CryptoPunk VS Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Which would you prefer?

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More nft related we have a look at the Market so the big news which I'm sure You've seen everywhere is we had a Golden ad that was sold for 1.2 million Dollars 600 eth now I actually looked at The transaction the guy who sold it paid 2.3 million dollars when he bought it so He took a loss of 1.1 something it Wasn't exactly 2.3 it was 2.2 or Whatever but he took a loss of over a Million dollars in this in the sale over Here Um the guy the seller is actually A a bit of a notorious guy in the space For the wrong reasons I'm not sure how To fight but I mean quite a proven Problem but I mean look how clean this Ape is Yeah very rare trades a Golden Ape um The hair Um cigarette I mean really rare and yeah But he he took a 1.1 million dollar Haircut which again no one is talking About you know you see it all over Twitter all you see is look look we did A one million dollar sale what what and Then this is all the biggest guys in This place and tweeting this ass but What you aren't seeing is that the guy Lost one over a million dollars in the Sale Um you know selling it now and and What's going to be interesting is to Follow the skull day and see in six

Months it does it sell for half a game Or where does it go you know but I mean Look I I think it's overpriced the floor Price at the moment sixty four thousand Dollars Um 1.2 million dollars even though it's A gold app very rare I get it there's Definitely a premium to it but this High I don't think so personally anyway That's the one the second sale which Happened like two hours ago so this is Breaking news Um is a crypto Punk the alien crypto Punk very rare sold for 1.06 million dollars two hours ago 550 Ethereum that alien punks are the rarest Punks out of the love they're also the Ugliest punks of the lot I don't care Those are so ugly I cannot believe you Would buy that even though it's rare It's like oh that's ugly bro you Actually thought you'd like him he's got A goatee like here he's got glasses like You look the glasses are being serious Sure we gotta respect the glasses but There's nothing that tells me I would Love I mean I know it's rare but like Even if it's rare bro you still gotta go There's no way he likes that bro there's No way you are the pixel guy and you are The odd guy oh and I'm neither and what Do you think about it Would you want this one over another Punk that's less rare but it looks

Better I think all the punks are ugly Bro I think I don't like pixel arts it's Just not eating what about the hoodie With the glasses and hoods no or no all Of them I appreciate the fact that they Were done a long time ago and this was Great technology at the time they were Able to put an image on the blockchain And and and create a smart contract I Appreciate all of us um but the Arts as Far as the Arcos I don't like pixel arts At all and this is your yellow card for Philip here and this is the worst level Of pixel art because it's the earliest So it's the most rudimentary you know I Need to know what you're thinking YouTube right now what what This begs the question they both over a Million dollars give or take a couple Hundred thousand which one do you take Okay I give you I give you a million Dollars and I thought you can buy one of These two that's all you could do with The million dollars you can't buy like a Beautiful house and car and uh boats and Whatever else you can get you can either Buy uh which which of the two to buy a Beautiful almost dang near perfect ape Or the ugliest punch in the entire Collection that is a tough tough Decision Um I'm gonna have to go with that ape and I Will not even make it my profile picture

I don't even want that as my profile Picture because it's not it's not Exactly perfect and that is just not Worth a million dollars bro I'm sorry That is crazy a million dollars okay let Me ask you this Let me ask you this Um if it was the best looking like a Hooded Punk that you liked would you Rather take an April or a punk I'll take The punk Interesting it's interesting it's risky Of an asset I'd rather hold the punk I Have less chance of being ridiculed in 10 years to hold a punk in my opinion Than an ape if I bought an ape now at a Million dollars I would get made fun of Forever and if they and especially Because if they if then probably they Won't ever get to a million dollars for A floor kind of thing I'm gonna look like a fool they're like Bro you bought the top of a dead Collection versus yo you bought the First ever pfp collection because it's The first ever It's not the first episode Which is crazy why did punks get their Notoriety right by the way no clue but Everyone's just crazy If you're gonna choose between an ape And a punk you gotta Roll With You Gotta Roll with it what about you if you had That the ideal ape or the ideal Punk

It's such a difficult thing if I'm Following I'll tell you I'll give you my Answer without going too crazy and Making it long-winded if I'm following My heart I will do an ape if I'm Following my head being my brain I would Do a pancreas because I I personally Really resonate with with the board apps I mean I've owned a board I've owned Every every UK asset right and mutant a Dog and me but uh everything everything Except the pack which I would love to Repair cloning I've had all of it I've Had all that no no but I'm saying I I've Never owned a crypto Bank Um I really really I've done incredibly Well in the ecosystem and I feel Indebted to them and I feel I've Attached them as a result of it Um however with their latest moves that They're making I think that they're they They're losing their footing Um I did say win win Gordon got a was Diagnosed as being ill about six months Ago I said on the show and remember we Had all said about it that I was worried About the future products I'm not saying That we're there yet but I do think We're starting to see when you lose a Founder who that something is willing to Work day and night even though you have One or two others Um it's always does affect the brand so Yeah my answer is for an investment

Perspective and there's not adverse of An advice for myself I think crypto Payments will retain more value long Term Um however for myself I would rather Have a border and as far as a profile Picture is brought up all day I would Never ever Would you keep it your face Did you find a way to incorporate it With your face or would you make it the Profile picture like I would I would Probably incorporate it because like you Might as well you paid a million dollars For it like it would be on my shoulder Or something or on my shirt or somewhere On the design but it would still be my Face because my creator That's just me though yeah I don't know I think I think I would make up my Profile picture I'll tell you why Um it stands out because it's so rare Because it's so rare it stands out Enough it stands out enough that that is Done you need a hexagon for a gold ape It's like probably this is clearly the Most expensive eight or top five top you Know one of them I mean yeah I mean in Today's market just seeing a million Dollar sale is that a 1.2 million Dollars is absolutely incredible also Less than one point about uh uh goner or Gordon or whatever his name is um when He left I remember listening to the full

Send podcast so if you guys remember They went on the full sun like in 2022 I Mean maybe yeah 2022 I think I think It's in the bear market and uh full sand You know Kyle the knelt guys were Talking to them I remember in that Podcast I remember thinking vividly like Damn these guys don't know anything that I don't already know from other founders With floor prices that is 0.01 and it Was crazy because I was like wow they Don't have anything within their head That's that much better it was just Great timing you know execution they got It all done but it'd be very hard to Replicate this kind of thing again like I don't know if they could I think it Was a lot of luck however Um I also remember thinking wow if if They got in for the reasons that they Say they got in for then the situation The place that they're in right now is Perfect and then they got all this Influx of money the gaming became more Of a thing and then Gordon goes you know I'm not really sure about this and it Resonated with me because I was like yo That's exactly what happened to me when I was working on the ugiverse team People who don't know don't make fun of Me sounds kind of silly but who covers With a legitimate team they're from Germany legitimate project our floor Price was over one East for like seven

Months eight months straight we were we Were a successful project right and I Was with her I developed The Branding And marketing on their Twitter for like The entire time I would argue I'm one of The reasons that they were so successful In that realm and then when I stepped Away because they decided to go the Gaming route they decided to go the Whitelist Marketplace route which I was Like listen I don't know why you think that's the Right decision but it is a very very Short game you're playing if you go that Direction I can't do this if you're Gonna do this and they kept going that Way and so we separated and what my Point there is Gordon seems to have Separated once they decided hey we're Gonna take as much money as we [ __ ] Can and then we're gonna make a game I Think Gordon was like okay I'm out I Don't agree I don't agree But it was more I think it was because She was like I can't do this this is not What I want it's not what I sign up for Now I think he was working he was Working with three hours black which is 24 hours a day no good opportunity we Got ill he got tired bro they are the Numbers It would be like Steve Jobs walking away At the peak and he's like yo we got all This stuff now we got everything we need

To make the next thing I'm gonna leave I Feel tired I'm done I'm good it's like I Strongly believe it's legit what he said I just want to show you the idea of punk Was bought a year ago for 1.6 million Dollars okay so also a half a million Dollar oh half of bro half a million Dollars it's sold now for a million so Not bad if you bought a it's interesting Right if you bought an ape you lost a Million in the last year but if you Bought a crypto pack you only lost half A million so that's interesting did you See yeah We've got a we've got a crypto pack here A hooded one that you like

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