Crowd NFT by CreatureWorld – Post Drop Analysis on this Open Edition NFT

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Like an invisible friend Style Yeah for sure I don't know if you Remember speaking of energies like that If you remember Danny Cole with creature World yeah Yeah So rolly get this bro if you like it They released an open Edition yesterday 30 so 38 000 items obviously was an open Edition but no price was 0.0295 if I'm not mistaken Um so they did well I mean if you think They sold 40 000 items or just enter at 0.0295 support 0.03 that's uh what's That 900 ethereum that's that's okay Just pocketed 900 ethereum Unless my math is wrong but I think so 40 let's do this I've got a calculator Open you can't see it though if I say 40 000 times .0295 Equals One thousand one hundred feet yeah Damn damn damn that's crazy That's the nice thing about open Editions is that you can sell as many as You can so if you sell a lot even if the Min price is low 40 000 nfts is Substantial Foreign dude that's that's pretty wild because he's largely kind Of fallen out of the public light like Yeah like Gary obviously garyvee hasn't Said anything for him in a while and That's kind of the main reason he blew

Up and Shaq and all that stuff back in The Bull Run man those were some OG days Bro Shaq I played this absolutely stiffer I've opened I've opened up numerous Times about my mistakes and my wins but This creature world when I was a whole Zoo and the shack thing came they went All the way to full ethereum I sold the Absolutely tough Um I did mess up and that I bought back In at about 1.28 and now I mean I'm just I'm busy trying to look what they are Now but I mean sold it no so I sold it I Can't remember what I saw this I always Do that when I do really really well on The project I end up buying it again and Giving some back always because I think Geez wow like I made three or four Easier Um you know but what are they holding a Point to each floor no I mean not bad For this market right Um but yeah this was the connection hey Do you remember I do man that's that's All man that's cool also speaking of Buying nft projects I actually minted Nft this more well at 2 30 in the morning last night I'm like Trying to go to sleep because I really I Fixed my sleep schedule like Everything's good to go Um but I needed to get this mint done And I was worried that I was going to

Miss the window because I'm really bad About that so I was just like okay let Me get this done and it was the C defy Nft uh the C5 mounts nft I got white List from Doge pound from that so shout Out to the Doge pounds I have no idea How it's going to do it but CFI is a Pretty big name I'm probably gonna hold It and just like uh see where that goes I only have one of them uh but it was Kind of fun to Mint that nft I had to Like go through this whole process us Getting their snft tokens swapping it Out and like once you get the the token You don't actually get the nft to go Claim it later it's this whole big Process but it was kind of fun to mend An nft again Um it really is like every few months I'll Mint one and I'm like oh hell yeah Let's see what happens you know I never do well I'm not gonna lie I'm Not the best Um but every now and then I'll do okay But I very rarely like have a very Strong like mint flip It's usually the Secondary stuff that I have more success On Um like trading is something that Collection has already been out like It's very rare that I meant something And like do very well I was good at it In the bull run but I think it's because Everyone was better at it in the bull

Run because numbers were just there so Anyways no Euros it's difficult it's Difficult now I do better printing and Then selling their buying on the Secondary well it depends I mean if You're talking the amounts of times that I've that I've won to get the amount That I've won they're not too bad and Minting if you're saying like the amount Of eat that you've made Where have You've done best obviously it's on Secretary I mean I bought my board I've Been 2x in the month Um my Newton Titanics I bought a two and a half ethereum and Sold it at the absolute top uh before I Ever did uh land drop and then I did but I got out of me in bed without Losing anything I was next Like completely zero Um but emotion that was just you must Mostly I was scarred You mostly I was scared I'm still let Down I can't I can't believe it but you Were right you called that Um but still yeah I mean I'm Disappointed there and it's just going To from bad to worse I mean we saw a lot Of

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