Coca-Cola’s FIFA World Cup NFT Collection

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The like really cool story because the World Cup's going on at the moment Everyone knows about it Um you know and and here we've got part Of that another huge brand I mean huge Uh Coca-Cola Um is is uh integrating nfts so they're Teaming up with and they have It ready Um and G monk I mean that's hilarious It's a offshoot of gpug to release 10 000 nfts to commemorate the World Cup in Qatar their FIFA World Club nft Collection called piece of magic Features unique digital digital artworks That were created using heat maps of Actual games heat Maps monitor the Players in-game motions during World Cup Matches and track Feats like tackles Attacks and goals NFC collections being Developed and hosted on nft Marketplace uh nfts are available to Global football fans who register for nft platform account on codus Fan Zone page and click the nft Banner G Monk has been creating in the digital Space for over 21 years so maybe gpunk Copy G monk who really knows worked on Hollywood films like uh Tron Um said that the piece of magic will be That football data will be the Paintbrush to render the visual story so It's almost like generative sort of not Art really but it sort of is because

Based on the the heat maps of the game Will determine what the nfts look like Um Yeah I'm kind of just playing with that I'd much rather would have been like Photography of like the players or Something or like footage or something That actually I don't know I feel like they had a Great opportunity here to do something Like that more artistic but I guess and They can make this artistic I just don't Think I would be interested in something Like that It's funny because I think this is like It's just cool to see like big Brands Playing with the technology because like Before nfts you could always do good Arts and and and Coca-Cola does have Beautiful art on a lot of their ads and Things like that and the benefits of of One of the benefits of blockchain Technology is the ability to do things Like this to render a piece of art based On live data from a game do you know What I mean Um so I think it's you know regardless Of what it ends up looking like it's Unlike that they're using a new Technology in a way that they couldn't Previously do do you know what I mean Yeah no no from a perspective of like we Are just trying to make this more chill And more relaxed and it's like oh yeah

It's just a digital thing that you're Gonna get in that case let's stop I just Think they could have done better I just think they could have done photos Or videos of moments in the World Cup I Don't know if you need 10 000 but if They're just going for a mass adoption Slash we're rolling these out almost Like McDonald's toys that's different Yeah so it depends how they're gonna Launch it they could have they could Have done both bro they could oh maybe They are I mean it could have been a Mixture of the two it could have been You know a heat map generated about Really nice art piece as a part of it That could have been can be both and Maybe they are even yeah Um I just I saw something interesting in The comments for a second and then I Lost it crypto dream

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