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What happens I've been seeing champ hint that's Something about Champs only soon and I've seen it three separate times Including his last YouTube video and I Was like you know what let me just see What Champs only is that Champs only is At 0.29 so I ended up picking one up That was the nft that I bought that I Was potentially could be Alpha because He's literally hinted at it three times On Twitter and once on his YouTube Channel the things the thing is that his Passes at you for a year so it's only Sort of valid until end of Jan 2023 and what he's been what he's been Saying because I I've held the Champs Plus for a lot it's just the augmented One bro I've held one Diamond handles it All the way through it was all the way To either at one stage Um and and they said he's gonna look After his initial holders Um you know it's not 100 sure how he's Going to structure it but you know Confident now and he was basically like In his video too he was like if you Haven't looked at it yet he goes you Should like right now and I was like all Right that's too many

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