Chris Brown’s FAILED NFT That Made Him $300,000+

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Look you're just a third of a person Taking almost three hundred thousand Dollars it's like dude you've got the Money in the accounts give them Something old mate's just sitting in a Goddamn Mansion it's slap worthy be a Man step up give people their money back Or you know what give them the goddamn Utility So this is the time that Chris Brown Tried to take money from his fans and Offer almost nothing in return with his Nft Now Chris Brown tried to drop the Breezy verse uh this is a play on Metaverse and Chris Brown Breezy it's a Terrible disgusting um play on words now A whole bunch of effort went into this They were putting up a whole bunch of Promo Clips everything had 20 000 falls On Twitter now look another reason that I had hype and actually got some Momentum is Twitter wasn't the place That it was selling Um the project in the dream of this on It was actually Instagram pumping it on Instagram because that's where his fan Base is their fan base was consuming That content come over thought they were Gonna either make some money Speculatively but also get some really Cool utility and this is the kind of Utility that was promised in the uh Project the fact is it was gonna be a Collection of ten thousand there's gonna

Be holder access VIP tickets backstage Great touring music video personal like Just so much stuff but just that that's What was promised and that's why they Came in from Instagram seeing this Thinking that they'd actually be getting Something worth their while this is a 10 000 collection and he minted 864 so it Means that 864 Chris Breezy nfts and This is what they look like Um ended up sort of going for sale this Is what they are they're just variations Of this thing Um it's him standing on like a robot Head and he kind of charges up power and Then does this and you'd think that okay There's going to be a whole bunch of Different variations but no it's not It's basically just Chris Brown in Different outfits with different Backgrounds doing the exact same thing Head on the robot then goes power up Power up Yeehaw now these things uh sold For 0.185 ethereum now that in US Dollars Term right now is a around 340 around 340 bucks so 340 350 bucks that's what Chris Brown was charging for this piece Of crap nft and when you actually go Some digging it through the back end and The transactions you can see right here The fact that these are all the Transactions that have kind of happened Within the actual kind of project itself

You in internal transactions with Internal transactions you can see these Big shipment out here of 9.5 each when You actually jump over you can see it's Still got the 9.7 so this this wallet Still has the funding from Chris Breezy's Breezy verse then you've got Another one here for 8.1 eth when you Click on that you can go through that Still has it so it seems like the Chris Brown Chris Breezy team have actually Gone through ended up getting Um the mint funds but haven't actually Kind of off-loaded them yet they're Still holding them in the wallet now Look I will give them that they haven't Kind of run it off and just like Liquidate it liquidate it through by Planet that's sitting there so they Could actually refund people which I Think would actually be a good idea but That's kind of where that's sitting when It comes to the money Trail now on the Actual website itself this thing was Pushed it was hyped and I'm using the Term hyped in a pretty loose way I'm Saying hyped because it wasn't a rug as In in terms of someone pretending to be Chris Brown and doing it they actually Had a CR they had Chris Brown they Actually had Chris Brown running through Talking about the Breezy verse and if You listen to it it's terrible he does He doesn't sound convincing he doesn't

Know what nfts are he doesn't know what Crypto is but yeah there is a video About the Breezy verse so it did seem Legit but it was just it was straight Temp terrible now the kicker with Everything uh just overall if you Actually jump in to the Discord you can See that it is dead so basically Someone's joined the server and gone yo Fam so what's news what's going on with This project and this this was uh Yesterday at sort of two o'clock in the Morning my time and then this guy who Pops he goes I'm gonna I'm gonna take a Guess and say nothing unfortunately we Have gotten we have not gotten any news About the future of this project at the Moment let's let's run the maths on this He ended up doing About 860. so 159 Ethan so old Matebreezie has taken almost three Hundred thousand dollars and basically The team are just like uh we're we're Not sure we haven't got any news about The future of this project but like look Oh In in like in this song Breezy says that He he he makes what you get in 10 years In two days so for breezy 300 Grand is What he'd get in one or two days work so Um he doesn't really need the money but I guess he just wanted to extract more Liquidity from his fans just uh kind of Do that when we actually jump in and

Have a look at some of the other other Chats Um what's it looking like for the future Absolutely nothing and the sad thing is These are actual people that have spent Money they just want to know what's Happening but they're not getting an Answer Like look this um a breezy fanaticola so Yeah this is a holder here Um there's a holder here and these these Updates are they just disgust like There's nothing here Um holder verify creative writing Um announcements the last announcement Was Breezy merch and God damn look at Look at this time stamp Like October 2022 we're coming up to Like nine months and oh cool we've got Breezy verse merch what did you did you Get it God damn it that's just it's just Poor it's just disgusting oh cool we got Some stickers Um this kind of stuff just This kind of stuff just irritates the Hell out of me because it's like this is What gives nfts a bad name it's just People coming in going hey cool they're People dumb enough to spend money on Jpegs and then um or in this case 3D Models and just like like fan like these There are people here people in this Community in this chat genuinely like Chris Brown they are fans of him they

Just wanted to be closer to him by Something they weren't really caring Like the fact is a lot of these people Were not really caring about the um Financial aspect because it's just like Okay it's on 21 East worth of volume It's a lot of these people they have not Listed it granted I think it's laps for Them to list it but a lot of these People just wanted to be around like Just want to be a part of the project They just wanted to be part of Chris um Chris Brown's fan and it's just like He's just absolutely just spat in the Face of his fans it's like dude you've Got the money in the accounts you could Just refund them you could just give Them something you could just Acknowledge them in some way shape or Form and I think this is like let's just The other thing as well is like you Don't you don't have him here the Goddamn easiest thing for Chris Brown to Do right now would we jump into Discord Ask some questions that would this thing Would sell it would pop off people would Feel like they're getting value but no Old mate's just sitting in a goddamn Mansion in LA thinking he's hot Stuff and it's just like dude this is Just it's just not right it's just not Cool and I would this is the kind of Thing where Um

This is just it slap worthy it's just You've you've essentially slapped your Fans in the face and gone hey I'm Willing to take your money but I'm not Going to give you anything in return These people love you these people spent Money to get you and irrespective of if You think people are buying nfts or Jpegs are dumb these people just wanted To be close enough and wanted to Actually kind of be a part of what you Were doing because they like you because You're they're your fans and this is Just it just it just makes me mad um and Then like look same on the Twitter Account they haven't uploaded it the Last upload was yeah it was the 13th of Um October they retweeted a Chris Brown Thing which is Um just him promoting a song the last Nft based thing was on the 7th of October now the other thing that Disgusts me is that there would be these Team members in here that are not being Paid that are doing it because they Thought they were going to be like close To Chris Brown be able to ask himself Look look I Hope they've gotten paid I Hope they've got some money I hope they Just didn't get free nfts the people in This Discord what did they buy they Wanted to be closer to Chris they liked Him but they also wanted all of this They wanted all of this stuff and you

Know what he did he didn't do anything Just took the money and ran and that's Just in my eyes that's just straight Deceptive that's a rug I don't know I'm Just going to call it out it's just not Good I hate it when celebrities come in And just this is just what they do it's Just ridiculous it's crazy Chris Brown If you're out there if you're watching This video be a man step up give people Their money back or you know what give Them the goddamn utility that they want Just give them what they want it's not Hard like if you just jumped into Discord answered some questions started Like kind of chatting with people people Be over to the goddamn moon like that's Just it you have 367 owners there are 350 people in there Right now that you just say hi to that You could spend a minute chatting to Each of them that's 350 minutes there You go that sort of they would have Immense value they'd feel like their Money was somewhat worth it Um I don't think so but they they kind Of would it's this kind of stuff just it Makes me mad Um Step Up be man return the funds Supply some utility do something look You're just deterred of a person and That's it if you found value in this Video go down there hit that subscribe Button drop a comment and tell me how

Much you hate Chris Brown and the Breezy Verse as always it's been a pleasure Having with me I look forward to seeing You in the next one

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