Crypto has PUMPED this week! But why?

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Could close in a moment if they could Change their mind so hard to see but What is looking absolutely incredible Despite it all is cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are valid absolutely Incredible seven days we've got eth Sitting at about one thousand six Hundred dollars just under Bitcoin at twenty one thousand four Hundred dollars we've got Solana at 23 You could have picked up Solana at 11 Two weeks ago we've got ape coin over Five and so the crypto Market despite This Genesis news is actually looking Really really positive which is great to See So why is crypto banking a pumping Correct because why is crypto pumping So we have a look here and we're saying All right We've got this risky asset we've got a High risk environment why do we think Crypto is pumping so there's a theory That goes that when you are losing money Let's say you bought Bitcoin at 25 000 and now it's sitting at fifteen Thousand dollars you don't want to buy More even though you should but it's Kind of if you really believe in it you Should one should right not Financial Advice but if you're a Bitcoin Maxi and You brought in a 25 000 or even stocks If you really believe in Google and you Brought in at X and it's now half that

Price that's double the opportunity to Buy in right but that's not how the Human mind works especially after a year Literally over 365 days of down people Start to get scared I'm gonna lose all That I've invested and they definitely Not going to invest more some of them Put out at a loss others keep money in And wait for it to get to where they Paid now the interesting thing with Bitcoin is that 19 is that inflection Nineteen thousand dollars is that Inflection points if you look at the Average price that all the holders have Paid that is nineteen thousand dollars So once we get over nineteen thousand And a bit of change a bit more than Nineteen thousand dollars more holders Are in green than in red and then they Start to think wow this might go to 60 70 80 000 like it did before and they're Comfortable to buy in a game because They're not in a loss situation and the Other interesting thing with Bitcoin Specifically is that only Um 15 10 to 15 of the supply is actually In trade meaning the rest of people have Got it locked away and have never traded It so so it really is a diamond-handed Asset and we've hit that inflection Point of 19 whatever and stayed above it And closed above it that people are now Looking like they in that profit and Feeling like they're in the profit and

Ready to investigate so that's one Interesting view on it Bro I bet I bought some I think I've Bought some nfts even like I've Definitely felt the uh like I know if I Felt the need to buy jpegs again then There are divisions out there flipping Jpegs all night long all over again Abandoned all thoughts of taking profits Once again Abandon All thoughts of Proper trading like you like everyone Said they're gonna do in practice in the Bear Market if we even got a relief pump Everyone would take profits it seems That everyone's over allocated over Leveraged again and uh by jpegs I'm down For it though I'm down for it high risk Baby Yeah look I'm still very selective at This point Um I'm not buying in too much at this Point of time Um but I'm definitely I'm definitely Watching it for entries I'm I'm Personally and this is just me I'm Personally of the mindset that we've got We've got a leg down to go on everything On on on stocks on crypto on nft the Question you could ask me I I you know I You know I've got a very strong International stock portfolio am I Selling my stocks now no so if you miss The first the 10 best days on the on the Stock exchange you miss 90 of the gains

And you don't know when those 10 best Days are so I've been advised by very Good advisors to stay put so I'm not I'm Not selling but I'm also not buying at This point in time because I do believe There's a leg down and I feel the same With crypto as well now I could be Completely wrong this could be the Bottom and we could just fly from here And no one knows but from my perspective I'm I'm holding out on any big purchases Across the board so I'm keeping anything Extra in liquid in cash and um yeah at a Time where I can confirm that okay we up Only even if it's 10 15 more expensive Than it is now we could still be in this Sideways action for the next year two Years you know so I'm holding cash I'm Not investing I'm not selling but I'm Not buying at the moment Probably a smart place to be probably a Smart place to be also do you see a Crypto dream just send me a link a few Minutes ago

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