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[Music] Welcome back to another episode of Edithyava it is your friend taco and We're gonna start right on the entity Alpha Twitter which you should be Following scrolling down a a little bit Well actually hey real quick do you Think Blue Chip nfts will surpass their Previous all-time high 38 votes so far With a 65 saying yes definitely I really Hope so that'd be great and 34 of you Say no way hmm oh well we'll see we'll See uh moving on moving on moving up all Right so uh I swept five cardano nfts Yesterday and uh whoever guessed it in The comments first would win one of them I don't think DZ got the memo because He gave away the answer within like um I Don't know like five minutes of me Tweeting this so uh second person to Guess the project wins the nft so uh This person won d-e-f-e-x defects and uh You know I sent him uh a JPEG junkie Because that is the project that I swept Loved the junkies will always be a Junkie at heart so remember that ladies And gentlemen but you know sticking with The jpeg Store look at this announcement Right on the home page dollar sign jpg Is here it's the moment you've been Waiting for earn XP for all trading Activity then convert it into jpeg coins Season one just started and it goes Until August 10th and within this about

A month time frame all your buys all Your cells are going to be converted Into XP and during this time XP is Actually doubled maybe a good time to Start looking at the cardano ecosystem System picking up some cnfts and gaining Some XP because at the end of the season You'll be able to convert it into jpeg Coin and then maybe sell it if you want Maybe hold on to it maybe jpeg store Will add utility maybe they'll add Staking maybe they'll add like games who Knows jpeg coin is here you can start Earning it today I would like to look at You know some of the projects that I've Been talking about over the last few Months one of which is the Moga Kong so Back two weeks ago two weeks ago I Mentioned the Moga Kongs before they Were minting they were minting at it 100 Ada and right now they're at a 177 Ada So uh what is that about a 75 game Really great if you picked one up on Minte really awesome if you caught my Video and were able to Min one and uh You know another video where I covered a Cardio nft project the Furman files this One was two months ago these guys they Minted at they minted at 108 boom They're almost up 90 that's a cool 98 uh Gain on your Furman file if you picked One up moving on moving on we have the Goofy Gophers mining Club this one was Three months ago and these guys minted

At I believe 400 Ada and let's see what They're at today that's over at 2x Ladies and gentlemen these guys are Pretty cool I always I always enjoyed This kind of art and obviously they are Working with miners to pay back the Holders of their nfts so more utility With nfts is always a good thing and the Goofy Gophers are on that path of Greatness and maybe pick one up because They might be going up in the bull Market so not Financial advice of course But hey I pick winners over here I pick Winners and let's let's see another Winner happy we got tappy by tap tools And I don't know if you've been on jpeg Store lately but they are a partner with Jpeg store to bring you all this to Statistics for your cardano nfts and This was a 420 Ada mint and look at that You would have pretty much crippled your Money if you minted one of these and the Beautiful the beautiful thing about this Nft is it gives you access to tap tools Pro features hey if you are on the Cardano ecosystem this is great as like A decentralized aggregator of all of the Top coins and of course they have all The top nfts and all the data that you Can even imagine they got it and it Comes with your TAP tool nft tappy all Right so I just want to take this video Pretty much to show you some of the the Projects I've been talking about over

The last few months of course I don't Pick always winners but a lot of the Projects that I do look at seem to have Been doing well and we're in the midst Of the bear market so picking out nft Winners is not an easy thing to do and I Like to just give myself a pat on the Back because I think I've been doing a Pretty good job let me know in the Comments if you think so as well and to End the video let's bring it back crypto Slam if you've been watching my videos I've gone over BRC 20 which are Bitcoin Old coins and this one has been very Popular frame dollar sign frame it looks A little wash tradie like someone's Buying someone's selling someone's Buying someone's selling because it Doesn't really work the same way that Like if you go to a decentralized Exchange and you want to slop like usdc For ethereum these are technically you Know what I'm not even gonna go into it Because I'm not going to pretend like I Know but I like these aren't really nfts In my eyes so let's go to Um the next top nft on this list which Is number 11. a crypto Punk we know Crypto punks are on this channel sold For 104 000 followed by or more crypto Punks all selling for more than ninety Thousand dollars I don't think nfts are Dead uh followed by a ringer sold for Eighty four thousand dollars on open

Seat and then a board Abe Yacht Club Number 5099 sold for eighty one thousand Dollars on x2 Y2 and last but not least A 69 000 board ape sell this one number 376 sold for 69 000 to the man in the Back and as you can see top collection Is that dollar sign frame the RC 20 nfts We're not gonna look at that because I Really I don't really care if you guys Care I'll go over it so let me know but Uh parallel avatars this was on open C What this project did is they reached Out to open C and had them promote it so Yesterday this project was on this home Screen Banner right here yeah whatever Okay this was the project parallel Avatars they have not reveal field yet Min price was 0.11 so it is floating Very very close to its mint price and We'll see what happens when they reveal So if you think this art is pretty cool Check them out you might want to venture Over to the ethereum side once in a While we're now we're not just in one Lane here when it comes to lock chains We like multiple blockchains mainly Cardano and ethereum but maybe Bitcoin Not not too much Solana so you know what Guys that's all I got be blessed hey Maybe give me a follow Taco out

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