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Because even though I probably won't Even hold it I just want to mute nape And I think at some point I'll be able To have the money to just be like yeah Let me just drop ten thousand dollars on A picture for no reason so I'm just I'm Gonna just like every stream just scroll Through the floor and me and Philip are Just gonna point at stuff we like and We're just gonna let the universe do its Thing bro and you know honestly Philip Doesn't even need to do this because he Could buy a real board ape but I'm not I'm not really that kind of I'm not Falling like that yet so I'm gonna look At the mutants to make go to the very Top and make it less per line so I can I Can see because if I can't see the views Probably can't see but I can't make it Full screen properly so if you yeah Where you are there's perfect Yeah cool and then I'm gonna make a book Bigger myself all right so you know me I Hate the droopy face Um so all the first four on the top line I do like the grin oh someone just Bought one of the GP faces I really do Like the grin but I hate the the body of That the words Yeah yeah and also when there is a grin I prefer it not to be the green because The green grin reminds me of the creepy Faces uh right so I don't I don't like Any on the so far on the floor at all we

Got to get away from those I'm not a fan Of any of these yeah I like the pipe but That's pretty much it I don't really Like anything else up here Yeah I like the brain helmets on the guy At 6.18 I like that as a track but just By itself and I also like the fire Shirts Um True yeah man I like the bunny ears good I like bunny ears I hate it I don't like it I don't know What I used to hate it I only like it I Only I don't like it and this is gonna Sound probably Bad but I don't love like Uh how do I even say this Never mind never mind I just like the Bunny ears I I once had a muted with That hat with the playing cards that are Evil Yeah I I won't say it wrong with that Trades I like that I love I love yeah I Was gonna say love that hat and love the Ones with the parrots wow that is sick Bro I like that the only thing I don't Like is the actual face yeah but I like I'm happy with everything else I love This the facial like whatever that trade Is in the mouth I like that I don't like That what I do I always want a grin I I Will only and none of these are Grand You gotta you gotta find grins No that's not not

There's a full grown but again is this Yeah that's quite cool Look at this shoot bro Look at the grinner that's a great oh There we go that is crazy that's that's Really cool that's really cool and it's Got your glasses there okay that you Could you should visualize hey anyone Watching my birthday is July 7th that's Literally in six days it's July 1st oh My God my birthday is in five six days If anyone buys me a mutin ape I'll be Happy I won't even sell it if you buy it for Me I won't even sell it buy us one for Brandon's birthday okay it was your Birthday last year I know that sounds Obvious were we streaming together when It was your birthday last year hmm I think I made you that happy birthday Something maybe yeah maybe we did I can't remember this one's sick I like This one for you yeah yeah so anyone Watching if you're rich slide me a Mutinate bro I won't even sell it I just Want it for The Branding but yeah But if someone sold it to me but oh bro Golden teeth I owned one of those but it ended up Being started and saw assaulted on x2y2 For cheap I hate this top and I hate Everything else about it but that's Crazy and I like the place yeah I had I Had a golf green

Right When I bought it it wasn't listed and a Few days later I got listed I hate that It's tough back in the day hey yeah That's what you had to deal with Some really good runs but I agree with You I I believe in visualization Um Shopping but I'm not but like one day I Will be up one day I'll be scrolling but I'll actually be clicking by oh yo These are this close to the floor Oh my God double they double the floor The floor's six in these are all right Yeah I guess so yeah I guess in my head I'm thinking like you names I feel like When you're buying meanings you get a Range of like five eth you know for like When you're buying if you're buying a Meal at 16th you gotta have around 12 to Use so that you can be like properly Looking on the floor I hit the wrong one but there's a couple With the um the laser eyes Look tomorrow would be a nice time to to Shop some nfts the problem is they're Probably going to be going quite a lot Lower over the next couple of months Dude I hope so because that might be Able to actually buy one of these look At these hold on look at these bro look At this Face I don't like droopy face bro it's Got the beanie and [ __ ] crystals and

It's got laser eyes Holy crap This is by far yeah this is the best one Guys July 7th someone buy me a mutant Ape So are you doing anything for your Birthday nah I never do anything for my Birthday bro I never liked birthdays Let me show you how to let me show you How to shop this is how you do it let me Show you how to do the way I would do it Right so let's swap screens yeah so if I'm if I'm looking to buy first thing I Do is I come to mouth and I say M1 grid Because I'm not interested in anything Else And then like you you start to see what You want right so we can start at the Beginning Um I hate that body trades all together So I I wish there was a way to exclude It you you can actually can only include Stuff I love the hats so let's let's get A hat and we want you like the beanie so We'll put a beanie in there but I really Like the Um What's it called It's called it's getting rid of the Beanie I just want to click on this Because this is my favorite Headway out Of all of them so I want to Find out what they call it uh M1 brought Up your Club hat black okay

So let's go back to headwear So we've got all the grounds and then We're gonna go here At M1 hat black nice I think this is the one let's see There we go oh okay now we're getting it It's then code what else do we I said I Like the Terrace hey yep Okay so we're gonna go yeah bro uh well Douglas have Parrot uh traits too yeah Because they're copying yes Now of course everyone's everyone gets Straight ideas from bro wait hold on Which one you're ready I just found a Good bodogo But I want to know your thoughts before I even think about getting it okay is it Is it close to the floor do you need Urgent advice Um I would I kind of want your advice Because this is a really cool one okay All right I can buy this right now if I Wanted to like this Okay I I much prefer the glasses classic One that we saw before was the show the Logo on it really much luck yeah it's so Different I much prefer the other one is the other One still available Yeah but it's but I'll have to pay Another two or three soul for it so it's Just is it more yeah because I'm like Look I like him he's got a nice Expression but I did prefer the other

One I'll keep looking I'm just gonna keep track of that I'm Looking at while you're gonna find your Ape But look he looks a lot better Yeah all right go back to you as well Let's keep shopping for your Apes All done I forgot this guy's at 13. Yeah he stands out Does but for you I do prefer the other One the other one wasn't so much the Other one that we said no I mean there's Only a couple full extra But I don't really want to pay extra Since I got a 5x can I just give you a Little bit of financial advice just for You not for the viewers yeah These are pretty hard still they dropped Recently give it a month that's half the Price yeah right I know I know so for Sure yeah you're right now's the worst Time to buy This view is nice you can see our Backgrounds also yeah you're right it Does looks pretty great uh yeah we have We have pretty solid YouTube backgrounds We do the George kingdom is looking nice Look at the couch there with the Cushions on the couch bro the couch is My favorite part now it's my favorite Place to sit as well I also see KD Saying was cryptoy's a rug didn't mint Out

Damn it didn't mention I've never heard Of them bro crypt toys everyone's Talking about cryptoys the last few Weeks No I haven't heard of them Oh weird Um oh it looks like um I woke up puff Yeah yeah look him up good he's mutant I Want to look it up all right let me see My screen and I want to lose where I'm At because I found a couple of really Good ones but let me Um do this I'm gonna open a new tab All right that doesn't do what I want to Do all right what we'll do is just this I'm going to do this And I did that Okay we're gonna clear out all other Things two seven two seven six Two seven two seven six All right Wait what more than one No it's not picking up the way it's Just go to Google and type in mutant Apoc Club Two seven two seven six Open c How long oh right there right there go Back it was popped that's better That's Puff Yeah yep okay Yeah so it was one of the two damn bro You got those horns I love the corn I Love the horn trait

A lot of odds going on there nice grin Unlock the grin let's go back here Because there was a picture of that Exact right Not bad bro man I haven't I haven't seen These traits before I haven't seen any stress before That's cool Question I have is how can there be a Mutant that's two seven two seven six When there's only 19 000 mutants Well he must have had he must have put It No look here 29 000 there is but it's Just a weird thing I'm not questioning Him wait yeah you're just saying weird Do you know what I'm saying yeah it's Just weird why would there be another 28 000.92 a rug Makes sense no they don't here's another One 2023. one two three no it's a rug okay You know what uh maybe I don't know it's Weird It is weird here's the here's the eye Here's the eye trait and another one He's our trade but on another one I like that I don't like this particular Way look how the eyes match the eyes are A little creepy bro I'm not gonna lie I'm not a big fan of a bunch of eyes Like I like the simple look I was like That blue one next to it like I'm I'm Always gonna go for a simple look for

Some reason it's just what I like let me Show you let me show you uh where I'll Match that okay so these are my guys These are my If I was kite it's going to be glasses I Would for sure get that one yeah for Sure that's the one that's quite cool That one or Yeah that one yeah yeah yeah you got Your bullets going on there as well Which are cool Um I just want to remove the filter so It can be a bit bigger for everyone Okay what else we got chat Um And this is quite sick as well for you Code with the glasses there and another Wait wait hold on hold on boss is there Okay you gotta come to South Africa man We don't have so many sirens here dude It's crazy like I don't really notice This until um someone says something I'm Just so used to being in the city I Guess Geez I guess we don't have a police Force they all Look how sick he is bro I really like The suit Oh wow that's beautiful glasses That's nice for you I prefer mutants to Broad apps so just Vision them Sam I mean if you go to Board API I think I've got it pulled up Already

I love the Watford I mean that is one of My favorite traits clean bro yo that one Next to it on the right two over is also Nice That one's pretty cool I like how bored That one is Yeah he looks unshaven as well Wow I mean to think that this is on the Floor that's insane bro you should Actually think about getting that one Bro this this is really sick I love the Beanie I I really like the wash floor it's got The grin I mean you don't usually see Something like this on the floor yeah That's impressive It's really nice Damn like this video If you think uh Philip should buy it right now on stream Okay If you think I'm gonna spin now in this Environment 35 ethereum bro Seventy thousand dollars Wait did you sell No where's the price All right wow wait go back or go down Hold on hold on hold on bro they Definitely just sold No Look I wasn't considering buying it oh Yeah we did he was so fast he bought it Didn't even realize we didn't see it Well there we go I was gonna buy it but I could you must have unlisted it you're

Delisted it then Yeah He's watching the stream he's like holy [ __ ] you're right I shouldn't have Listed it Oh God it's gone bro you should have Bought it You could have immediately relisted that For 40 years [Music] You gotta to spend seventy thousand Dollars on an nft when there's nothing Nothing happening at the moment it's not A thing to do oh didn't you see that Trailer earlier that's sick that's sick Video you know growing stuff on a on a Panel thing Do you think someone bought it or do you Think he just yeah check the activity But I think it's just delisted Yes It wasn't sold maybe there's a time Limit that was just ending Okay very possible all right guys well If you haven't already like And Subscribe Kate and I do this for you Every single week it's our pleasure we Both look forward to it please join us Next week same time same place and until Then keep well be kind and we'll see you Then peace guys thank you cheers guys

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