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In my opinion mad Lads are the next sort Of Bo yach Club you've always got a blue Chip in every single chain and ecosystem Beam it's the Avalanche equivalent of a Mutable X on E it's a no-brainer for me It's silly not to bet on them like the Gary ve phenomenon you see a 10x Straight away as someone who loves web 3 I hope they do well it's just not where I'm placing my best so I just wrapped up Shooting a video with greeny going over Some of the crypto plays that he's Making and then some of the nft plays That he's making hopefully you get value From this video If You Did You Know all The good stuff also this is not Financial advice we're not financial Advisers please do your own research Before moving in in the crypto and nft Space So at the moment guys um Essentially what I've been looking at is Just how sort of where we are in the Cycle in comparison to the previous um Two cycles so I wrote a post ear today On Twitter um if you actually have a Look at this we are currently so in 2023 We're currently very early when you Consider it against uh 2015 to 2016 but Also in the bare Market of 20 uh 18 to 2020 so you we have a look here way back In uh 2015 there was a 742 days of Accumulation the breakout was similar to What we are seeing right now so we saw a Breakout here before the Haring but we

Then did see a 40% dump post Haring if You have a look in uh 2018 to 2020 this Was by far the longest bear cycle that We saw um I did WR here that it could Have been due to the the um pandemic That was going on but also um it was 920 Days so literally nearly double not Quite um the current cycle that I will Show you very shortly um but as you Could see here there was a post dump um Cycle as uh Haring sorry as well of 22% Um whereas the previous one was 40% so I Do expect at some stage that uh post Haring so that's in March next year um That we do see at least one more dip Before we do pump up um to alltime highs Um so as you can see here we have 588 Days of accumulation during 2022 to 2023 Um so significantly lower than both Previous Cycles so 160 days in nearly a Whole year uh different to 2020 but I Think the pandemic may have played a Factor there for sure um but obviously The buying pressure of the ETFs the Institutions front running this Information but also retail front Running this information are definitely The factors for probably why we've Broken out early um and I do think this Could be the cycle that we see massive Adoption of crypto and that's what I Kind of allude to down the bottom here Um but what I'm anticipating is that we Do start to see a little bit of a dump

Um soon Moon as you can see here we have Rallied so this is just total crypto Market cap here um and I will pull up The Bitcoin chart very shortly so as you Can see here this is the the total Crypto market cap so just um obviously The live screening here um we broke out Uh way back here in October haven't Really stopped since um in my eight Years of crypto experience what you want To see is healthy pullbacks and healthy Retracements so I would expect this sort Of range so as you can see here we're Starting to tag the bottom range of uh The previous sort of support last SLE so I would start to see maybe this is a bit Of resistance as we also approach the Harving in March next year um to turn Over back here maybe retest this Breakout Zone okay around this $1.3 Trillion level and then maybe uh pump Into uh the post harving next year um Sort of similar with my my Bitcoin chart Uh that's a CME chart um so yep there we Go so um if I just remove this so Obviously I was tracking this on a Shorter time frame so we have pumped up To the 1.5 sort of range um trillion Wise but also up to the 42k range for Bitcoin same sort of thing but slightly Different as you can see here Bitcoin Has actually gone above its previous Sort of resistance zone so we are in a Bit of a No Man's Land I would expect it

To maybe hit this 47k level up here and Then maybe we see it turn over and then Come back down and retest this breakout Range sort of around the the mid-30s all The way down to like low3s is probably Where I would like to see Bitcoin go Yeah because even if you have a look at The bottom like uh sort of like from That bottom there it just doesn't go Straight it goes up down up down it's Going to pull back and that's going to Yeah it's going to freak some people out But it's like a lot of a lot of people Even myself are just sitting on the Sidelines just going likey I've got some Capital you don't want to be you don't Want to be dumping into just fat green Candles no and I get messages every day Hey should I py this pump hey this is Pumping it's going to pump more and I'm Like no man just wait by the red Days by The red days um yeah e eth's obviously Been a little bit more different um if Want to pull it up here we go it's um Obviously been lagging a little bit so I've got this um short-term trade on um So it has been lagging you can test that With the eth verse Bitcoin um chart as Well um but I think e still maybe does Perform so this is the the BTC versus I'm really just waiting for eth because It's like it just it feels like it's Lagging so much and I'm just trying to Think about previous Cycles like it

Really does feel like the one that You're not looking at the one that You're not focusing on ends up just Absolutely ripping when people do not Like they they literally go cool I'm all Out of like I'm out of e I'm going to Rotate into Soul I'm going to rotate Into BTC it's not moving not moving and That's when it runs up then people then Go oh I'm going to rotate some of my bag Back and that's when you get a little Bit of that little bit of that juice Come back into the market 100% And and It the Cycles they repeat um in a Similar way not obviously the same way But um it does Bitcoin pumps then it Goes to Ean those top alt coins and then It does go into the the LI the low caps Of mem coins the the micro gems that we U then trade in in the future months for Sure um this is in a way this is Obviously lower high lower high lower High over like a whole year long period For e um against its BTC pair um and I Would love to see it hold this level Here but if it doesn't this is because Bitcoin is going to outperform eth and It would probably tag this this 4% level And then look to move back up um moving Into 2024 mid 2024 is what I'd be Looking at there too yeah sweet so those Like the the big ones and I know that You're um you've been stacking some uh I'm going to yeah alt coins but you go

Ones like I know that you you going into Casper a bit Avalanch you AIT of a bag what some of Those play look like and why so being my Third cycle I know that BTC is King There's no doubt about that it leads Each each Cycle's charged to all-time Highs it brings in that Capital interest Um into the crypto ecosystem but in Terms of a return and investment sort of Play it has to be altcoins and I had Significant um exposure to soul for for Starters okay um as well as avac like You touched on and Casper which we will Get to very shortly Um but if you have a look at this Soul Chart here after the FTX uh sort of Debacle last year it absolutely dropped Down here and if you have a look at how Significant that was how oversold that Was and for the product and the utility That um salana had I just couldn't Believe um sort of the exponential rate That it could have had so for example That's eight us and the heights of um Salana so like your return of investment Far exceeds something like that compared To BTC at 15 and it pumping to 70k for Example to reach that alltime High um so Salana was one because of just um I also Know how many nft projects are working On there I know how many uh developers Are working on there for other tokens And other sort of use cases it's gasless

It's fast I'm trading on there at the Moment compared to eth because gas is Just taking Gas I also find with I also find with Soul is that um because like I've got Some Just as a a hedge and I've tried to Trade jpegs on a it is painful you can't It's not fun it's not easy um and Everyone that trades crypto is just like Oh I like these bags I'm like bro the People that you want in your ecosystem Are degenerates that are actively Trading sweeping buying stuff that's What you want and salana has the tools To sweep like the Phantom wallet is just So great on the phone like it is really Good and at that point you're going like Anyone in any country as if someone like You're going like the not the rich Countries but once you kind of get like The uh the southeast asias once you get Like the African nations all of those Countries that don't have as much money They don't want to be spending a like a Week's sort of worth of groceries on gas They just want to do it fast and they And they everyone's got a smartphone not Everyone has a computer to trade on with Menas that's just it and like it made Sense when you kind of start seeing that But everyone goes like Oh Solana's dead I'm like bro if you actually use it you Understand it no dude yeah no exactly

And if you like and it's and we'll get To the nft side shortly as well um but No 100% man and and there's a lot of People that I have in my communities and That reach out to me they they don't Have fat wallets and like you said if They're trying to pay for groceries each Week they can't afford to to be trading On eth where gas is just eating those Sort of profits up let's say it's Straight up it's like I've seen um sort Of cles put up some post where he's just Like I bought some nfts I've transferred Them to another wallet and spent like All this money Do ter compared to the USS like that's that's a lot of a lot of Money and that's why I'm so bullish on Soul and have been trading on salana Like it's just just a narrative that I It it was so obvious like about six Months ago and it's even more obvious Now as as people start to really trade Heavily on E and that's why we see the Increased gas for sure yeah um so the Next one obviously Avalanche so avax Again same sort of chart setup um I Realize at these lows that it was Significantly undervalued um when you Consider it against sort of the other Utility plays um avax in terms of nfts Which we will have a look at there's Hyperspace over on another tab which we Will look at but um for me the avax is

The gaming narrative and because it is Such an easy platform similar to salana It's very uh low in cost it's easy to Work with um a lot of gaming companies Are building on avac um I know for a Fact that trades and Alex Becker have Been shouting out avax too and i' I was Avax for months down here so it's is Fantastic that they saw a sort of um Sort of the narrative that I had already Alluded to probably a few months ago as Well um but again here if you look at The chart there the exponential rate That this could even hit an all-time High so a 23 to 140 that's like a 7x um From these days like and that's that's Even if it doesn't take off due to other Narratives like gaming and stuff like That so that's one for sure I've had Exposure to now Casper I discovered this Yks ago so I'm going to say end of 2022 Um I was just sort of low gap low let me Get rid of all the trading stuff um I Was discovering um sort of low cap gems In the end of 2022 in the peak bare Cycle and I stumbled across um this Casper um token and essentially it's Competitive to bitcoin um it is just has A faster block rate U faster Transactions and can move way faster and They are developing it even quicker than It currently is so I I believe I think It's sitting at over three uh Trill no Three billion sorry as a market cap um I

Got in at about 100 million and I Actually faded it way below 100 million As well um but it again you can see the Strength in this chart I wonder if I Still have no I don't but if I just Quickly what do I like to look at as Well this is inside into my brain is how Things perform against that Bitcoin pair Because that essentially is what we want To do right we want to outperform Bitcoin because it is the one that that Moves the market and if you have a look At this chart here um this is what you Want to see you want to be in tokens That are outperforming Bitcoin um salana Is one and Casper is definitely another One so not only do I like the utility Play of it but the chart was really nice And also it was significantly Outperforming Bitcoin over the past Couple months so that's yeah sweet um if We go into the gaming side of thing so I'm super bullish on obviously Vulcan Forge um it spent a very long time Accumulating so that's again this is a Sort of different chart that I like to See I like to see tokens that have found The bottom a couple times and that were Accumulating and then it did break out Like this so link is another one that Comes off the top of my head that um had A had a um accumulation phase of over a Year really if you look at this um date So that was in May and we broke out in

October so that's a year and a half Really um another one in the the gaming Narrative is immutable X again my Apologies lots of stuff on the chart Again we've got a double bottom playing Playing out here on the higher time Frames um but again same sort of chart To what we just saw in Vulcan Forge is That it has this accumulation phase here And now it's starting to break out I'd Love for it to retest and then go bang Up to that breakout level if not higher Yeah again it's the utility play around Gaming and nfts and that sort of side of Things um ELO is all about immutable X Um and essentially now where I've and This is where you got to go with you got To go through okay if this is a Narrative here this this IMX is within The top 100 altcoins already so the high The sort of Return of investment isn't Going to be as good as something that Maybe has the same product but is on a Different blockchain and so that is Actually beam um I don't don't have the Chart so let's just spill it up beam uh Beam x no we want just a buyit chart so Um obviously there was token allocation Initially here it's as you can see it's Very new very new but um what have you Noticing about the chart is saying to Grind up okay and if you take a deep Dive into beam um it's essentially on Avax and it's the Avalanche equivalent

Of a mutable X on eth so that's where I'm placing my bets um I obviously got In probably during this accumulation Phase here I I didn't hear about it till About that stage um but that's one to That's where you got to translate and That's how you can make those sort of Extra dollars by using thear but in a Different way um yeah so they're my yeah They're my main tokens um obviously the Pepe actually broke out today so if you Have a look at this chart which is crazy Memes memes you got to have exposure to Memes I have exposure to doin um Dogecoin has broken out as well if we Zoom out and have a look so Dogecoin and Pepe are stting to break out of their Long-term accumulation and catch up to The rest of the market so definitely Have exposure to them um but they're the Sort of um top altcoins that I have just Because return of investment but also The utility and the amount of people Using those um particular products I Suppose so that's where I'm looking Chart wise um in terms of uh nfts so This is sniper it's just one of the the Top sort of um what could you call this Platforms that you can use to trade nfts Um and for me I again we spoke about This earlier but um eth eth nfts ran Last cycle you saw b8s go um up to 500 k Um you saw mutants go up to several 100K And so me I realized okay eth might have

Had its run last cycle like don't get me Wrong you to have Pudgies and stuff that Are transforming the world in terms of Nfts but you want to look elsewhere for The better opportunities again for Return of investment so if we were to Consider that I started deep diving into Soul nfts probably a month or two ago um And they have gone up exponentially Since that point um obviously we have Madlads is the Premier um collection so I've been speaking pretty loudly on on Twitter about how in my opinion madlads Are the next sort of board AP yach Club But they're on salana and they're They're running hot like they've gone up Over 100 soul in literally the last two Weeks so that's a lot of money um and I'm been a big BOGO Community member for A long time um so it's great to see them Running up to 10 Soul um I was Accumulating them at like one and two Souls um only couple weeks ago not that Long ago um cleanosaur has fantastic Utility um rumor has it it's the game of Thr Um person who used to do a lot of Animations and that well yeah yeah the Disney narrative so again you got to do Your work you got to Deep dive okay Bears has um a bit of utility so they Dropped um some stuff on fortnite but They're also dropping some merch and That sort of thing so you want to find

Um stuff that hasn't pumped yet but also Stuff that has good utility and has a Business in a way um to make sure that They can run up and that sort of thing Um but yeah madlads that they air drop Because it's salana and because it's Easy to air drop tokens to people Madlads have air dropped the kth um air Drop a couple weeks ago so that was some Free some free money there as well so It's things like that that you just want To chase that narrative um sort of thing Now um the avac U this is where I would Then start to shift my mind okay is There volume is there interest in avac Um nft so I did do a bit of research on This um doyo is the the premere Collection on them um but as you can see Here the the market caps aren't very Large like we if we collaborate them all Together it's probably less than 10 mil All together They have a bit of volume as you can see Here but nothing substantial enough to Probably be worthwhile in terms of Getting over there and Trading it's just something to keep an Eye on to see if the trend does shift Over there as well looking at it it's Almost like one of those things where You look have a look at the what's kind Of there once a week take a mental note Of prices and then eventually it's like Okay if it does get low enough just

Maybe you're kind of hedging your bit Just so that if for some reason it comes Cuz like you know all it takes is an Alex Becka earo Trad to be like hey Here's what I'm buying you see a 10x Straight away like the Gary V phenomenon Back in um yeah 2021 2022 Gary buys Something or says that he's buying Something it just rips like you just Make some cash yeah um just print and if People are looking at avac because it's Getting hot it just makes sense because There's going to be a team or someone Out there that goes hey we could launch On eth but it's too hard to compete with That we can try to um do something on Soul and they like but they've already Some big projects on Soul how can we Stand it how can we be the number one Then you just go jump something like aax Cuz you even see with like you just Other other chains other things you've Always got a blue chip project in every Single chain and ecosystem um and it's Yeah you're going to you're going to do Well cuz like I know that um crypto Gorilla he ended up everyone hates eight Um sort of kadano nfts um and I Currently hate them um CU my bags are Down bad but it's like he made some bags Trading those because if you get in on Some good stuff and there's hype people Pile their money in and that's where you Can see some um crazy upsides what are

You kind of looking at with um uh going Back to some the soul nfts cuz I know You're kind of looking at there what are You thinking are you kind of drawing Parallels with um what obviously it's Too hard to be like cool if mad lad's Going to a $500,000 floor but you then Go cool if if bards can get to a $500,000 floor mutants can get to like a A couple $1,000 FL then does that leave You a lot of upside with some of these Soul things like where do you see those Going and like like that what's your Kind of thought process so yeah the the Mad Lads play is like we just spoke About you have that premere collection On salana and everyone wants to have Exposure to that and you can see this Here like the strength in the community Is crazy like it's 400 of 10K um I think The ownerships it's definitely in the 30s it could be 40% um ownership with Which is fantastic it has um it Literally had more volume than Bap y Club last week I think it was as well so It's things like that that brings like You say interest and eyes to the Ecosystem um and to Soul uh nft so Obviously I'm a big big uh believer in The bogos um if you know anything about The Nifty portal team like they are the Premier or one of the Premier um media Personalities in exactly crypto so like It's a no-brainer for me like Nick for

Example has so many quality um Connections in this and it's just like It's silly not to bet on them um and I Was for a long time closur like I spoke About before has that Narrative of being That Disney Animation theme um potential Movies or potential games whatever the Way that it goes about it um so that's Definitely one I've got my eyes eyes on But then you do start to dive down deep So tenos orans they actually pumped like 3x I'm pretty sure last week because They have their own platform and they The tensor platform and essentially they Are going to have an air drop too so um The soul Casino so the gamble fly sort Of narrative Frog geckos apologies Geck commity but Geckos and stuff on soul that are your Sort of historical narratives that could Run um on there so you just got to do Your homework you got to dive down deep Um my Alpha group here we talking about Um MC Colony just yesterday and the Couple days before and they pumped up as You can see here insane volume um but Essentially that's a game that's um Being played on solo as well um Obviously the highest Rand quite a lot Recently um about a month or two ago Because they had a sick narrative SL a Sick game that was being being employed Um this is one I haven't touched on Today but the the salana name service

Now yeah I've seen you accumulating um Some digits on those digits yeah exactly So I I got into these like it's a No-brainer play particularly because It's again salana is gasless um people Are starting eth Maxis I'm mean a lot of Good um group chats with eth Maxis and They are starting to translate over to Soul so I saw these um about a week or Two ago at 2.5 um sold they're already Back up to or not back up they're Already pumped to 4.5 so these are a No-brainer in my opinion um you can head To this website here and and look at the Categories and the reason I went with Digits is because as you can see here They're the highly um the highly most Traded sort of nft in this collection um As you can see over here the largest Sales are your three digits um they're Always going to be the the the premere Sort of numbers but if for the people That want um sort of easier exposure to This um you can definitely get in the 10K Club so exactly yeah so as you can See here they they're also trending on Um sniper go back over here so yeah They're 25th trending because there is Interest there but you can buy it over On there as well so yeah it's all about Deep diving aori has a game again um so It's things like that that you just need To Deep dive into and then work out okay What hasn't pump and what has the

Potential to pump um as we start to see More liquidity enter it's going to be The mints the mints um that uh probably Where you actually want to maybe play Your bets as well so so um and then the Last narrative which I did speak about Earlier um is obviously the gaming um Token so I often visit this page here That's just um on coin market cap top Gaming tokens um and if you actually Have a look like yeah we're trending Upwards like look at that chart as total Market cap and it's only at 18 this Could be hundreds hundreds and hundreds If you think you look at fortnite for Example like gaming entertainment is the Largest by far compared to music Um podcast um and movies entertainment Even even like you look at like what the GTA trailer came that's all the timeline Is that's all the timeline is exactly And so why not place your bets if you're In crypto and web 3 around that Narrative right um if you just see what The web tool World um treats it like so Again these are all sort of older tokens So we spoke about immutable X earlier That's one that I definitely have Exposure to Renda is a very interesting Play it's on salana as well so that's Definitely one you want to um check out Um but then as you start to go down like I was a big believer in Gala but then They had a bit of fud a couple months

Back and um yeah change of ownership They have a large amount of token Supply So I'm actually been avoiding so as you Can see here it only has 52% in circling So that that's something that I do like To look at just to see whether people Can still dump the token sort of thing Um The 8coin Narrative the Yuga Narrative like I hope I just as someone Who loves web 3 I hope they do well it's Just not where I'm placing my bets in The next coming months I I just don't Think so um Bean we spoke about as you Can see here it's just been on an Absolute 38 bucks in the last um 38% Sorry in the last 7 Days Alone um so That's definitely one alivian big game Potential um they're actually Australian Brand and Australian company so that's Great to see um but as you start to go Down the list um these are some of the Ones that I've I've had exposure to so Obviously vcon Forge magic I spoke about Earlier chelon Prime has done an insane Teil I think I got in at like two $2 um So this one actually has a game um That's being used and that the the um The the Twitter people are using and That people are actually uh playing Every single day so it's things like That that you want to have the utility But also the the hype let's call it um Around the token and that sort of thing As well uh C fire you would see Alex

Becker and stuff talk about that all the Time that's essentially a Launchpad so If you want access to early tokens early Games that's where you cly would be um And then you start to get into some Other tokens that are own so Nakamoto Games Wilder words worlds as some of the Other ones and then we start hitting Those D gen sort of areas so um but Again you want to be looking down here Because you never know the next fulcon Forge could be way down here at 10 Million already so it's things like that That essentially um I do look for every Single day so that's a little bit of a Look at the market what green is looking At his thought process um a little bit Of my two cents thrown in hopefully you Enjoyed that video if you did make sure You go follow greeny on Twitter he's Also got a channel that'll be um linked Down below so you can go check it out go Sub to him he's got um a whole bunch of This analysis coming out daily so I'm Definitely worth it um greeny thanks for Coming on having a chat thanks for Having me that cheers

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