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[Music] What is going on everybody welcome back To nft Alpha it is your friend Taco here In a new setup and I'm not complaining About it I got a cool green screen Behind me maybe I'll put a cool uh Graphic back there but um yeah give us a Follow on YouTube and let's hop right Into what is minting on the cardano Blockchain so we came over here to cnft Calendar and right on top here looks Like it's minting tomorrow morning the Furman files okay about a a thousand Supply their Twitter needs a little bit Of work and the Min price is 100 the Furman the teddy Furman nfts all right All right it looks like it's gonna be a Part of an animated TV series called not From there Um all right well Mom if you want to get In on this action uh yeah head over to Sanity calendar I'll uh I'll leave it in The description below let's see what Else is minting the cat's Palace and our Nft project that has a unique Casino no Game which shares its Revenue to the Holders okay that's interesting it's a It's a utility play on this nft Collection they have a supply of 500 With a Twitter of over 2 000 mint price Of 105 Ada say hey if you like playing Some cardano casino games maybe pick up This guy and uh you'll get some utility Along with it all right let's see moving

On moving on uh minting on the ninth at Uh the break of dawn 6 a.m the officers Of Jet Plane collection the officers of Jet Plane collection sold out and now There's they're once again preparing for Takeoff looks like this is going to be a Game decent Twitter following almost 4 200 the supply is going to be 1721 with a Min price of 105. hey and Their Discord is pretty uh popping off Hopefully that's not a lot of bots in There but uh let's click on this real Quick let's see if we can uh Get some more information about this Game the officers of Jet Plane Collection sold out and now they're once Again preparing for takeoff through an Invite-only Min uh rewind a little bit You have to be invited to Mint this one Maybe if you own their officers of Jet Plane maybe you uh maybe you got the Chance to Mint this so jet plane is a Utility project about to launch it's Play to earn game jet planes Aces this Is an engaging and fun way to earn Ada J Fuel and other nfts and whitelist spot Prizes okay so uh let's let's check out Their website let's see if it's uh it's Catching our eye first impression looks Like any other any other website for uh An nft you got some information you got A cool video whoever that guy is what They're building And a road map or in this case a flight

Plan all right you can see the team Below you got this guy wolf you got Jake And you got Luis so uh you can look into These guys I'll leave this website in The description if you want to check it Out they've been featured on nft Calendar where we found them Eternal dap store okay this is a wallet It's cardano wallet and cnft tools which Uh you guys are familiar with and they Got their policy ID and everything else That you need to make an educated Decision if you want to Mint this Project all right back to cnft calendar Let's see what else we can find let's See what else we can find Savage Bears Savage Bears nft is an exclusive nft Project that showcases a collection of 555 unique Bears all right Twitter is Pretty good I guess they do not have a Discord uh 333 is a supply with a mint Price of 60. let's check this guy out This project represents One of a Kind Opportunity for investors collectors in Crypto enthusiasts from all over the World to own a piece of the crypto R World the combination of limited Supply And the Innovative use of blockchain Technology makes svgb a truly unique Offering in the unique in the nfts place With its focus on delivering high Quality and rare nfts on a little side Note most projects do this this is just Whatever okay I mean not not talking bad

About this project but it's just like a Standard description every project uses All right Savage bears not to be Confused with uh killer bears let's see If the art looks similar let's see if They uh stole the art or if they're Actually unique I mean this is what I do If I if I recognize a project and then Another project is launching and it Looks similar was there much Um Imagination used at all I don't know Okay so these are the killer bears on Ethereum these are the Savage Bears on Cardano okay they they look different Enough okay different enough I'll I will I will let this pass they got a road map Community Building Discord launch this Is the one that didn't have a Discord I Think I still gotta launch their Discord I mean if they're minting soon that's Kind of that's kind of got to be built Already but hey let's see if uh let's See if it uh succeeds and then they got Phase two I guess they're gonna make a Dao website editing Dow installation Again I guess Um phase three they're gonna expand the Dow a couple other things special Listings for Dow votings you guys know What a dow is decentralized autonomous Organization pretty much the project the Usually the whales and the project they Have more of a say they have more of a Voting power so hey maybe if you want to

Be a whale and you want to have a a say In a project maybe jump into this one it Looks like they're really focusing on it Down and phase four is a token Announcement and launch pad uh token Announcement again staking opening Launch pad launch you couldn't find Different language or verbiage or maybe Just not include it you got token Announcement right here you got token Announcement right here launch pad Launch and then you got Launchpad launch And then you got a launch pad they gotta They gotta get some more imagination or Just edit this so it doesn't say the Same thing three times all right here's Their team uh senesa Jay little wolf and The sculptor founder founder CTO and Lead maybe lead Dev I'm assuming Savage Bears join the Savage Bears nft okay Maybe they do have a Discord and maybe This is just not representing it Correctly so if you want to join their Discord boom click that button they also Have Um Instagram Twitter and that's the Discord icon uh this is the Savage Bears It looks better than the other ones on Cnft calendar with the size of their Discord I'm sorry the size of their Twitter it's not a bad Min price but uh Let's see what else we got Chronos nft Mint day 12th of May become immortal on Cardano blockchain I'm already Immortal

Baby Kronos entities is a super unique And astounding project on cardano to Shape and sustain your digital identity In the crypto Space by making entries on The blockchain you can mint a special And real long time value generating nft Collection and get the highest Visibility on a hyper frequent web 3 Platform you can attach nfts from your Social Links and more to your profile You can present your nfts on our Interactive timeline where you can see Historic events alongside user created Events I don't really get the point of This yet maybe the website will tell a Different story on a piece of History Okay apparently uh they got a Discord Looks like if you want to potentially Get on the white list wait list share Your email and then click submit three Simple steps to shape your digital Identity you make your own event on Available dates upload personal Information like name image or an nft You own explore their interactive Timeline and get discovered by others What is Kronos each Chronos nft grants You the ownership of one day in history Owning one grants you access to create Your own digital identity and showing it To the World on our interactive timeline I still don't really get the the flare Of this project but if you get it I'll Leave it in the description for you all

Right the Chronos team it looks like Someone from disco Solaris that looks Like Um the monster from Monsters Inc and Um an old guy plus this girl Zuri head Of marketing all right if you want to Look at any other information scroll Down to the bottle they got legal FAQ Twitter Discord and Facebook okay I Haven't seen anyone uh add their Facebook in a while all right I think That's pretty good for you know some Projects on the cnft calendar radar Let's go over to cryptoslam real quick Real quick Let's do let's do the cardano Blockchain let's see what's popping off Earth nodes man these things sell for Thousands and thousands of cardano uh You got the Apes Society nft bond this One looks like it was a little bit of Wash traded volume because don't really See too much on the transactions there's Only 10 buyers and one seller that don't Really make much sense obviously you got Clay Nation on the top of the list Um jabby's clan of chaos haven't heard Of this one Goofy Gophers a mining Club I went over this one in a previous nft Alpha video Um don't know what this one is Boss cat alien Club this one popped up Too on uh jpeg store zetikou dragon eggs So that's what this project is right Here well actually these are the mfers

Dragon and efforts and then let's end The video let's see what the top sales Over the last 24 hours were all right And other deed expanded sold for 142 000 A crypto Punk sold for 133 000. board Ape sold for 121 and the crypto Punk Sold for 112k man they're still over 100k buys and sells in the nft ecosystem I mean usually usually it's in the yoga Labs ecosystem so keep that in mind when You're looking for nfts maybe one day You can uh you can own yourself aboard Eight that's my goal that's my goal I Appreciate you guys if you made it to This part of the video obviously give us A follow on Twitter at nft Alpha show Give me a follow crypto underscore Taco Zero one I'm closing in on 3200 Followers it's been hovering uh just Under for about almost a month now and Give us a follow on YouTube at nft Alpha That's all I got everyone be blessed Have a great weekend Taco out

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