Crypto Conviction – 10 month sentence for insider trading

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Then also that coinbase employee Kate I Don't know if you remember bro one of The First episodes you and I did Together we spoke about the coinbase Employee who was Um being charged for Insider Trader at Trading Um so he's actually been sentenced and He's formerly been sentenced to 10 Months Um Behind Bars and you know something Like this Is part of why I was so eager to take Your bit of 0.1 ethereum that that SBF Doesn't see a day in court uh in jail And and bro this guy's not a rich like Beyond Rich King the way SBX is like Doesn't it doesn't matter if if a guy Can get a 10-month sentence for stealing You know a relatively small amount of Money and you know a million dollars or Whatever it is uh whether they say 1.1 Million dollars you tell me how a Justice system can let someone who stole 10 billion dollars walk free it's not Possible dude I'm telling you when you Have that level of money in connections The way SBX has you can disappear I just Don't believe to put up as much money as They allegedly I mean I know they didn't Put up the full amount of bail but the Fact that they're able to get out and Bother to get out leads me to believe That they're thinking about running bro

They're thinking about running if anyone In the chat uh double G crypto dream if You guys have any thoughts on this would Be very curious to know what you guys Think SBX and his family is thinking When they made bail for allegedly 250 Million dollars worth of eggs didn't Make bail they posted a bond so they Didn't put that money yeah they just Signed yeah Sun Surety for it I mean I I Don't think he's running anywhere Um and that's why we made the bet so Anyone who wasn't here last week the bed Is very simple if SBF absconds like Leaves the states no one can find him Then Kate wins our pack our pay Kate 0.1 Ethereum and Kate gives that away to his Community on his channel and if he SPF Doesn't end up skipping the country and Disappearing Kate has to pay me 0.1 eth Which I will be giving away on this show To this community so that's just to sum Up there but I mean here we are looking At coinbase good to see some people who Have done nefarious things in the space And finally Um you know getting some justice some Justice being done on them right so 10 Month centers insider trading 1.1 Million dollars was allegedly stolen Well I I don't think we have to we don't Have to say allegedly anymore I guess Because it's been proven in the court of Law so 1.1 million was pocketed by by

This Trio Um and you know the the SEC has also Filed civil charges against the three of Them over this scheme so it's going to Be interesting to see what happens Further as this case develops but good To see some accountability in the space I think yeah totally 100 100 and again Speakers if you want to chat just throw Your hand up and if you want to chat You're in the listening throw that Request button fam Um it makes me laugh sometimes I'll see If you're American justice system an air Justice system in the UK is just a Complete chug but sometimes I see that Somebody gets pulled up on murder and They do a 25-year sentence in the U.S And then somebody messed with a Financial system for a five hundred Thousand dollars or some sort of Accounting fraud and they get that's 4 000 years running concurrently you know Yeah yeah yeah But don't mess with the financial system So I would be in my opinion I think it Either Um get out of it because of his Connections or Dell Suicide in prison Or it made me think a fake suicide oh [ __ ] Because then they can pretend not to be There and then do what Kate said I'm

Scared that would be the best Yeah I I just I just think that's gonna Happen I just don't like ah bro he's Gonna be gone who was that guy who was Found it wasn't Bernie Madoff was it who Was the guy who was found dead in his Cell Um Yes yes yeah so bro I mean maybe he's Maybe that was all set up and the guys On the private island somewhere with Tupac and uh that's what I'm saying like I just I've been shocked at how he's Been able to just kind of not be thrown In prison and I'm like look man no so There is a legal there is a legal system That has to be followed you innocent Until proven guilty no no bro I know I Just have a weird feeling I just don't Think he's gonna go to prison I just Don't see a world where he sits I feel I Feel like 100 you will I think that the Justice system always tries to make Examples of of first offenders and Certain things and this is the biggest Of the of this type by far they want to Set an example with guys like this same As Bill Cosby yes he got off on a Technicality he spent two or three years In jail in jail Um Yeah Came on about a week ago I did not Similar thing you've got to catch it

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