your wallet and the mint price Is around 18 I'm not sure what that is In uh each value maybe like point zero One five I already guess again Everywhere is censoring this freedom to Own freedom to transact freedom to share Just like I said for some odd reason Every major social media platform is uh Flagging this nft they're flagging an Animated nft as you like what what does This world come to where art is banned Yeah exactly this is decentralized Platforms but Greta thundberg how dare You Uh Twitter X is awesome X is awesome all Right so yeah I just wanted to show you Guys this if you support digital Ownership of your money your artwork Being able to use your money and mint Something that you want then bridge Sameth over to base which you could Probably do right on the coinbase app And pick up one of these because yeah Eth is going to take over the financial Revolution I hope but that's all I got

Everyone happy Friday hope you have a Good weekend be blessed Taco Bell

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