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I want to I want to highlight there's There's a bit of a dream here about Objects and nfts moving from platform to Platform we do believe someday for Example you know I use the the fun use Case that someday Elton John may come on Roblox and make eight or 10 one unit Really cool capes for example and sell Them for charity and we would imagine Someday that those would go off platform As an nft possibly get sold off platform And then come back on platform what we What we do expect is the creators Whether it's Elton John or Nike or Someone else making a digital item that They would play a key role and have a Fair amount of control in that Process what is going on everybody Welcome to nft Alpha the channel that Brings you the wildest nft sales Upcoming nft mint and mind-blowing nft News handpicked by me Taco and I hope You enjoyed that little video we're Going to go into the details but before That give us a follow on our socials on Tik Tok nft Alpha on X nft Alpha show And of course if you're watching on YouTube smash that subscription button Or follow button and that little thumbs Up guy I'd appreciate it Happy Friday All right so what does Roblox have to do With nfts the CEO wants to do something With Roblox and nfts and um maybe in the Future you're going to be able to use

Your Roblox or your Roo buy an item in The game and then take it off platform Own it maybe sell it if you want to to Your friends so he could beat the game And then your friend now has it he can Bring it back to the Roblox ecosystem And use that item that's the vision That's the vision let's read the article Roblox CEO teases allowing nfts so I've Definitely heard of Roblox but I've Never really even seen any gameplay but Uh I found this video it's a trailer From 2020 it's the official Roblox Trailer it it blew me away so let's just Check it Out [Music] [Music] So they've got racing they've got Shooting you can fly you could play as a Fantasy character you could be a tank You could shoot zombies powering Imagination you think it you can create It in Roblox all right let's get back to The article offering Elton John capes as An example Roblox already earns hundreds Of millions of dollars each quarter Selling its own digital currency players Use to purchase assets that work in its Closed platform but the company's Founder and CEO David bazuki can still Envision eventually opening up the Roblox ecosystem to allow nfts to be Used both on his platform and on other

People's platform with interoperability Digital assets like nfts would be able To operate and function on various Platforms a departure from the closed Ecosystem that currently exists where an Avatar or an idol only works for one Specific platform perfect example is Fortnite skins you can't use your Fortnite skin on Call of Duty can you Bazooki also said he expects if that Allowing interoperable nfts on Roblox Came to fruition the Creator whether it Be someone like an El and John or a Nike Adidas Gucci dos cavana Louis vuon Hey Where's the freaking gabu his examples Would play a key role and have a fair Amount of control in that process so That's great if they're going to open it Up from a closed ecosystem and then They're going to give Brands the Opportunity to buy and sell and trade These off the Roblox ecosystem it's all The better all the better Roblox Adopting nfts may take some time though Because this is not the first time a Roblox executive has teased the Possibility of allowing nfts on the Platform back in 2022 Roblox then Chief Business officer Craig Donato mentioned Nfts someday working on the platform Almost as if it was an inevitability Considering Roblox now has more than 70 Million active users the lack of urgency Is likely to continue for some time as

The platform continues to grow its user Base and earn a substantial sum of money From selling its own currency if it's Not broken don't fix it however a Decentralized open ecosystem is always Better than a centralized closed Ecosystem I mean come on we're in crypto We're in nfts self- sovereignty own your Assets let's continue the company Reported on Wednesday that it has Generated 8395 million in bookings during this Year's third quarter a 20% increase from The same period a year ago Roblox Classifies bookings as the revenue Generated when a user purchases roox the In-game currency so let me know in the Comments if this excites you if you play Roblox wouldn't you like to I don't know Trade with your friend some of your Items maybe play your um your avatar on Another game the more possibilities you Have as a gamer as a user as someone That's in the ecosystem I think is Better it's just better all right moving On moving on some massive some massive Crypto Punk sales over the last few days As I covered in my last video but they Have not stopped they have not slown Down at all this wallet thank you Mond Dog Mond dog shout out to M Dog Wallet Not active for 100 plus days just wakes Up in the morning and decides to load it Up with 500 ethereum and he spends it

All on Crypt punks and here's the ether Scan if uh you need the you want to back Up what he's saying pretty wild pretty Wild all right in other news wag me Games thinks that web 3 gaming is about To explode and they mentioned that their Partner immutable or IMX here's the IMX Chart over the last month it's up 100% On the year it looked like it peaked out In March around uh a154 let's look at The all time the all time chart looks Like a great opportunity to make some Gains because I mean we're we're Hopefully getting out of a bare market And I'm on Twitter every day so I've Seen immutable and some of the Strategic Partners that they've had in the past And it looks like they just added Another one they partnered with Ubisoft There we go immutable the leading web 3 Gaming platform is joining forces with Ubisoft's strategic Innovation labs to Create a new gaming experience to Further unlock benefits for players Through the power of web 3 this is Another significant milestone for Immutable the all-in-one solution for Building the best games alongside Ubisoft's strategic Innovation lab we Will combine the expertise of both Companies to develop a mainstream web 3 Gaming experience as the platform of Choice for many leaders within the web 3 Community a m offers both cuttingedge

Technology and a unique experience in Seamlessly integrating decentralized Technologies into games the VP of Ubisoft strategic Innovations lab said Nicholas pu we're having fun over here Today all right I'm going to end off With uh the the man the myth The Legend Who ignited the bull market for nfts for About 2 3 days uh Gordon goner let's Look at his wallet let's see what he has Been buying and please note this was 20 Nfts on Wednesday so it looks like People have been sending him nfts Because you can do that here's his Public address you just go to your nft You want to send him and just send him Whatever you want send him a a dog a cat A frog a Pepe the Frog people are Sending him some swamp vers creatures But but but all right with all that Aside what did he actually buy himself Um I like this addition over here it Actually categorizes the value of the Nfts from the most valuable so it looks Like he bought a fidenza a fidenza one Of the most popular art collections of 2021 when nfts just hit mainstream and They were going to the Moon fenzza was At the top of that list and it looks Like they are still popular because this One was bought for 79 ethereum what is That in dollars oh just a a cool $165,000 all right what else did he buy What else did he buy looks like he

Bought a chrome squiggle this one he Purchased for 36 ethereum which is uh a Breezy $775,000 all right let's see what Else he got and uh yep he bought an auki A spirit auki as you can see down here This Spirit isuki floor is 100 ethereum Now so he actually got a deal he got it For 89 ethereum which is $185,000 but now the floor is 100 Ethereum so that is over $200,000 for an Isuki Spirit look at him he's so Spiritual you could just see right Through him all right let's see if he Had any other major purchases uh pudy Penguin yep we went over that he bought A doodle the little kitty cat doodle a Mocha verse o he bought a little mocha Verse nft looks like he paid 3.4 Ethereum for this guy that's one Ecosystem that I want to look into a Little bit more cuz seems like there's Still value there 2.3 is the floor for This uh creature holding a little kitty Cat I mean I do like that little kitty Cat it's funny all right all right and Uh you know what I think we're going to End it there today hope you enjoyed the Video everyone hope you have a great Weekend until next time Taco Out

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