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Hey Kate and Philip had you both managed To create so much content Philip uploads A lot of videos with good thumbnails Etc How do you approach content creation do You have a think on thumbnail things Like that Kate's the content guide and okay do you Want to take this first you want me to Answer it because uh Um I mean yeah with mine I just um I Just observe lots of viral thumbnails And the Mr Beast one is pretty solid big Face big reaction face on one side of The screen or in the middle and then a Very very like Like you want to you want to keep it Simple you don't want clutter in the in The thumbnail you want it to be a clear Like this is the face that I recognize So Kate's face in my opinion my in my uh Situation and then whatever the topic of The title is I want to compliment that Title with a visual so I don't need to I Don't need to I don't need to reiterate what the title Says I don't need to say it again uh and Like if the title is you know xrp goes To the moon I don't want to uh I guess I Can for very very simple things like That maybe you can just get away with Like xrp on the screen in a rocket ship But generally you don't want to copy the Title you want to make it complementary To the title uh in the sense that they

Could almost be separate without the Other and be okay And so whatever you can do to make it Simple though a lot of times I stick to With like one color scheme one big Subject and then me you know I try and Keep it simple and especially if you Have a show like this like the web 3 Show we're going to cover 12 topics it's Hard because you guys you have to choose Between like do I list out all the Topics people not to expect do I pick The best story I don't want people to Miss the other stories because they only Saw xrp in the title and you kind of Have to make that decision there and That sort of changes based on everything Like you kind of have to just sit there And weigh it out and be like okay what's The biggest story here what will at Least get them into the door and then Will they stay is the chances of me Saying xrp goes to the moon in the title Or should I say xrp cool cats Starbucks 7-Eleven like which one will get more Attention that's something you kind of Have to just play with and you figure That out as you do trial and error and You just look at your content and say Which content hits better which which Titles hit better why did it hit so That's that's generally my my Approach With content creation specifically the Thumbnails yeah uh Krishna I don't know

I feel under qualified to I'll give you A I do personally I'm not saying it's The right way because I feel under Qualified I really do Um I'll say that for me Um because of the market that we're in At the moment which you know if you had Seen me two years ago when I started This I was doing a show five nights a Week live Um five nights a week yeah inside Absolutely insane prepared one was a new Show one was upcoming projects the Projects that hadn't yet minted that Looked like there was potential another One was projects that had just dropped a Post-drop analysis show that we we went Mad that modern would do a gaming show Once a week and then I would just do a Show where I spoke about whatever was Going on that week and then we do it and You have Freestyle Friday where how did You have time I was working and and I was project Manager and not project manager and uh What do they call it in Discord when Yeah A community manager for three projects At the at the heart of it at the same Time Or not not as well But at that point I was making more of Eight pictures and stuff like that that I would could ever make up my job

Hundred thousand dollars on a picture of An ape in a month I was like okay well Let me give this a bit more time than my Normal job so my normal job did suffer Um but I was there was just a matter of Time for about four or five months where Uh we were both more than that we're Sleeping maybe three hours a night Maximum every night seven days a week And then we would meet and discuss the Next week's things it was to imagine Um and you know but in this markets It was like make her Hayward while the Sun shines you know we knew that there Was a limited time like you know energy Was so like yeah Straight Because you know I think if you try to Do I never wanted to be like we're Reaching for topics and I think with the Amount of news that's coming out and Projects that are coming out that are Worth talking about like the whole of This month we've maybe had ether is the Only project worth talking about by the Way with not today but we spoke about it Last weekend we spoke about it the the Week before so so for me now it's very Different to how I would do it if we Were in a bull market so for me now what I do is I do the show with Kate Um and then we are break it up we we Edited on my side to make it into Separate videos because a lot of people

And I get feedback on both sides Negative and positive a lot of people Said just do the the long form and and And I do that other people have said That there's no way I'm watching three Hours but I would be interested in just The Yuga stuff so please can it be a Standalone music video so I'll then chop Up the video and then you know do it and My wife does all the thumbnails for me Zahren overthink them whatever I get I Get and that's how I get them she helps Me she's happy to help me Um and and that's what happens there in The absolute bull market I had uh it Wasn't Bianca doing the thumbnail that Someone else doing it I had someone else Contacting new projects to see if they Wanted to be on the show and I had Someone else helping us with whitelist Opportunities that we could get that Just doesn't make sense so that's how I Do it I take the one long form and then I break it up into little videos that That are put out there and see if Anyone's interested in them yeah that's My opinion bro that's the that's like The Journey of the content creator Eventually you hire someone out Eventually you get someone who can do it Better than you that's the that's like Once you've done it yourself for a long Long time I mean I edited every single Video for two years or ten years

Technically but two years in nfts before I even considered getting an editor I Never thought I would find one and then GT pulled up and said yo and they're Edited before my life but here's what I Got and I said oh wow if that's what You've got in your first try then I will Invest in you my friends You see I'd like to do more like um Edited stuff like in the beginning when We spoke about the xrp stuff and get That edited any of my Amazon whatever Happened there I wouldn't mind doing More than getting approx editor but for Me at the moment it's really simple I'm Just cutting up a video I don't need it Literally takes me maybe half an hour to Cut it up the thing that takes time is The keywords loading it on YouTube the Thumbnail the description making sure I've got because I like to put the Sources of of my content in it so the End screens the beginning screens that Stuff is is the stuff that that takes a Lot of the time I was gonna say you Could one thing you could do that would Really capitalize Um which may not be in this market but Like if you because you already cut up Like say the segment's 10 minutes right Instead of an hour and a half like the Show or two hours uh if you got an Editor and said okay this xrp segment is The best one of the lot this is the one

I need to make a good edit with so take This 10 minutes and turn it into one and Make it sick that's what I would do if I Was you because like you can choose you Know which one's the biggest story maybe There's two one week maybe there's zero But if you're if there's one that you're Like I need to see this but I don't even Think they'll watch 10 minutes I need Them to get the quick the quick and Skinny kind of thing you know that might Be something like that's for sure what I Would do that's what I try to do uh just In this market it may not be worth it You know but No I hear it I hear it for sure

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