Could FTX Crypto Exchange Reopen?!

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Etc so yeah that's my feeling on it yeah For sure for sure we're FTX stuff coming Up next baby A little bit so it's interesting bro It's interesting I mean this is weird as let's just call a spider's bait oh We just got the money cards for the Segment Um so so let's just let's just run with It this is what the is going on over here Well it seems like it seems like people Are trying to spit in there or someone's Trying to spin a narrative one of the Narratives is that Sam Beckman freed is Saying this is ridiculous you shouldn't Be doing this and then the other side is Like no sand back and freed is the one Pulling the strings and everyone else is Pretending that they're going against This guy that they're arguing in his Face no genre genre is independent I Believe that with all my heart I really Should because yeah this is his business And a core part his business is going Into failed companies and recovering Funds for them to the best of visibility If he loses that Integrity in that Process Um you know he's finished forever and He's and he's done well he doesn't need Lack yes he hasn't done uh FTX billion As well but you know he has absolute Fortune for doing what he does and I

Think he enjoys it and I I I I first of All the Wall Street Journal came after This a very notable a very notable thing And then we've started to see more of it Saying but to think for those of you That don't know John Ray in the Interview said that everything is on the Table he was asked is it possible that They would ever reopen FDX now that They've found five billion dollars of The approximate 10 billion that's owed And he didn't say like everyone thought Absolutely not he said everything is on The table meaning that maybe yeah now How can you on the one hand on the one Hand him how can you say that you know This was an absolute fraud he's never Seen such a you know mismanagement of Funds and such a Um fish and chip shop fish and chip shop Being run yeah and this was run like as As he's never seen a worse run company Let alone a 10 billion dollar company And then say oh maybe we'll start all This up again I don't understand I mean he wants to run it so he's going In with the mentality that I'm going to Fix this thing and save this thing I Just think I'm much better plan is dude You just can't have the same name you Can't have FTX again like what do you Think people are going to buy back Because he's he's set up a task force to Explore this maybe he's just crossing

All these T's and dotting his eyes Saying look this might potentially be in The best interest of the creditors to Restart it with the intention of making Good on it let's explore that we have an Obligation to explore every single Um potential route that could Potentially deliver money as much money As possible back to the people who owed Money let's open it up and investigate It and all this has been blown up or Saying Beckman freed has a big fat bag Of ftt tokens and a sandback and freed Gets a bunch of money because FDA Express back up again FTX or uh send Back a free now's money I'm just saying Bro there's a chance that SBX is behind All this there's a chance that SBX is Never gonna go go to prison also I was Going to lean to that story a little bit Apparently they're having security Issues at his home so you guys who've Been keeping up the story he's uh he's Homebound right now he's stuck at home With his parents at his parents house Yeah yep and crypto dream shot her the Dream for sending this article but Apparently people are threatening him Driving him to the house talking Basically saying we're gonna kill you You're not gonna make it out of here uh And then driving off before security Could find them and he feels scared Um that's interesting to me bro maybe

We'll both be wrong what's gonna happen If our bet goes out the window because He gets killed are we gonna have to like What's gonna happen maybe crypto dream Has to give up point one eth Look I think I think being neurotic even For anyone is normal in the circumstance You've stolen whether allegedly stolen Billions of dollars from people and I Think there's a lot of people that want To want to really ring his neck Um so I think that you know it those Feelings are probably Justified and they Should really invest in in security Um because yeah I mean you know there's People out there that have lost their Entire life savings I'm saying 50 60 70 Year olds with responsibility and Whatever that would honestly if given The chance would uh would like to murder The car pretty soon So yeah I mean I think you should be Scared Um I'm not threatening him I haven't Lost anything and I'm not doing anything It sounds a bit threatening but I do Think I do think you should be scared But I mean look at this bro I mean the token is sitting at 2.2 Donuts That's a lot okay It's an insolvent company that owes more Money than it has Yeah so you know it's all true it's got

To be all Traders then they're people Just trading speculation because we're In a little bull run right now it went To 0.0 Let's just have a look at the low here This is December that's not even far Back enough But I mean even there it was 70 cents It's not letting me go even far back Enough but uh It's now yeah 2.70 2.80 it's incredible wow that's Actually it hits sorry it hit 2.72.80 the high yeah it's now sitting At 225 but yeah I mean interesting stuff I I maintain that he's not going to Restart it as you said they've blackened Their name in the space Um why start first of all with a Hampering of the name being smudged but More importantly you're starting off With two three four billion of debt that The next year or two you're going to be Working to try and pay back rather as You said just start a new exchange I Mean it doesn't make sense I think he's Just exploring all options so that he Can say that he looked at every possible Route just then from Po from the nephew Show on Twitter he says reminder that Crypto Twitter told you that with 100 Conviction that SBF fled to Argentina on A private jet not once but twice so I Don't know I guess some of this

Information about SPX and FTX story is Starting to develop people got their Thoughts weighing in on it hold on we've Got a bet going here if the car flees I Owe you 0.18 what did Leo's tweets say He no he's saying that remind yourself Or like don't forget that crypto Twitter Told everyone that they had basically uh That he had fled What is he saying that in relation to Into this news about the FDX Chief Saying that they could restart the Crypto exchange I am going to assume yes Let me check out the title this morning Uh so the show title was Genesis Foster Bankruptcy but I'm gonna assume that They got the uh the news article from The same place that also would have Published the FTX article so I'm going To assume yes Very very interesting yeah

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