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Do we think people like the announcement I don't think so looks like people are Pissed and they dump their dust token Went from about 260 all the way down to 140 and it found a little breathing room Around a dollar 72. so that's the coin What happened to their nft price bam Look at that they were around magnesium At least they found a little uh base at Six ethereum what happened was a Community member was uh kind of pissed At this announcement at the art and the Whole direction of d-gods and that Person dumped over 100 of them for Around 1.5 million dollars all in one go Dumping them into blur bids right now The top bid is 6.44 ethereum yeah that Crashed the price around uh three e on Uh on a separate note this individual Obviously is a whale in their Community He or she just dubbed all of them and Didn't care what they looked like didn't Care if they were semi-rare rare or if They were just on the floor that's it They just they just got rid of all the

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