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The next two weeks with staking going Live that eight coin price is gonna go Up and I have a price in mind to exit And I'm gonna sell I'm not going to Stake my Mutant I'm going to sell and Yes I said my Mutant because in that FTX Collapse I picked up and muted because I Do believe I do fit every bike when Others are fearful [Music] Um and so I did pick one up because I Saw them go all the way to about 10 Ethereum each was one thousand one Hundred if if I was comfortable I that Would have been when I bought a broad App to be very honest and we saw that it Went to fifty thousand dollars it's now Already at 65 again that would have been If I if I wasn't scared to put all my Eggs in this basket now that there's so Much uncertainty Um you know in general like you saw with Ftx's collapsed if Yuga had all their Money on FTX you could be gone it Doesn't matter who you are if they had All their money on now they did have Some not all they didn't

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