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[Music] Welcome to nft Alpha unleashing the Wildest nmt sales upcoming nft bins and Mind-blowing nft news hand-picked by me Taco so give us a follow at nft Alpha Show on X and at nft Alpha on YouTube Whoa whoa hey whoa you weren't supposed To see that yet the bear Market there's An endless supply of nfts and they They're dead right Walmart and it looks Like they're being invaded by penguins That are pudgy all right all right I'm Not joking around this is serious on This day pudgy toys and Pudgy world are Now available in 2 000 Walmarts in the USA And uh the local Walmart did not have Them Oh sorry today marks the beginning of a New error for products and experiences Powered by the blockchain veggie toys Are not just toys they are a toy lined Licensed directly from our community That gives buyers their first nft and Web 3 experience so let's check out this Other video from Luca Nets this is this Gentleman right here he bought the pudgy Penguins for 2.5 million dollars not too Long ago and I'm just really turning the Project around I mean getting into Walmart is doesn't seem too easy and This guy he's 24 years old and he was Able to do it everyone my name is Luca Natz and I'm the CEO of pudgy penguins

And today it's an amazing day to be a Pudgy pangu but it's also an amazing day To be a part of web 3 at nfts pudgy toys Are now in the aisle of our favorite Retailer Walmart this is a huge step Forward in bringing people into our Industry and pushing the boundaries of What it means to build on the blockchain Every single one of these toys that you See here is an nft licensed directly From our community and every time one of These sells they get a royalty in Perpetuity this include season one of Pudgy toys but rest assured season 2 is Right around the corner remember A Brave New World Is Not a destination it's the Beginning of a journey wise words pretty Hefty uh statement right there with our Launch in 2000 Walmarts 12 a billion Impressions cross socials and Global Expansion we can confidently say we are At promise and I would have to agree and If you want to go into this thread a Little bit more I'll leave it in the Description for you guys but actually We're going to stop on this one but That's not all the next chapter for Pudgy world is behind a sealed rattling Door and your help is needed so if you Visit you can explore and Find all the Easter eggs oh it looks Like it's not just toys in Walmart it's Also looks like the beginning of the

Lego game well he almost fell off right There all right I mean hey guys this is No joke heading into Walmart is not easy Creating a game is not easy they're Doing both at the same time and um real Quick if any of you guys happen to find One of these pudgy penguins at your Local Walmart give me a call I'm trying To get one I'm trying to get one I want One all right let's move on let's move On so this is another gentleman in the Pudgy Penguins uh ecosystem posted the Same video the community is excited About it and even other people in web 3 Are excited about it I myself being a mu Nave yacht club holder I love to see Other nft elections pushing the Boundaries of what's possible and what Web3 space can actually bring to the World all right we're gonna we're gonna Shift gears to another game that just Launched yesterday is Legends of the Mara and we're gonna skip through this Video a little bit just to give you an Idea of the gameplay with Legends of the Morrow the token game exclusively for Owners of the other deed expanded nft And at least one odor there are two Distinct modes camp and shattered Camp Is their home base where your other dude Acts as a game card with slots for Oda The celestial beings native to other Side that include Coda Mara and kodamara Assigning Oda to your other deed opens

Up gameplay allowing you to harvest Valuable sediment fragments and Hunt Shattered in shattered mob battle Titans To earn a loop there to help you win the Journey ahead When you enter Camp you'll see your Playable other Deeds click on one to see What slots are available for Oda first Time players will likely only have Vessels in their inventory Hunter Vessels hatch Hunter Mara that battle Shatterings farmer vessels hatch farmer Bara that Harvest sediment fragments and Enchanter vessels hatch enchantramara That boost the efficiency of the Oda Around them your first goal will be Burning your vessels to Hash Mara just Click and drag a vessel into a vessel Slot at the top right of the others the Timer will appear showing you how long It'll be until your Mara hatches you can Either wait it out or you can speed up The process using Mist the in-game Currency that can be searched yet once Your Mara is ready to happen you'll see A prompt in your inventory reminder Hatching Mara will burn the original Vessel nft into a Mara nft in addition To Mara you can also assign Coda and Kodamara to your D Mara can only perform Their assigned function but Kona and Kodamara can hunt Farm Orange but they Could only do one at a time here's how Each roll contributes to your other deed

Hunters defend your other Deed from Shattered using their attack power which Adds to your total DPS or damage per Second you can see your total DPS at the Bottom right of the screen from each Selected LED Farmers Harvest your other Needs sediment fragments which you'll be Able to Mint sell and trade when the Time comes sediment fragments can also Be used during a Mars catalysis into the More powerful kodamora you can see what Type of fragments you can Harvest at the Bottom left of your other deed and see The total Harvest rate at the bottom Middle of your screen Enchanters boost the skills of the other Workers on your other deed that means Your hunters will have a higher DPS and Your farmers will harvest sediment Dragons more quickly you can see the Total percentage effect that enchanters Have at the bottom of your screen next To the farming speed and total DPS as The Elders of the Oda Coda can perform All three functions at higher power Levels than Mara or kodamara they give Huge boosts to your team's overall Productivity making them powerful team Members plus Coda with weapons within Access to special skills down the line Like shattered weight to defend your Other deed and score loot click the red Hut button and you'll enter the Shattered gameplay mode this is where

You'll be able to activate each of your Hunter's abilities click the cards at The bottom of your screen to see each Hunter's attacks Buffs and debuffs and Special moves timing and layering your Buffs and skills is key to maximizing Your damage output once defeated Shattered will drop a loot chest Containing handy items for the seasons Ahead higher environment tier other Deeds will reward chess with better While a higher damage output relative to Other voyagers will earn you more loot Voyager is averaging the fastest Shattered kills each season will climb The leaderboard for their environment And decrease the amount of time they Have to wait until a new shattering Shows up and it's not just Oda that can Participate in taking down shattering Legends of Tomorrow will also teach you The ability to bring partner collection And updates to serve as teammates to Battle against shatter to find a full List of who's eligible check out the Official game guide alright I hope you Guys enjoyed that it was uh there's a Lot of information so just to get a Little breakdown of the first day of Play there has already been over a Hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth Of apcoin spent on this game just like In that video if you want to speed up The process you have to buy what they're

Calling Mist it's their in-game currency That you can only purchase with eight Coins these are my assets at the moment I have a farmer vessel and I've got a Nice that's my nice land you know I got A nice waterfall I've got Um a resource on my land if you go over To the website it is forward slash Hey I'm already signed in let's hit play The game first you gotta sign in with Your metamask please make sure you are On the correct website all right so this Is my land and as you can see I already Have my vessel you know nicely nested up There and it'll hatch in about six days And five hours or I could speed up this Process like I just said by purchasing Mist okay so currently 4900 missed it Looks like that's around forty dollars All right that's not too bad I mean I'm A patient guy I could wait six days I Don't have to rush to beat up this Process maybe in the future when more Information comes out and in my best Interests speed up this process yeah I Will maybe I won't so how do you uh how Do you start playing how do you get These assets well if you want to get the Best asset you're gonna need a code and Currently they are around three ethereum And that's a a hefty forty seven hundred Dollars yeah I'm like really really Debating I want one so badly I wanna I

Wanna be like at least a player in this Game I know that photos have been around For a long time and right now the lowest They've actually almost ever been so Good opportunity and the game just Started so let me know in the comments If you think I should get one so if you Don't have one of those you're Definitely going to need a land right so You got the other deed for other side so This is the original land what you're Going to need to do is head over to the Yuga Labs other side website and you Will decouple essel one of these from Your original other deed land and once You do that then get your vessel could Be a hunter a farmer or an enchanter and You will get your other deed expanded And then after you have those assets Then you can head over to the legend of The mara website and you can start Playing but that's all I got for today Be blessed not go out

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