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Hello everyone welcome to coinbuzz now You've noticed that the theme of our Past few videos has been defy related Why is that it's because I'm Particularly bullish on the entire D5 Sector as a whole especially with Everything that's happening to Centralize finance and centralized Exchanges that said I know that D5 is a Sector that many people aren't very Comfortable exploring you have these new Protocols at first it was just uni swap Playing vanilla swapping on dexes then You had our way then you suddenly Started getting LSD and synthetic LSD Pendle and all of these things people Aren't getting it some people are still Very confused they don't know how Everything works there really is a shame There is a lot of stuff you can do on D5 There are ways to ensure that your Stables at any liquidity you have can be Put to better use in between trades or Investments you can be earning yield on That those of you who were here since Initial D5 summer know how much Potential there is in D5 you have insane Valuations projects explored and crypto As a whole does very well when the D5 Sector booms and money flows on chain But then you have projects like in Tangle now I'm very bullish on entangle The concept of synthetic LPS and being Able to use them providing sticky

Liquidity but I know I got a lot of Questions last time people were asking Me what do I mean even though I thought I explained it simply but that begs the Question what will happen when retail Returns when they come and everyone Who've left crypto in 2021 2022 returns And finds a very different landscape Compared to when they were here last They'll see all of these new protocols And they'll want to a pin but have no Idea how that's a shame why because all That potential tvl will look for easier Games elsewhere instead of let's say Yield farming someplace then using that LP to get synthetic LP borrowing it by Putting it up as collateral taking that Money across chains and I know I'll Probably have lost you by now well what If there was a way you can do this Easily enter strategy protocol now it's Called strategy I don't know why it Might just be a short form of strategy Let's just stick with strategy now Strategy is promising even though There's not a lot of information out yet There is no information about tokenomics The white paper is due as well but the Concept it's advertising is very Appealing imagine a D5 expert making a Plan and using that plan to make a lot Of money with this tables and crypto he Has now if he's so inclined he might Share the plan with this community or

Maybe if he has a private Discord group Some might not even be inclined to share It at all why they want more API they Don't want to publicize the way they get Their gains because what's in it for Them they did all the work why should Anyone else gain the benefit from that There's also the issue of declining apy If a pool is filled too much then you Get a lower cut of the share well with Strategy that solves that problem it Allows these D5 Wizards these D5 degens To make plans public on the strategy Edge protocol where users who aren't so Good at D5 can follow them by a simple Click of the button it sounds appealing Ave is already being integrated and in The latest update I saw curve Finance so They aren't playing around the guy is Over at strategy are really giving it The all we don't have a working product Yet there is a way to get on the white List or the wait list actually by Completing daily task at zeli you might Know zeli as crew 3 they've rebranded Themselves to zeli so I'll leave the Link in the description below you can Start doing those tasks I can follow Them on Discord to keep yourself updated As well as Twitter I just want you to Imagine for one second a protocol where Anyone who's an expert in D5 can make a Plan that anyone can follow by a simple Click the person who made the plan will

Of course receive Revenue a cut of the Share for sharing his plan whether in Let's say strategy tokens or from the Revenue that the users are generating For themselves all the protocols Involved get revenue from increased tvl People won't be left out from investing In complex D5 Solutions and the D5 Protocols themselves will see added Revenue added tvl increase because People are finding it easier and easier To invest it all locks into place you Have protocol solving the issue of Liquidity by giving your solution for Sticky liquidity you have protocols Looking at zero knowledge and AI ways to Invest in D5 and then you have a Protocol that says listen all of that is Good it's useless if people don't know How to use it let me make it easier That's what strategy is trying to do It's like copying the homework of your Very smart friend now I've talked to the Team as strategy I've asked when we can Expect a white paper or some info about The tokenomics they said a few weeks at The most but you have to remember this Is very early I discovered this project Very early on because I was browsing Around lens if you don't know a lens That's a potential airdrop as well and I Came across their post when I joined Their Discord it was new it was fresh Not many people there the gaining

Traction there's no harm in following a Project if you don't have to invest Anything right now anything other than Your time and a bit of effort is worth Following them you can start the zealy Tasks you can start collecting the posts On lens and any mirror post on the Optimism chain that allows you to get The roles on Guild for example if you Were there from the start you could have Minted the very first post and gotten an OG role while that is gone now there are Still more roles coming you can start Right now and you can work on the zeli Task to get yourself approved on the Wait list I'm guessing there might be Some benefits and some perks to testing Out the protocol early maybe perhaps an Airdrop I'm not saying there is an Airdrop but there might be perks have You seen the trend shift away from just Giving an airdrop to First giving an nft And that nft being used as an airdrop Catalyst or an airdrop multiplier I have Seen that with odd layer with zkl link I've seen that with tap yoga doll and Recently in entangle has also teased an Nft who knows what strategic can do I'm Spitballing here because we don't have a Lot of information but I really like the Concept and I wanted to bring it to you Guys I know it's early we might cover This again in the future when the white Paper is out when I have more

Information but it's a shame if you Weren't aware of such a unique project This is how Stuff flies under the radar And when suddenly people notice it it's Already booming a lot of people are Yeping in what about if you were early For once wouldn't that be good please Like And subscribe our video relevant Links are down below that's it from us I Hope you liked the video those of you Who are following me on Twitter at Dev Do something well no I shared strategy Around a month or two back so if you Joined then you were early for those of You who don't follow me you're missing Out please leave comments if you want us To cover something specific or if you Want us to look at a promising project That's it from us goodbye

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